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UV and transparent medical protective glasses – take care of health and well-being in your cosmetic office

The list of mandatory equipment of the cosmetic office contains medical or cosmetic protective glasses, which enhance safety during the procedure.Modern standards concern its safety in the same degree as the protection of the customer.The game includes the rules of BHP and aseptics, which must be careful at present.Modern protection measures raise the level of the facility.Find out why protective glasses from our offer are the best protection against various dangers.

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Why is it important to wear protective glasses during surgery and styling?

Various protective measures are used during cosmetic procedures, such as disposable masks or latex or nitrile gloves. They belong to nothing either other, of circular cross-section, by which the stylist protects the sensitive parts of the face against the risk of infection or visual impairment. Most of the items in our offer are specialist protective products which, according to the manufacturers, have been equipped with additional functions such as: other, of circular cross-section or security in lateral sectors. When shopping for personal protective equipment, remember that eyeglasses are useful in everyday work and add the product to your shopping cart. The website of our store not only gives you the opportunity to buy, but also to obtain additional information - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our range. Call us or use our e-mail address in the "Contact Us" tab.

Which product to choose? Before clicking "add to cart", check with our consultant

If you decide to buy according to the safety and aseptic requirements of your facility, it is best to choose one of the professional products from a reputable manufacturer. Our offer includes: safety glasses 3m. I 'm going . A company that sets safety standards in many areas produces excellent safety glasses tailored to your needs. In addition to offering a wide range of options for occupational comfort and safety, the innovative company's individual products are distinguished by their ergonomic construction and interesting design, which in the beauty salon provides customers with important information about aesthetics and care for appearance. Working with 3m protection products or Unguisan is also a good step towards creating character in your living room. Add a few pairs of makeup and manicure glasses to the basket - you'll not only protect their health, you'll have a unique visual effect.

UV goggles - emission protection and other important functions for your safety

But before we get to the shape of the frames, let's look at the usefulness of the products on our sites. Protective spectacles used in medical offices, non-volatile, resistant to deposition of particles of dust and other contaminants, provide a high level of comfort. This is made possible by:
  • high quality components used for the manufacture of plastic "glass
  • the use of protective coatings that form an optical and mechanical barrier
  • appropriate profile to maintain optimum ventilation
  • in the form of earplugs, holding the bearings firmly even during intensive working in motion

Filters necessary for the continuous use of hybrid manicure curing lamps. Add to your basket a modern protection product at a good price

If a hybrid manicure and a curing lamp are involved, the stylist should have special equipment other, of circular cross-section a uv inhibitor. The ideal solution in this situation would be uV400 safety glasses or with higher parameters. Although modern LEDs emit blue light, which the manufacturers say is safe for the eyes, we recommend adding a safety product to your basket. Cosmetic or medical goggles are something to keep in mind when working at a nail salon. Prolonged exposure to the eyes can be fatiguing and debilitating.

Cosmetic safety glasses. A few important reasons why they can't be missing from your order

As permanent equipment of cosmetic and podiatric offices protective glasses protect before contamination and UV radiation spread. In our offer you will find an interesting selection of products at excellent prices. We invite you to contact us - just send an e-mail request for a specific model. Other, of circular cross-section their colour comes from filters that protect the eyes from radiation. The streamlined shape is ergonomic - the frames adhere perfectly to the nose and ears and do not absorb attention during work. By the way, they add a touch of style to the wearer - they look like designer sunglasses.

See user reviews and add one of our models to your cart

Protective eyewear is well regarded by users in cosmetic and podiatric offices. The following are the most frequently reported information and comments:
  1. The glasses provide excellent visibility.
  2. Their flowing design does not limit their field of view.
  3. Special filters to reduce eye strain.
  4. They're great for your ears and nose, so there's no need to constantly adjust the frames.
The next time you browse our website and add any tools, accessories or supplies you need, please add the appropriate product to your cart for better protection and safe work in your facility. We offer professional protective products from our catalog at affordable prices. If you are a regular customer, you can count on attractive discounts when you make cyclical deliveries. Further information on other, of circular cross-section and ongoing cooperation at our phone number or email address