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Chirurgical Steel Footwear – Basic Screening Tool

To cut the scores at the nail plate, a stick or a knife is used.A right manicure can develop the plate using a freezer with the right end.However, this is exactly the scores are the accessory of the first choice.It is best to use them when smooth leaves easily separate from the shores.Why ?Equally shaped spots can be separated by one cut!A sharp, accurate narrow arm of surgical steel is a good recipe for successful styling.

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Scissors or leather? We're warning you!

Skin-developing equipment should be included in the cosmetic kit. A professional approach requires a few tools. Scissors or pliers may be used to cut the soft parts of the nail shaft. More and more people are using nail polishers. Regardless of the tool chosen for skin this step is necessary before colour hybrid paints can be produced.

How to do it in one move

Some people prefer a ruler with a blade on the handle. The use of each instrument depends on the individual preference of the person doing the manicure or pedicure. It's an option for a skilled manicurist. In this case, it's easy to cut. The skin should be smooth and pushed away from the edge of the nail. Therefore, tools with double ends — a sharp handle and a pusher are best.

Leather scissors versus scissors? You need both!

A receding edge is also a prerequisite for perfect cutting with scissors. They allow the procedure to be done quickly, but this too requires skill. It's worth making a long cut. Then the rounded shape of the blade immediately gives the skins a perfect line. Useful accessories complement the stapes, which are indispensable for the irregular, jagged edges of the nail shaft. Here, removing the skin from the fingernails is best done with a few precise movements.

What kind of skin-cutting device do we have on offer?

A perfectly sharp pair of scissors is essential in a nail styling kit. A good product must be light and strong, and it must also have a secure handle. First of all, he should cut the inner edge of the nail smoothly. In addition to supplying colored hybrid varnishes, look for effective tools for professionals. In the iLeopard range we have only Professional class equipment, recommended for cosmetic and podiatric offices. Choose premium scissors, This will give you perfect skin removal. What does a solid skin tool look like? Useful accessories should fulfil several conditions:

  • note the thin, elongated blades.
  • leather scissors must have sharp ends,
  • the curved cutting edge is profiled according to the natural shape of the nail shafts,
  • professional cutting tools must be sharpened by hand,
  • ergonomic handles should be slightly elongated,
  • the design and the distribution of forces are also important — smooth impact and compressive forces ensure smooth, even cutting.

The manicure tools? Only surgical steel!

For cutting leather it is essential to get the right tools. In the case of blades for leather they have to be surgical steel. The use of a stainless and strong material has three main advantages:

  1. Strong surgical steel gives them the proper hardness.
  2. It allows you to sharpen the edge with precision.
  3. Without worrying about the durability of the tool, it can be sterilized in an autoclave.

The narrow cutting edges used in leather scissors must not bend. Without surgical steel, it's difficult to maintain their accurate focus. We offer professional leather clippers and scissors from Staleks Expert and MAVI. I 'm going . All of our hand tools are made of a high-strength stainless steel alloy. Remove contaminants, bacteria and viruses carefully after each use. Manicure tools must be in contact with living tissue and must be 100% sterile. Only stainless steel is suitable for this purpose surgical steel. I 'm going . Make sure your products are made of the best plastic. Our manufacturers use only high strength surgical steel AISI 420. It's a standard in the surgical instrument industry.

Why does the skin-cutter have a narrow blade?

Even even, separate sections of the epidermis are difficult to cut regularly. Ordinary, simple scissors without a reach won't handle the area around the nail plate. Improper equipment can bruise them and maim their fingers. Useful leather accessories are needed — narrow and sharp scissors or solid pliers. They are designed so that the cut is smooth and consistent with the nail profile. Staleks Expert and MAVI for professional manicurists, they're very good at this. For perfect access to the hides, a narrow blade with a pointed end is the optimal shape. They should also be longer than the nail scissors to cut off the skin pushed away from the tile in one movement. On the market you can also find universal scissors — narrow, with blades of medium length. They can be used to cut plaque and epidermis. You can also find this type of accessory in the Staleks catalog. Regardless of your purpose, you'll get a solid nail kit. A set of scissors will complement coloured hybrid lacquers and other manicure items.

Manicure and pedicure with proven equipment MAVI and Staleks Expert

Leather shears with narrow blades Staleks Expert and MAVI it's fully professional cosmetics. Our partners have been offering manicure equipment for years to meet any challenge. The Expert series assumes the reliability and longevity of equipment that will be used every day. Professional products stay sharp for a very long time thanks to special, repeated sharpening on a diamond grinder. The company's workers make them by hand using a grinding paste that stabilizes the cutting edge. Remember that surgical steel tools retain their properties after the first sharpening for a long time. In the case of leather shears the narrow arms wear out when a normal alloy is applied to them. Material used for the Staleks Expert series and products MAVI guarantees long hours of uninterrupted operation.

Cutter for the skin of the nails — necessary accessories

The professional version of the leather tool provides greater comfort. It also makes it easier for people to do their own manicures. There's a lot of interesting stuff in the beauty parlour version. For example, inverted spindles give increased compressive strength and better range. Useful accessories Staleks expert they definitely make it easier to style. You'll do it much easier and in less time. Forget about the bleeding and tearing skin. With the perfect design, the colorful hybrid nail polishes will look beautiful on your hands. Other articles of iron or steel narrow they'll help you get to the next level of beautiful nail care.

Choose leather manicure scissors from Leopard

In our offer you will also find the necessary articles of apparel and clothing accessories — narrow scissors with a sharp finish. Order the selected model along with other products for professionals. With a combined order, you'll save on shipping! You can do this as part of a fixed purchase amount or as part of a permanent partnership. For regular partners, we have updates and special offers. However, the biggest advantage of our product range is that it is exclusively for professionals. Stronger and more durable versions of the tools are a way to achieve precision and efficiency in nail styling. Now you can do it even better! Order staleks Expert surgical scissors made of steel and charm everyone with an amazing manicure or pedicure. We also have other hand tools for you to work your nails on. Here you will also receive coloured hybrid lacquers, tops, bases and cleaners. Put it all together in one order and enjoy a full set of hybrid accessories.