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Paper towels - proven products in a large selection

In the cosmetic or hair office, the standard equipment is a single-time hygienic material, including paper towels.These are real hygienic measures for special tasks that should always be at hand at the workplace.The most important thing is that they are not ordinary products for the kitchen.Paper towels for cosmetic and hairstylists are better clothed and dispersive.Find the rest of the differences and find out the benefits of our products.

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Towel Roll Cellulose Basic ECOTER 320 - Thick

The Basic ECOTER 320 cellulose wheel handheld has excellent thickness and height.Delicate in touch, enduring, efficient and untouchable.Order and make sure the quality!Universal and efficient paper towelsCellulose Roller Basic ECOTER 320 Gruby is a product made with high quality cellulose hunted...

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Paper towel - functional support in a cosmetic and podiatric office

It is often said that disposable products do not have to be of the highest quality, because they end up being used quickly. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics for a beauty salon, decision makers may be guided by such criteria as low cost or high packaging. However, the short life of single-use products should be an incentive for towels, pads or gloves to be functional.

How do you know a good towel?

Special purpose paper towels must be able to cope with many intended uses as well as unforeseen situations. In each of them, they should be immediately available to perform the tasks required of them. How can a typical store-bought, thin, instant towel dry your hair after washing or safely collect excess makeup? That's why for your employees, you can choose much more efficient, robust hygiene materials, made specifically to make them more demanding. You can tell a good industrial paper towel by the following:

  1. consists of two layers
  2. it is much more absorbent than ordinary roll paper
  3. it's harder to tear, and it's definitely not going to break in your hands
  4. does not dust after tearing, which allows the surface to be cleaned without streaks of ubiquitous cellulose dust

It also has a seemingly higher price tag - this type of towel lasts much longer than regular products available in any store. We provide comprehensive supplies for professional beauty, podiatry, hair salons and tattoo shops. That is why our store and wholesalers offer only paper towels from the top shelf - efficient and effective in use, which is also distinguished by our good price.

Our paper towels. Consistent supply, top quality, good price - great offer

What kind of paper support do beauty salons choose? We are happy to provide information and advice on this matter, and we are even more willing to cooperate as a proven partner in regular deliveries, which are an essential condition for keeping the interior and workstations clean and aseptic. Our store offers both categories of paper towels: paper towels in rolls and folding paper towels. Given these categories of towels, they will find their place in the daily practice of the establishment. With regular deliveries, our customers have a special, extremely attractive price. Whatever the purpose of the paper cutters, experienced wholesalers guarantee the highest quality. For years, we have been supplying Polish cosmetic and hairdressing establishments, as well as podiatric offices, with equipment and accessories from manufacturers whose folding paper towels are used daily as hygienic material in doctor's offices, dental, surgical and medical laboratories. Now the highest hygienic standards are also available to our customers. Read more on this topic here: folding paper towels.

All paper towel tasks

A good product is made from high density and high viscosity pulp. Additional advantages make it an indispensable material for universal use. The categories of use of these products vary widely, from keeping things tidy to promoting aseptics in the office space. Regardless of the purpose of use, towels should always be within reach of people working in an office or living room, as the range of applications can be really wide. They are used, for example:

  • wiping hands after washing or before disinfecting
  • washing countertops and work surfaces after using disinfectant
  • rubbing of mirrors and smooth surfaces
  • hair drying before styling in a barbershop
  • for use as a base for manicure or pedicure
  • protection of furniture and clothing against contamination by strong colouring cosmetics
  • collecting various contents from the floor or countertop in unexpected cases

The universal nature of a toilet paper towel makes it worth the effort to find a reliable product that will last for years. The best way to find out is to order two or three. and to do simple tests, which is to use them in everyday work for a few days. You will quickly notice the difference between a specialized towel for special purposes and a regular kitchen roll. All the paper towels we have available will do any of the above.

Paper towels. Wholesaling as the best way to keep supplies running

Once you have tried and found the optimal version, it is best to arrange for regular deliveries with the added benefit of a lower price. Hygiene and aseptic practices in cosmetic and beauty establishments and other health and beauty facilities are not compromised. In addition to the selection of the product to be tested, it is essential that paper towels are available at all times. By ordering regular deliveries, you can be sure that there will be plenty in your living room while you work. In our offer you will find different types and categories of high-end disposable toiletries - paper towels, pads, napkins in various packages. Ordering from a wholesaler is also an attractive price, which will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing the necessary products - decide now to work regularly with a proven supplier.

You'll find only a set of professional products

We supply the cosmetic industry, so in our catalogue you will find only tried and tested products and accessories, dedicated to professionals in every field. We supply in paper towels cosmetic and hairdressing establishments, podiatric offices and other establishments providing similar services. What's new in our range are the quick-dryers manufacture from materials of any heading The hygienic items offered in our catalogue also go to medical facilities, which is the best indication of their properties. We are just as professional in our work - we have already been trusted by many institutions, which we regularly supply with the necessary products without fear of reducing their quality. We're focused on long-term cooperation, which is why price of paper towels whether the disinfectant is always attractive to our contractors. The offer of the store is constantly updated and adapted to the needs of customers. Take advantage of the twofold advantage of continuous cooperation, which will leave you with high quality and affordable resources for running your business. You can always get more information by calling or writing to us directly. We make sure the delivery is fast because we know we're running out of time. This solution has long been appreciated by our customers.