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Your hygiene wholesale - here you will find the necessary items to keep clean

A well-provided hygiene wholesale will enable you to make the entire list of purchases with cleanliners.To take care of hygiene properly, it is best to shop in a well provided place.We will find everything you need in the toilet and other places that require order.We offer professional supplies in first-need hygienic items.Find out our rich offer and order your set of high-quality hygienic products.

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Flip-flops, 10 pcs. for simple, disposable pedicure

Single shoes to change Classical Japanese 10 st. performede are from soft PE.Its density is optimally adjusted to the fulfilled function, giving comfortable shift shoes well-isolating from the floor. Thickness 6 mm it provides durability and a high product resilience that fits one-time...

Price 12.00 zł

Cosmetic tissues size 20cm X 25cm pack. 100 pcs strong and delicate

Strong cosmetic clothes size 20 cm X 25 cm A single-time cosmetic clothes are made of a cool, durable material.They are not accidental.They can be saturated with the chosen liquid or cosmetics and are still suitable for use.The optimal size of 20 cm x 25 cm is suitable for most applications.The...

Price 18.00 zł

Non-woven caps Clip-Med Harmonica 100 pcs hair cover with elastic band


Single protective clothes on rubber Classic Protection clip-Med Harmony 100.It is made in 100% polypropylene, which allows the flow of air and prevents swelling of the head skin. Tian and flexible gum on the circuit, it makes it easy to fit and keep the stick on its place.The chips are packed by...

Price 25.00 zł

Protective foil apron 50 pcs - effective protection of clothing

Protecting film 50 st.protecting clothes during processing A simple one-time bar is made of a transparent film.It is light and durable, providing optimal protection while performing a variety of procedures.The bar is placed on the neck.In addition, it has bands that enable attachment to the...

Price 20.99 zł

Mavi Pareo made of non-woven fabric 10 pcs.

Mavi pareo of 10 st soft and comfortable The Mavi brand is made of soft fiber.It is an optimal length that reaches a bit before the knee, suitable for any user regardless of the growth.An enduring mountain tracker allows you to keep the pareo in place.The pire is wrapped on the shell, it can be...

Price 38.00 zł

Women's thong panties 10 pcs. Disposable ensure discretion and hygiene

Woman Strings with GumSimple white female strips.they are a great safeguard for the intimate zones of women while performing a variety of cosmetic procedures.Drawed with white, soft-to-touch fiber on the shores in a contrast color for strengthening.In the belt a flexible rubber that provides...

Price 11.00 zł

Supply of hygiene articles - goods and supplies

Each of us needs tried-and-tested, effective hygiene products. I 'm going . Basic items and hygiene products must be available in every toilet, bathroom or kitchen. This applies to both private dwellings and their large public institutions or businesses. Here you will find all categories and types of hygiene products: soap, cleaning fluids, toilet paper or absorbent paper towels. But that's not all wholesale trade which also supplies cosmetic and podiatric offices with specialized equipment, means and materials, we rely exclusively on quality brands. Even the smallest cleaning products guarantee high cleaning efficiency and are completely safe for users. The professional iLeopard online shop invites Customers to check out each product and use other service facilities.

Absorbent and efficient paper towels - full range

As for articles of apparel and clothing accessories, the most popular products from our store are super absorbent paper towels and high-performance toilet paper. We make sure that our customers get brands that are effective and safe for the skin of the people who use them. That is why our catalog includes not only advanced cosmetic products but also basic hygiene products of the highest quality. Our offer includes paper towels consisting of several super-absorbent layers, made of cellulose, not mixed with other materials. Thick and soft everyday products shall also not tear when soaked with a moist substance (e.g. disinfectant or glass surface washing liquid) or dust. This ensures that the cleaned surfaces are free of adhesive particles.

Good toilet paper and even better price

Similar requirements apply to basic toilet paper. In our online wholesalers you will find products from manufacturers meeting the highest standards of comfort and hygiene. High-quality, multi-layer rolls of paper are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Most products are made from recycled raw materials, but they are still of good quality and easy to use. Safe for the skin, absorbent, with a high grain content on rolls - you can find it here articles of apparel and clothing accessories, That will not disappoint you.

Distribution of hygiene articles

We also take care to choose products of proven brands that are friendly and safe for the customer. We focus on quality and affordability. We know that for any company, cleaning costs are a pretty absorbing budget item. How to maintain high workplace hygiene without spending a fortune on soap, towels and the paper? Orders from our company are always accompanied by a favourable price, and partners who regularly buy from us are also entitled to free delivery. We also appreciate your openness and contact - our hotline will provide you with all information about the offer and current promotions. All iLeopard products come from proven manufacturers, so you can rest assured of their performance and quality. Please check the details - contact our staff for details including favourable payments and deliveries for regular or larger orders from the institution.

Well-stocked online wholesalers of toiletries

We offer high-quality articles of apparel and clothing accessories with the option of instant delivery to the address indicated. Our partners can determine the frequency and content of the next shipment - we'll ship it on time without any formalities. Our shop also offers advice on the optimal choice of product types and quantities. Dedicated professionals reliable paper towels for special purposes, they'll work perfectly anywhere. For beauty salons, spas and hotels we also have a wide range of disposable hygiene clothing such as:

  • hats,
  • the flaps,
  • underwear,
  • the dressing gowns,
  • a length of not more than 30 cm,
  • wrappers,
  • coatings for surgical furniture.

Good price for regular deliveries of toiletries - Warsaw and surroundings

We also work part-time in the Warsaw metropolitan area, so we invite companies from the capital and surrounding areas to cooperate. Within a few dozen kilometres of our headquarters in Volomin, the delivery options may be even more advantageous in terms of costs and payments. By working together, you can keep your supplies in one place, making the price even more attractive.

iLeopard - online toilet wholesalers are inviting you!

Why should you choose to work with iLeopard on a long-term basis? Every day we serve several hundred entities from all over the country on a regular basis. We also found five additional reasons:

  1. We offer a wide selection hygiene articles.
  2. We've got the best producers for you.
  3. We're trying to make price a big part of our offer.
  4. We offer a number of delivery options, each benefiting the customer.
  5. We are flexible and willing to negotiate details with our contractors.

Save on shipping costs and opt for a regular order from an online wholesaler with a supply of cosmetic professionals. With regular orders, the price is much lower and hygienic materials they do not have to be a burden on the budget. In addition, you get high-quality products and regular deliveries without burdensome formalities. We focus on partnership - join our group of satisfied partners.