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Ceramic freshness – essential for nail styling at the highest level

The nail freezer and ceramic freezer are already the standard equipment for manicure and pedicure, just as they were recently pillars and stripes.The universal applications of devices and accessories allow more efficient work and greater accuracy at the different stages of nail modeling.The replacement ends are responsible for the various coatings, plates and leaves, so even in the home conditions you can osiąg the extraordinary perfection of performance and enjoy the styling of your nails every day.

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Mavi Milling Ceramic Red Ball 2

Ceramic sphere red A ceramic mill in the shape of a small ball. The milling will help to remove the unwanted layer of dead skin very precisely, gently and effectively, and will help to prepare the plate at the nail shafts without causing vibration. It's perfect for a combination manicure. It does...

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The Red Roller

It's made of zircon oxide and stainless steel. It gently removes mass without causing vibration. It's non-sentimental, neutral to the skin and nail plate. It doesn't heat up on the job, so it doesn't cause any discomfort to the customers. Other

Price 15.99 zł

Ceramic milling - essential for nail styling at the highest level

Nail grinders and ceramic milling machines are now standard equipment for manicures and pedicures, as were, until recently, scissors and pliers. The versatility of the devices and accessories allows for more efficient and accurate work at different stages of nail modelling. The interchangeable tips are responsible for different coatings, tiles and skins, so even at home you can achieve remarkable perfection and play with nail styling on a daily basis.

What are ceramic mills for? Add different shapes of ends to the basket

Because of its properties ceramic milling to hybrids makes it easier to work on the different elements of nail cosmetics. Almost everything a manicurist does can be put in the profit basket for milling. Different types of ends of a compact machine, such as a modern milling machine, are used for. other. to:

  • removal of hybrid and gel layers
  • manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product
  • cutting and grinding of tiles
  • cleaning the space between the plate and the skins
  • removal of epithelials
  • skin removal
  • nail polishes and polishes

Cones, corners, tears, or balls - the variety of shapes allows you to test and choose the best nail styling method for you. Manufacturers include information about the most commonly used shapes, but every novice manicurist will quickly find something that suits her. Even if you have a favorite tip shape, it's a good idea to change your grinder accessories from time to time to find the most effective way to address a cosmetic problem. For example, a small ceramic ball, which you can put in a basket when you buy it, along with a few other shapes, can be useful when a minor defect in the nail area needs to be fixed. For the removal of the hybrid or gel, a roller mold will be used, and corners and cones will help to treat the nail shafts and skin.

Universal cosmetics - low cost and high quality

Where does the information for such a wide range of applications come from? The answer lies with them ceramic milling machines, with the additional advantage of an extremely advantageous price. With these delicate and powerful grinders, you can do most of the work for any manicure or pedicure, not just a hybrid. Treating the nail plate and the epidermis in her area with the same tool? Ceramic milling machines are among those products that save not only money but also time. These unique cosmetic products are worth putting in your basket, and they have convinced many people that doing nail styling yourself is not particularly impossible. Ceramic millstones are characterised by a delicate and strong structure which gives them their versatility. The low specific gravity and high level of hardness make it ceramic milling machines they're merciless to the removal of fragments, but they're gentle on the epidermis.

Ceramic leather mills

How to model toenail crusts and shafts using ceramic milling machines? What ? Each manufacturer shall disclose important information on the intended use of the tool by means of special markings. The red indicates a tool for beginners, who should not lose control of the result. It may take a little longer, but all the ceramic milling machines available in our range with red stripes guarantee the right level of safety, right from home use products and the first steps to preparing a hybrid manicure. If you are concerned about the difficulty of preparing the tile for further layers of varnish or gel, order a mill with the appropriate markings. Our offer comes with an attractive price and fast delivery. Before you put your fancy accessories in the basket, check what each product will do for you. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Ceramic nail polishers - an elegant effect

Delicate and Effective ceramic milling machines they're great for modeling nails. If we look at the finish, we can see the delicate porcelain texture. However, when it comes to horn-shaped nails, they're an uncompromising tool that works perfectly on the edge without scratching the contour. They have also been shown to be effective and mild on the skin, epithelium and nail shafts. With beautifully maintained nails that only need to be repaired, ceramic milling is the most versatile solution. That is why professional cosmetologists are happy to add them to their basket. We've prepared a permanent supply option for them. The advantages include, inter alia, discounts and a lower price for the products ordered, free delivery and a preferential payment system. Order ceramic milling machines, log in to your account and take advantage of easy replenishment of milling accessories.

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Mechanical removal of the hybrid or gel coating is the beginning of any new styling. Now we're moving away from using harsh chemicals to dissolve old layers. All this thanks to the new properties of the milling machines, and in fact the interchangeable ends, among which ceramic milling machines are among the most effective products. Ceramic milling machines they're irreplaceable, and even though they wear out faster:

  1. they can be used for many professional manicure activities
  2. low price allows for frequent exchange
  3. do not heat the nail plate as much as metal tips

What kind of mill do you want to use to remove the hybrids?

Removal of hybrid coatings by majority ceramic milling machines will have the desired effect. In terms of shape, the most suitable end is a cylinder or a cut cone. This is primarily due to the large area of thorns, but also because of the spacing of the cuts on the trunk. We invite you to take a look at our wide range of ceramic milling machines, which are distinguished by a favorable price and fast delivery time.