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MAVI-GO Diamond Fresh sg-01 (spic)

Efficient and fast sliding Excellent quality freezing with diamond smooth with head size – 1.2 mm and is. 6.0 mm.   Diamond Fresh (Spic) to combined manicure.Profiled in Spice, unbeatable peculiar fresh to development of side fighting.The size and shape will allow you to remove every small and go...

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GEHWOL Soft FFET Foam with aloe 300 ml*

Aloe foam and hyaluronic acid for feet and legs.Soft Feet Foam, designed for normal and dry skin, absorbs quickly and creates a pleasant sensation of nourishment, leaving no greasy marks. Deep-acting hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin effectively and provides long-term moisture. Concentrated...

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Mavi-Go Carbide Cutter WS/Z 05 - Rounded Cylinder

Professional Mavi-Go Frez of Coal   Characteristics :  made of high-quality coal very hard and resistant, resistant to mechanical damage it is not heated it does not cause drilling - thanks to the spiral placement of the teeth, remove the mass very quickly without heating your nails and leaving...

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CAMILLEN citrus smell salt 350g – relax for your body and senses

This is a great relaxation solution for your body and senses   The smell of citrus inciting what affects relaxation restoration of internal balance.In addition, salt has a mild stress effect, it affects the reduction of the feeling of internal irritation.   Relax sick and muscular, at the...

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Camillen Diamond Cuticle Cutter Art. No. Dm114

The cutter is made of the best quality stainless steel composed of many diamond layers, thanks to which it is characterized by bonding strength and especially high durability. The cylindrical shape is used for trimming and shortening hard and calloused pa plates

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