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The most popular are sugar preparations, but Farmona peelings are a large selection of cleansing substances with a wide spectrum of action.The principle of their action is simple: the ingredient with purifying properties and other additives, affecting the cleaning of the skin.Each of the active ingredients is responsible for a specific effect.Good peeling not only removes dead spots, but also saves and feeds the next layer.Try the appropriate cosmetics for your skin.

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Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar peeling for hands 300g

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar Peeling  Peeling with cleaning properties for dry and dehydrated skin. It cleans, cleans the skin. It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients of the successively applied cosmetic preparations.   Active...

Price 34.00 zł

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Foot peeling 500ml

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Peeling  Professional foot peeling is recommended for very dry skin. This product perfectly prepares for pedicure or subological procedure. It effectively removes the fertile scores, smoothes and turns down the microcirculation, thereby increasing the absorption of the...

Price 57.20 zł

Farmona Hands & Nails Artist Enzymatic peeling foam for hands and nails 150ml

Farmona HANDS NAILS ARTIST Enzymatic peeling for hands and nails  Farmona Professional’s enzymatic hand peeling pen is a special preparation applied to thin and stumbling skin around the nails, uneven surface and coloring of the nail plate after manicure procedures. Hands & Nails Artist's hand...

Price 31.90 zł

Farmona PURE ICON Enzymatic peeling 200ml

Farmona PURE ICON Peeling   A delicate preparation based on enzyme exfoliation. It is intended for any kind of pear, especially dry, vascular, sensitive, acne, with fertile and inflammatory states. It delicately eliminates the dead subcutaneous cells, leaving the skin bright, smooth and...

Price 47.00 zł

Farmona VELVET HANDS Hand peeling

Farmona Velvet Hands Peeling  Aromatic peeling is recommended for the skin with shrinking signs, loss of solidity and flexibility. It cleans the skin, removes the dead cells.It cleans and cleans the skin. It intensely moisturizes and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients from...

Price 79.00 zł

Farmona PODOLOGIC FITNESS Foot peeling with silver ions 690g


Farmona PODOLOGIC FITNESS Peeling for foot with silver ions  Salt peeling is recommended for the care of the active legs, with a tendency to rubbing the scrotum, in antibacterial prevention, as preparation for the subological procedure or pedicure. It slows the generic scores, slows and...

Price 59.00 zł

Farmona SKIN SCRUB Extrat peer - body and foot peeling 500g

SKIN SCRUB - SKIN AND FOOT SCRUB   Cleansing sugar peel, salty to the body and fruity to the feet, containing natural peeling particles. It stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, providing it with perfect nutrition and moisture. Peeling perfectly exfoliates the rough skin on the feet,...

Price 51.90 zł

Farmona HANDS SLOWAGE Tri-active anti-ageing hand scrub 200ml

Farmona HANDS SLOWAGE Anti-ageing hand peeling  Delicate and at the same time effective peeling, which cleans and diluces the dead spots. It illuminates and reduces the visibility of colours, balances the color of the skin, smoothes it. It expressly improves the appearance and condition of the...

Price 45.10 zł

GEHWOL PERLMUTT-PEELING Peeling 125ml Peeling container

Nursing peeling of sprosked pearl mass, sugar crystals and wheat drops, has an intense destroying effect.It removes the dead parts of the skin, making the skin smooth and compressive.Bisabolol causes irritation, and pantenol relieves them and acts anti-inflammatory.   Method of Use: peeling to...

Price 42.44 zł

Farmona Smooth Feet Grapefruit foot scrub 690g

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Foot Peeling Smooth Feet Exotic Pedicure SPA is designed for peeling the skin of the legs and knees, for all skin types.It intensively cleans and smoothes the corneal scores, stimulates the bleeding of the skin of the legs by improving the absorption of caring active...

Price 55.00 zł
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Farmona NIVELAZIONE Foot scrub 500ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Peeling  Strong cleaning product recommended for peeling of legs and knees. It cleans and cleans the dead spots.It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients from the preparations successfully applied.   Destinationthe...

Price 48.40 zł
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Farmona - sugar peeling and not only

All Farmona cleaning products are based on natural ingredients only. The company offers products that cleanse the skin in all areas of the body. Specialised cosmetics for the hands, feet, face, and even the head (thus strengthening the hair). Primary care includes the categories of sugar peels. Sugar palm peel it's the most convenient way to prepare a manicure. It is best applied to the dry skin of the hand, removing wrinkles and stimulating the growth of new cells. It is applied directly to the skin. The neutral scent and delicate consistency make it use of peel if you do not take this medicine, your skin will not be irritated.

How does a sugar peel work on Farmon's body and hands?

The secret is a combination of cleanser and active ingredients that instantly nourish, moisturize, and regenerate the skin at the site. The sugar-based preparation adheres perfectly to the skin and fills the pores. Once removed, it "takes" the dead cells with it, preparing the epidermis for natural processes such as rebuilding collagen fibers. Therefore, enzymatic, herbal or sugar peel to body it is best to do this before any treatment or application, such as an anti-aging mask or cream. However, this should not be done more than once or twice a week.

Peeling the body, hands and feet. Should separate products be used?

Skin in different parts of the body has different properties. It may be thicker on the feet, less supplied with sebaceous glands under the eyelids, more delicate on the hands, and even more so in the thigh area. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the potency and specificity of the cosmetic product for the tasks it is intended to perform. In Farmon's cosmetics catalog, you'll find options that match your skin in many places. To get the most out of the formula contained in each package, try any of the innovative products from the Krakow company, for example:

  • Dermo Slim peel is a hardening and slimming product,
  • Guarana Slim slimming peel to the body,
  • enzymatic hand and nail peel foam,
  • Hands SlowAge is a tri-active anti-aging hand peel,
  • Pediatric herbal foot peel,
  • Pure Icon enzymatic peel,
  • Radical, a trichological cleanser for the scalp.

How do the Farmon peels work? Gender matters! Try it and see how special preparations work

In the opinion of many cosmetic specialists, the Farmona range is highly recommended not only for its consistency, aroma, quality and innovative formulas, but also for the richness of its offer, which can be used in a wide variety of ways. They are also characterised by high efficiency and a relatively favourable price range. We offer a range of products that cleanse, nourish and stimulate your skin, nails and hair. The secret to their effectiveness lies in the simple ingredients that can remove dead skin and bring out all the benefits of a well-groomed body.

It's working! Sugar peelings Tutti Frutti and other special products

Assessment of the effects leaves no doubt - just look at the skin to see the perfectly cleansed top layer of the epidermis. Our store offers both simple, light preparations, such as Tutti Frutti sugar peel, and dermo-active cosmetics with macadamia nuts as an abrasive. Regardless of the category, they are distinguished by their excellent efficacy and efficient application process. We invite you to browse our online offers and purchases. The best products at great prices are at your disposal 24/7. Farmona cosmetics are made for specialist beauty and podiatry practices - now you can also order them for your own use.

With the Farmon peel, you can effectively cleanse and refresh the epidermis

Now you can take care of your skin using Farmon products for professionals. A great offer from an innovative company in our online store with a guarantee of a good price, free shipping for regular customers and fast delivery are also advantages worth considering. See how Farmon cosmetics work and choose one of our great products for your hair, nails or hands.

Farmon peels online with specialist supply

We also target individual users. Choose something that suits your needs in our store and enjoy smooth, well-groomed skin. Farmona peels not only cleanse and improve the condition of the hand or foot but also actively prepare the epidermis for further treatments. We have a large selection of cosmetics for you in every category. Choose efficiency and efficiency! Buy and try any Farmon product, guaranteed fast delivery.