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Nitril gloves – advanced sterility

Use of single-time protective gloves in medical, diagnostic or medical offices is a modern standard.Should it be used in a cosmetic salon?High antisepticity requirements, which should also be the standard here, clearly require the regular application of this basic remedy.Moreover, the popular latex, from which the majority of the similar products are still made, has a permanent alternative - nitril gloves.

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Modern nitrile gloves

A new type of disposable glove was created from synthetic acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. Nitriles are a group of chemical compounds whose specific bonds have played a special role in the production of modern plastics, giving them a high elasticity and strength greater than other materials, including latex. It is important to keep this in mind before putting the right product in your basket. When it comes to nitrile, gloves made from nitrile are a natural choice in many industries. Disposable industrial gloves are proposed for mechanical workshops or production. They are used there because of their resistance to mechanical damage (which is why they also appear at home during many classes). Nitrile gloves do not crack, are very difficult to tear, and are also resistant to accidental entanglement - they provide excellent hand protection against many substances and ensure workplace hygiene.

Markings to put the right product in the basket

Will nitrile gloves work as well as germ protection? In a beauty parlour or podiatric office, nitrile gloves designated as medical or diagnostic should definitely be chosen. Some people think that colour helps to distinguish between destinations, and blue latex gloves, for example, indicate a product with aseptic properties. Disposable gloves, on the other hand, come in a variety of colors, and their only function is to match the style of clothing or interior, which is quite important in a beauty salon. Medical gloves are distinguished by the CE marking and the EN 445 standard, which contain four basic characteristics:

  • EN 455-1 – absence of micro-holes which may be places of entry for microbes
  • EN 455-2 stands for certificate of tensile strength and strength
  • EN 455-3 pot confirmation of a positive bioassay and correct labelling
  • EN 455-4 – gives the date of use

Regardless of the material they are made of, disposable gloves available at our store meet strict aseptic standards. We try to offer the best products on the market, so we want to make sure that our customers will be satisfied with the products that go into their cart. The disposable nitrile gloves in our catalogs come from a variety of manufacturers, so it's worth remembering which ones have worked best in the office during cosmetic procedures. Observe how synthetic rubber gloves behave at work, whether they need to be changed at work if they break or tear, get feedback from people working in your salon - for example, whether they are skin-friendly. Enter details such as the manufacturer, the name of the product and the product number - if you want to reorder these products, you can easily add them to your cart again. It's also worth setting up a permanent customer account - all your choices are in your order history.

Articles of apparel and clothing accessories

Working with protective gloves means protection for both the customer and the worker. With that in mind, show your crew the benefits of using modern technology in the chemical industry. The characteristic white, blue or black nitrile gloves are ideal. They should be permanently included in the basket of items necessary for cosmetic procedures. Nitrile or latex gloves should be used during any treatment involving tissue or mucous membranes (or even in the neuralgic areas of the face or hands). However, the requirements of hygiene and the possibility of contaminants and germs being carried by the hands to the eyes, nose and mouth should encourage many people to have disposable gloves (black or blue) in the living room at all times.

AQL - how to read it?

The first indicator of the standard is linked to another parameter which determines the most important properties of nitrile or latex gloves. This is the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) indicating the level of protection against pathogens. All medical-type protective gloves, regardless of category, must have an AQL of 1.5, which means that the apertures have been found in the specific test but are less than 25-50 μm. However, gloves can achieve a higher level of tightness, which means with increasingly lower numbers. Therefore, the ranking of the level of protection found in the laboratories is as follows:

  1. OTHER
  2. OTHER
  3. OTHER

This means that each of these products can fit in your shopping basket at our store, but AQL 0.6 nitrile gloves guarantee a higher leakage. Moreover, they are also usually of higher quality. Whether it's nitrile gloves or latex gloves - where can you buy them to make sure you get the right batch? On our website you will find only products from proven manufacturers, whose qualities are confirmed by the reviews of satisfied customers with whom we work regularly. In addition, the catalogue contains all the manufacturer's indications, as well as clear information on the quantity in the package, e.g. "200 nitrile gloves, AQL 1.0 and blue".

Nitrile gloves or latex? Rate according to your preferences

Most customers answer this question by adding latex or nitrile gloves to their basket. There are different parameters for different people. Latex, a natural material, has long been shown to protect against germs. Some prefer gentle skin contact to a natural rubber product. However, in this respect the two categories of gloves are similar. Another important point is its lower price. But nitrile gloves are much more durable than latex gloves. In addition to being aseptic, their high durability has greatly increased their use in demanding jobs where they can withstand exposure to many substances and are not easily destroyed. Popular industries and services value their performance, especially for precision work - well-fitting nitrile gloves help your fingers feel.

We offer a large selection of disposable medical gloves of both types, as well as vinyl gloves, for beauty salons and podiatric offices. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if you would like to make the right selection. Regardless of your preferences, we guarantee that only proven, specialized products, even in large quantities, will be placed in your cart.