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Cosmetic Paraffin - smooth skin, unique manicure

How to get the effect of smooth hands and legs?The cosmetic paraffin creates a unique, acamic effect on the skin.This is a simple action that requires nothing but that substance.Through the use of a smooth stick, the surroundings of the nails get the most.Therefore, it is worth doing a paraffin procedure before manicure or pedicure.Soft, healthy nails will highlight styling.Choose one of the proven products from our offer and include paraffin in your favorite cosmetics.

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STARPIL Paraphine Orange - Peach - orange 500g

The paraffin procedure affects the deep humidification of the skin, feeds and regenerates. Paraffin orange it is rich in carotene and provides exceptional protection against free parents. Ideal for mature skin and dry .Gives the feeling food and humidifying the skin.To hands and feet.   Method of...

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Properties and application of cosmetic paraffin

Paraffin is a mineral oil obtained from the petroleum fraction. Depending on the course of refining, it can have a color from light yellow to white. Its properties make it used not only as an ingredient in cosmetics, but also in medicinal preparations. Delicate, gentle to the skin, the natural substance creates a delicate coating on the outer layer of the epidermis. A thin film prevents water evaporation from the surface of the skin. Cosmetic paraffin:

  • retains moisture,
  • opens pores,
  • increases tension and flexibility.

Unlike oils of vegetable origin, cosmetic paraffin does not penetrate deep into the skin. It itself does not transfer any nutrients into the deeper layers of tissue. However, it facilitates their penetration from care cosmetics. Its lubricating and healing properties make it great as a soothing agent . It also has other healing properties. Paraffin gives off accumulated thermal energy. Therefore, it is used as a warming agent. It counteracts muscle and tendon contractures, stimulates microcirculation, nourishes joints. By cooling, it increases the volume and oppresses the tissues, improving their metabolism.

Product categories

Body care with paraffin is very varied. It can be used in many ways, because it is part of numerous cosmetics. Various forms of cosmetic paraffin include, among others:

  • Lotions
  • lotions,
  • creams,
  • Mask
  • baby care articles.

Mineral paraffin can be used as an ingredient in other products. In our catalog you will also find it in its pure form.  We have for you high quality products Isabelenails, Mavi and Starpil 500ml with good delivery conditions. Before use , paraffin must be dissolved or heated to the indicated temperature. It is best to do this with the help of a specialized paraffin maker. For safety reasons, flammable paraffin must not be simmered.

Applications of pure paraffin in care

Compresses from warm paraffin are made by immersing the hands or feet in the substance. It can also be applied with a brush. It should remain on the skin for a quarter of an hour. The treatment is completely safe. However, contraindications should be taken into account. Paraffin suits selected skin types. Before use, check what predisposition your tissue has. The paraffin kit in these cases is used with caution, preferably after consultation with a specialist. It can also be used topically, e.g. to soften the nail area. In special cases, the procedure is best performed in a specialized beauty salon.

For which skin will cosmetic paraffin be best?

Indications and contraindications for the use of paraffin baths are associated with the type of skin. Mineral oil forms an oily film on the surface and retains moisture inside the tissues. Mostly does not cause irritation and allergies. Therefore, it is worth using it in the case of sensitive skin, including atopic skin. It should be used carefully or not in the case of skin:

  • Oily
  • Mixed
  • Acne.

In many cases, the problem is clogging the outlets of the sebaceous glands. This can affect the deterioration of the condition of the tissue. It is not recommended to use paraffin-based cosmetics for people prone to dandruff. Owners of weak hair also need to be wary of too frequent mineral compresses. They are an ideal solution for dry or dry skin , prone to irritation. Cosmetic paraffin is also a great way to treat frozen hands and feet. It not only warms up, but also restores their good condition and appearance.

Hand and skin care products in the offer of Leopard wholesale

A set of cosmetics plus paraffin maker is an indispensable equipment for a beauty salon. The treatment in these cases can also be performed on your own. In our cosmetic wholesaler with supplies for specialists, we offer paraffin for cosmetic care. You can buy here the following products:

  • Mavi,
  • Starpil,
  • Isabelenails.

They are available in convenient 500ml packs or single lobes. It's the perfect way to make your hands and feet smooth! Order paraffin in the best fragrance version for you. Not sure if you can decide to do it? With the given personal properties of the skin, our consultants will advise which warm wraps will be the most suitable. We also offer preferential delivery conditions for larger orders. Your paraffin in a set with or without a heater is waiting for you at the Leopard wholesaler .