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Recovery of Nails

In the podological offices, the necessary rescue and protective means are the gels for the reconstruction of the nails.The manual in the application, forming a light layer on the nail, most often performs the corrective and protective functions.In our offer you will find the products of the best companies in the podological industry in tubes with applicators.The Gehwol, Silcare and Arcada brands guarantee the excellent adhesivity and plasticity of their preparations.They are also available in several shades.Check out our proposals.

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GEHWOL NAIL REPAIR GEL GEL for Reconstruction of Nail Plaque Pink Tube 5 ml

GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel with high and medium glucose is a polymerizing spider.The Nail Repair Gel, reinforced by UV rays, enables the simple placement of a highly flexible coating on the nails, perfectly suited to the natural nails.For the treatment of damaged, broken or damaged nails, for the...

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Subsoil reconstruction products

The necessary equipment in the podiatrist's office is the means to reconstruct the damaged tiles nails. I 'm going . The gels and masses hardened in the UV lamp help to restore them to their natural shape. The choice of supplement depends on the type and cause of the lesions and the condition of the nail. Other, not further worked than hot-rolled it is most commonly used for slight distortions, tears and losses. The elastic coating also protects fragile nails. It acts as an additional layer of protective plate. In the case of lesions and disorders of the stratum corneum, the sensitive placenta is prone to pain. Hence, hardened nail gels act as an easy-to-apply dressing. All products in the Leopard catalogue are professional footwear, usually with the addition of aseptic and healing agents. A special composition protects wounds that are often prone to fungal infections. Meet them all products it's in this category at Leopard.

Underwear nail reconstruction gel from Silcare and Gehwol

Products for nail reconstruction Silcare and Gehwol are ready for immediate use. The thin end of the tube makes it easy to apply without squeezing. The gel repair products in our catalogue do not require the application of backing, bases or adhesives. They require UV curing. It's not just to fill in the gaps. A good way to level the playing field other before a manicure or pedicure, it's easy to pull the applicator. In our department store of cosmetics and other we only offer a professional range.

Gehwol Nail Repair Gel is used to repair nails

The gel nail coating fits perfectly into the tile. Because of its flexibility, it adheres to it extremely tightly. Method of nail reconstruction Nail repair gel gehwol is also used to treat brittle nails. It prevents them from cracking. It's perfect for attaching clips. The product needs to be cured in a UV lamp - this could be a classic hybrid manicure device.

What kind of nail polish do you want?

Equalization and reconstruction using other it's not just aesthetics. Fragile, broken, cracked floating do not adequately protect the bearing. Therefore, attention should be paid to the protective function of Arcada, Silcare or Other. I 'm going . Each of these brands provides podiatrists with cosmetics that permanently improve foot health and fitness. What is the difference between products and how do you sort them into a specific type of waste?

  1. Each product to be reconstructed nails the gel is a guarantee of stronger nails.
  2. Once reinforced, hybrid varnishes can be applied and manufacture from materials of any heading.
  3. The choice of reconstitution preparation depends primarily on the type of damage.
  4. Larger damage to the horn mass often covers several dozen to several dozen percent of the surface.
  5. It can be supplemented with a special powdered mass or regenerated with a gel preparation. Sometimes even the entire nail.

Nail polish according to our partners

Regardless of the cause and condition, the first choice of a podiatrist will be to have a partial or complete denture on the the placenta. I 'm going . Often it is only with the help of professional the podiatric office the patient can move about without any major problems. Solid weight and lighter other they come into play at different stages of destruction. They can be caused by both mechanical injuries and foot fungus. Our products have excellent the opinions - we get them through constant collaboration with the best specialists in the industry. Thanks to constant contact and expert feedback, we can only offer proven, effective plaque regeneration products. Nail Repair Gels with a thickness of not more than 10 mm Silcare they're responsible for improving the condition of the fingernails of foot patients.

How do you repair an unsightly nail?

Often the problem with nails it requires only a gentle intervention. That's why reconstructing gel it can also be used by pedicures. Sometimes scratched or dull nails spoil after applying varnish. You can see curves, cracks or fractures underneath it. Just spread it out other medicinal products flexible texture to level the back of the tile. After curing in a UV lamp, a smooth surface is formed. Your nails are ready for the base, two layers of hybrid varnish and a top. This is not just a profile adjustment floating, but also apply a protective layer to the weak nail. The products in our catalogue have strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Once hardened, they protect the placenta and the delicate edges of the nail shafts from damage.

Leopard has some nail polishes on offer

We offer a fair selection of repair gel to the toenails for other and a pedicure. Through direct cooperation with manufacturers of the best brands on the market, we offer professional products at attractive prices. We have a number of benefits for those who work with us regularly - free delivery, information on new products and additional promotions. Thanks to us, you'll be up to date with all the offerings footwear brands, like Gehwol, Silicare or the Arcade. Reconstruction of the nail plate it can be even simpler and more effective! Change your reconstructive products to professional ones and join the ranks of satisfied users of professional products.