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Fresh Fresh GERLACH Saturn AT Micro with dust absorber

Fresh Fresh GERLACH Saturn AT Micro with dust absorber

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Advanced Gerlach Saturn AT Micro

The freezer with rapidly turning freezes removes the cramps.We can regulate its speed and do the amount of saturated air.The small weight of the hand makes the pedicure freezer to be used very easy and pleasant.The regulated amount of saturated air as well as the ability to control the rotations in the freezer allows you to maintain full comfort during pedicure procedures.With a wide range of available freezes, it is possible to remove footprints, take care of the legs, as well as develop your nails at your feet.This makes the work on it pleasant and very easy and effective.

Professional office equipment

The foot freezer is an essential element in every salon that offers its services and performs professional foot care procedures.Gerlach freezer is primarily characterized by high performance quality and reliability of work.

The dust absorber in the freezer is a very important matter, which allows to maintain hygiene and purity and improves comfort when performing freezing activities.

Gerlach Staturn AT Micro is a product for professional use.

Technical parameters for pedicure:

volumes per minute: min.5000, max 42000

volume of air: 150 liters/min.

weight: 3.7 kg

weight of the hand: 116 g


d/w/g: 28 cm/12,5 cm/28 cm

voltage: 220-240 V

50 – 60 Hz

bag capacity: 400cm3

by max.power collection: 350W




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Fresh Fresh GERLACH Saturn...

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