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Poler Blocks - the basic equipment of each cosmetic set

Even the smallest accessories and accessories decide the final appearance of the nails, so it is worth paying attention to the poler block.The universal tool, which should always be in the hands of the manicure and pedicure, is responsible for the shape and appearance of the natural nail plate.The properly chosen nail poler blocks are not less important than the other accessories and hybrid nail lakes.Check out the appropriate sets in our online wholesale.

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The nail pad. A new way to get smooth and shiny nails

A professional hybrid manicure involves careful work on each layer. Pulleys and polishes should be held in the hand after each nail styling step. First, a polisher is very useful, which can both smooth and remove unnecessary pieces of tile. It also helps to correct the oval of the nail or to shape any edge. A polishing pad is used to flatten, finish and dull the nail plate. The appropriate gradation that the manufacturer determines for a specific cube is the basic information that is needed before starting the next action. It determines the thickness of the thorny material - in the case of pole tools, it is usually a small mound that can be leveled and padded before the next layer is applied. Once applied and cured in the UV LED lamp, it is best to use it on each of them, both base and tops and hybrid varnishes. The polar block is characterised by

  • an ergonomic shape,
  • a large working surface,
  • handheld measurements,
  • the universal use.

Order the polish pads individually or in packs of 10.

Whether you have a large four-sided polishing pad in your hand or a mini polishing pad for minor adjustments, keep in mind the constant need to replenish this most commonly used handheld cosmetic product. Polisher blocks are in continuous use - even though more durable ones are being produced - and are perhaps the fastest-growing piece of manicure equipment. We invite you to take advantage of our occasional and regular deliveries. Modern fashion and styling require daily procedures, frequent visits to specialized beauty salons, so when ordering eye shadow or hair conditioner or other cosmetics, do not forget this important detail, which is essential in preparing a hybrid manicure. We offer polish blocks packed in 10s. at a great price, but we can also ship any number of units. that product, regardless of its type and size. We offer accessories and utensils designed for professionals. Besides, ordering a shipment in our warehouse is also a guarantee of delivery and very fast order fulfillment. It makes it easy and quick to fill in the gaps in your living room.

Use a nail polish when finishing your styling

Polymer blocks are a relatively new product, so new formats and uses are constantly emerging. Originally, color was important in their marking, and it can still be an important guide when choosing tools for grinding or matting tiles. The white polymer block is used to work the natural nail plate, and the blue one, with its special mound and gradation, allows it to be used on artificial nails. However, other colours have now become fashionable (the polishes available may even have a different colour on each wall).

Fashion, makeup, manicure without compromise. Even the details matter

The classic four-sided white polished block is a staple of every stylist's wardrobe. This is not a fad - it has become a staple in the kitchen. The most commonly used grading is 100 or 120, depending on the intended effect. Remember, the higher the mark, the smaller the pile has a polymer block in white or any other color. Every polisher and grinder in our warehouse guarantees a super effect when preparing the nail plate and every layer when preparing the advanced manicure. Also, all kits of basic nail products for beginners must include any polishing block. A heaped ankle is an essential tool - show off your exceptional hand and foot styling skills using accessories and cosmetics from our online store.

Four-sided polished block - show off your styling with perfect cut

In our offer you will find a polymer block perfect for your needs. You can choose from a range of companies producing accessories, appliances and hybrid varnishes for professionals: Mavi, Palu or ABA Group. A white polisher block is a basic tool, useful when finishing various stages of a manicure. A polisher with a different color can be used for special tasks. An interesting solution is a four-sided pole block, where each wall is covered by a different type of embankment. All sides mean allow for a different type of treatment in 4 steps:

  1. Forming the proper oval and length of the nail
  2. Flattening and smoothing before applying nail polish
  3. Precise surface smoothing after painting
  4. Polishing of the upper layer to ensure flawless gloss

The condition of the nail surface during the manicure should be checked regularly after each layer. Equipment such as the white polisher is also versatile, but the innovative cube with four different sides allows parameters such as gradation to be adapted to current needs. The manufacturer shall ensure that the effect is adapted each time to the next styling step. Kits, cosmetics and nail accessories cannot do without this element - the block is as essential as UV lamps (also available in our offer). Please complete the maxi or mini kit - the polisher should be in both.

The polisher - the blocks are in fashion...

Interestingly, the polymer block is inspired by its shape - several polymer block manufacturers have used it to change the shape of the pulley. Instead of the traditional metal tools, beauty salons and personal suitcases are increasingly equipped with a four-sided polisher - the new standard for cosmetics. The convenient four-sided polymer block surpasses its predecessor in functionality, so today nail clippers in this form can also be used. The white block differs from the sieve by type of mound and gradation. The polisher is used for gentle smoothing, the nail file can be used to grind, cut and especially work the edges.

Delivery in 48 hours - order any quantity. parts and accessories of machinery

In addition, it is also possible to order polymer cutters in any gradation, but they will always be harder than polymer block. They should be tailored to specific individuals whose nails vary in fragility and thickness. The condition of the tile determines which product to use, so it's better to have a full range of fillers and polishing pads in a professional salon. Guaranteed delivery in 2 days will allow you to quickly replenish your kit with super-efficient filters and polar blocks. We offer individual products and packages of 10. You can easily order accessories and manicure accessories from us - it is best to add them to a larger list when you also need to add body and hair cosmetics and other products needed in the office. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or messenger or email us.