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Equipment for Occupational Mezotherapy - Equipment for Professionals

In our wholesale service of cosmetic cabinets, we also have equipment for obscene mesotherapy.The products of the best companies in the Wellness&Beauty industry not only guarantee long use and safe processing.Customers appreciate the professional offer.They prefer to make the first mesotherapy.Find out the entire catalogue of the devices available on the Leopard sites and put on the effective rewitalization of the cery.

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Needle-free mesotherapy - non-invasive cosmetic procedure

Classic needle mesotherapy involves making hundreds of small punctures of the skin. It is performed to stimulate and prepare the tissue for optimal absorption of active substances. They are contained in dermocosmetics and anti-ageing preparations. As the name suggests, the needle-free version does not expose the person undergoing the procedure to unpleasant. So what is the replacement of needles in needle-free mesotherapy? In the case of these devices, instead of mechanical injection into the skin, ultrasound is used. The spectrum of application is very wide. Sound waves help with:

  • cellulite reduction
  • elimination of sagging skin,
  • stretch marks removal
  • reducing and smoothing scars.

The effectiveness of ultrasound turned out to be at least as high as that of the version with needles. However, this treatment is much more friendly, leaving no side effects. The sensation of pain is crucial in this case, especially with frequent facial procedures. That is why it is worth investing in a needle-free mesotherapy device. In our catalog you will find a large selection of ActiveShop, Biomak and Beauty System devices.

Mesotherapy device - safety and certainty of effects

The power of ultrasound in mesotherapy devices means an even more effective and patient-friendly treatment. In cosmetics and cosmetology, reducing discomfort is just as important as the results obtained. In the case of new type of equipment, it was possible to combine both. How do high-frequency sound waves penetrate deep into the skin? The intensity and power of their sending causes stimulation of even deep layers of tissue. At the cellular level, an accelerated metabolism appears, due to which the skin absorbs beneficial substances much more. It is enough to combine needle-free mesotherapy with appropriate specifics. The treatment deeply regenerates tissue, inhibits hair loss and eliminates unwanted changes. By the way, it is completely safe for a person in a cosmetic chair! It remains only to relax, feel a pleasant tingling and indulge in the pleasure of skin massage. It can be used for:

  • face (tension and wrinkles),
  • head (strengthening hair),
  • abdominal disease (stretch marks)
  • thighs (cellulite),
  • buttocks (firmness),

and other areas of the body. In mesotherapy, it is important to perform ultrasound application with accurate, circular movements. The application time should not exceed 15 minutes - it is best to familiarize yourself with the information from the manufacturer of the device.

Equipment for needle-free mesotherapy - what to look for

Needle-free mesotherapy uses a non-invasive method. It serves to transfer nutrients and regenerating substances to the inside of the skin. Ultrasonic waves and an electric field are used for this. Some people may feel differently about this app. This is determined by individual characteristics, so you need to control the client's well-being. The same should be done when performing mesotherapy on your own. Contraindications to the procedure are,

  • diseases - epilepsy, cancer, circulatory dysfunctions,
  • pacemaker
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • acne and other dermatological infections,
  • allergy to cosmetics used during the procedure.

The application of sound waves requires careful make-up removal and cleansing of the skin. A good way to get the best effect will be peeling preceding the mesotherapy treatment. Before using the device, you need to carefully distribute a special gel on the developed part of the body.

Apparatus and functions

There are numerous devices available on the market. How to choose the equipment that will provide the best effect? It is worth taking advantage of the professional offer of brands known in the cosmetics industry. The device for specialists is worth choosing not only for the beauty salon. Do you want to use the mesotherapy head independently? Opt for Biomak, Beauty System or ActiveShop products. In this way, you will be sure that using them will bring real results. In addition, products from our catalog are equipped with additional functions, e.g. ionization or light action. These are devices for which manufacturers take full responsibility. In case of fears and doubts, it is best to go for advice to a specialized beauty salon.

Needle-free mesotherapy with equipment from the Leopard warehouse

For years, we have been supplying specialists with professional equipment, accessories and cosmetics. In our offer you will find only proven devices for cosmetic treatments. We serve large salons and smaller studios - thanks to good contact with our partners we gain valuable opinions. For face lifting, skin regeneration with ultrasound and light, we offer the best products and devices. For orders for higher amounts, we offer free delivery. We invite you to permanent cooperation! Our contractors can count on promotions and information about new products. We also have interesting delivery options and installment financing of purchases. In the Leopard store you will always find professional cosmetic products at a very good price.