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Tattoo Igles in the Online Shop for Professionals

The art of tattoo requires not only accuracy, but also sterile purity.Both provide professional tattoo igles, made with care of all the necessary parameters.In our offer you will find different sizes and types of needles available to specialists from tattooing.We only offer high-quality products, providing a certain leadership and excellent drawing.See how our tattoo needles will be in your studio.

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Tattoo cartridge - the highest quality and cutting precision

We got you needles and cartridges made of high-quality surgical steel, perfectly combined with the handle, which guarantees precision and safety when working on a new drawing. In addition to traditional needles with a wide range of sizes, our online store has prepared for youa set of waterproof tattoo cartridges. The models available at our factory are manufactured using modern methods of fastening to plastic handles. This allows our blades to achieve excellent performance when working on contours and fillings. Needles with precise ends in a transparent plastic membrane reduce slippage and reduce the possibility of driving errors. The tight, flexible cover, which is what makes the product stand out, will work even for the really demanding challenges of a professional tattoo parlor.

Trust our experience. Fast delivery and a good price is the standard here

For years, we've supplied beauty salons, podiatric offices and tattoo studios with equipment and materials designed for professionals. For the convenience and respect of the customer's time, we have prepared various options, including a guarantee of free delivery in case of permanent cooperation. It works - see what you get by ordering tattoo needles and cartridges available 24 hours a day on our online store.

Tattoo needles with guaranteed precision of use

Fast shipping and free delivery to customers are not the only advantages of the iLeopard online store. For years, we've been carefully choosing products, putting them on the line for professionals. When you go shopping in our warehouse, you can be sure that you will find only copies needle tattoo it's a very successful tattoo practice. We have for you needles, beaks and cartridges with laser-sharpened, precision edges that will make the procedure completely safe for the salon guests. The market in which you operate requires exceptional customer care. When you use our services, you don't have to wonder tattoo needles they'll pass the exam. Every delivery is a guarantee of efficient, reliable tools. Using another batch of needles will give you confidence and precision.

Tattoo blades are always on hand - opt for a regular delivery option

In our store you will also find interchangeable blade for tattoo machine. I 'm going . 100% sterile and ready-to-use replacement parts are essential equipment for a tattoo parlor that wants to operate at a high level. Look for parts that match the equipment used in your workshop and use them to ensure clean, precise pattern cutting.

We 'll have accessories available soon

Some delivery to the salon address is free for people who choose to work permanently. All products on our shelves are distinguished by a favourable price, which we keep at a satisfactory level thanks to direct contracts with the producers. In keeping with our mission, we only supply products for professionals in cosmetic, podiatric, hairdressing and tattoo services. Needles, cartridges and interchangeable blades are not the only categories you can try out with our tattoo parlor offer. The art of painting on skin requires two things: artistic perfection and precise needles. The first is entirely up to you, the second is to go to an online wholesaler with specialized equipment.

Equipping a tattoo shop with a well-stocked online shop

Get on the iLeoprad and get a set of needles and other categories of products that are readily available at our store. Your salon needs a source of supply. We're available 24/7. As part of the delivery, a package of missing accessories will be sent to you quickly, free of charge if you cooperate. Make sure that your replacement parts, needles, nozzles, and other products are of excellent quality. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss the details of our cooperation.