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Cleaner for Nails - Unbeatable with Professional Manicure

You should always be in the position of a manicure -cleaner for your nails is needed in many moments.It is used in different stages of nail styling.It’s hard to imagine a successful application of hybrid lakes without it.In professional nail cleaning, the cleaner is indispensable, so it should be attached to the basic set for home needs - UV lights, base and lakes.Check which cleaner from our offer will do the best in your beauty salon.

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Hybrid cleaner - what is it for and when to use it?

Professional nail cleaner is a universal product. As the name suggests, it is used for cleaning, but its effects affect the success of the various stages of applying the paint. Nail cleaner:

  1. removes dust and dirt after removing the old layer and matting the tile
  2. removes fat particles
  3. dry the tile before applying further layers
  4. restores the pH balance
  5. allows the hybrid layer or tips to be securely attached
  6. cleans paint after curing
  7. glitter

Nail polish - high quality and low price

The first time to reach the cleaner is after removing the old hybrid and before laying the base. The purpose of this procedure is to dust and clean the nail plate after mechanical removal of the old coating with a milling machine. Some also use it during this process, when sticky residue of old base emerges from under the paint. However, the primary use of this product is to strip away the natural fat layer, which adversely affects subsequent applications.

What do you use to grease your nails? Choose the cleaner that suits you

This all-purpose remedy is primarily responsible for removing a thin layer of fat from the nail. Otherwise, no other layer will achieve the proper adhesion and the simplest new manicure in the world will not stick. You can avoid this mistake, which is quite common among beginners. Order a hybrid nail polish from our warehouse, applied directly to your nail plate. You can choose any type of nail cleaner - we have a large selection of tried and tested cosmetics in a variety of colors and scents. This product value can be tailored to your tastes - the effectiveness and final result of the work is determined by high-quality ingredients. Nail cleaner consists of:

  • alcohol
  • water
  • other articles of apparel and clothing accessories
  • colouring and flavouring additives.

Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that whichever cleaner you choose from our range will achieve the optimal styling effect. We offer products whose most important assets are reliable quality and attractive price. They make any hybrid manicure look amazing and functional and provide a lasting effect.

What should be done before applying the hybrid varnish?

When exactly does the cleaner come into play? Whether the previous layer of the hybrid is removed wet with acetone or dry with a milling machine, it is essential to treat it with a gauze or a cosmetic gauze soaked in a cleaner once the tile has been uncovered. This can be done even if there are still remnants of the old coatings, especially the base. This will reveal more clearly the transparent particles of the fragments for further removal. After the tile has been uncovered and matted, the surface must be rinsed again to ensure that the surface is dusted and oiled before application.

Beautiful styling starts with a well-groomed nail plate

At first glance, the structure of the nail appears uniform, but nothing more confusing. The plate is irregular and highly porous. That's why you have to be very careful about cleaning it. A good nail cleaner not only cleans and dries, but also penetrates the structure of the nail, nourishing and strengthening it. Before the first coating is applied, the surface must be stripped of any residues of old varnish and substrate, dusted after mating and released from the physiological protective coating, the primary function of which is to grease the natural plate. The cleaner's job is to maximize adhesion. Any unevenness is smoothed out by the base, but without perfectly dry, smooth and oily nails, right after the manicure, it will start to separate and fall off. The same applies to the attachment of tips and gel extensions - one must not forget to use a good cleaning product before applying glue, gel or hybrid finish. We invite you to take a look at our offer - excellent quality and attractive price make many customers repeat orders for each product in the catalog.

How to grease the varnish, i.e. remove the dispersion layer

The next task for the nail cleaner is to properly finish the manicure after applying the hybrid. Beginning stylists often wonder after the first few tries why nail polish collects particles of dust. A dull surface without gloss does not look perfect because of the dispersive layer on top of the polished nails. How do you remove it? It requires no special means - if you have a good cleaner, you can easily pick it up and give your styling the right finish. Cleaners are also designed to be used when removing the dispersion layer, so any preparation can be used to wash both top and paint. If you choose to buy a degreaser from us, you will receive a versatile version of the product to be used in different stages of creating a manicure and pedicure. Multiple uses, one price - it's the perfect product for people who are serious about nail styling. For the customer who decides to cooperate permanently, we prepare an interesting offer in which both the price and the delivery will be an excellent asset, so that more funds can be allocated to further accessories. We offer our cleaner in 1000 ml packs.

Not just the price. A good 1000 ml cosmetic cleaner- what to expect

The professionals who work with us know what makes a good nail cleaner. We have prepared an interesting offer for both owners of beauty salons and people starting their adventure with modern manicure and pedicure. We distribute professional lines of nail care cosmetics, which is why we are confident of the highest quality products on offer. When they are used, the nail will not only be oily, but also free of any dirt on the surface and deeper, in the porous structures of the tile.

Nail cleaner in our offer - please contact

In the case of our products, an extremely advantageous price is also very important - this is achieved thanks to our constant cooperation with manufacturers of professional equipment for nail stations. Do you have any more questions? For details of the proposals on the top shelf, contact the experts at or write to us. Our e-mail address is available on our website. You can also contact us by telephone - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about nail care. We guarantee the highest level of service.