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Foot skin problems are a common disorder that affects more and more people, regardless of age or gender.Although there are different care preparations on the market, we are not always able to choose them in the right way.In this case, it is worth going to the sublime, who will recommend the appropriate treatment and choose the right preparations.In our offer you can find specialized cosmetics with a wide range of operations.

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GEHWOL SOFT FEET Foot Cream with Hyaluronic Acid Tube 125 ml

Foot and leg cream with hyaluronic acidIt is easily distributed and quickly absorbed.The cream contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids.Milk peptides and honey extract significantly increase the elasticity of the skin, making it visiblely smoother.The special hyaluronic acid...

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GEHWOL It is not recommended to use any of the following:

Balm to softenIt's a conditioner that makes the skin of your feet and legs soft like silk. A softener with hyaluronic acid with a deep moisturizing effect and active substances from milk and honey to provide silky soft, well-groomed skin. It contains skin-friendly lipids, avocado oil, and a...

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Cream for fertile skinIt regenerates the skin, provides its protection and restores smoothness and flexibility after a few days of use.After 28 days of use, the creme disappears.The skin is hydrated and regenerated.Antibacterial ingredients also protect against the fungi of the legs.The cream...

Price 40.00 zł

GEHWOL SENSITIVE Skin Care Cream with Microsrebr 75ml

Special preparation for the care of sensitive skin.It contains a complex of active substances with MicroSrebre BG, which regenerates the natural microwave of the skin, relieves swelling and burning, and also reduces redness. Care using this preparation prevents the excess spread of infections and...

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GEHWOL SENSITIVE cream for sensitive skin with micro silver 125 ml

A special preparation for sensitive skin. It contains a complex of active substances with MikroSilver BG, which regenerates the skin' s natural micro-urine, relieves itching and burning and reduces redness. Care with this preparation prevents the overgrowth of germs and thus protects against...

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GEHWOL NAGELWEICHER Smoothing Skin Flask 15ml

Fluid that Softs Nails and SkinThe preparation prevents nails.It relieves the pain caused by the pressure and swelling of the nails into the skin.Fluid contains potassium hydroxide and ricin oil – these substances have a milder effect on the nails and skin.With the systematic use of the liquid,...

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GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Refrigerant Cream 75ml

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Renewable Cream 75 ml  This is an intense deodorant cream with long-lasting action. It removes the smell of the feet throughout the day.It contains a care formula with jojoba and aloe oil and the active ingredients of manuka oil.Prevent the fungi of the legs.Micronized...

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GEHWOL Blue Balsam for Dry and Fat Foot Tube 125 ml

To dry and tired legs.Balsam for daily care of dry, tired skin.It absorbs the skin well, easily absorbs it.It contains antiseptic drugs.Lanolin and oils care for the dry and normal skin of the legs.The moisturizer moisturizes and prevents swelling.Farnezol acts antibacterially and protects...

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Specialised cosmetics for the control of fungus

Foot fungus is a disease that, if left untreated, can lead to serious complications. Choosing the wrong shoes, socks, or cosmetics can contribute to the rapid development of the disease. If you have been affected, see your podiatrist for advice on preventing and treating foot fungus.

In our store you can find many specialized cosmetics to help fight this unpleasant disease. Callusan is known for its effective personal care products. Callusan Rapid is an antifungal cream with cleansing properties. It protects against fungus and also moisturizes and firmens the skin. It is also available in a smaller package so that it can be offered to customers for home care.

Famous brands of specialty cosmetics

Another well-known company that offers products for foot problems is Camillen. We have a wide range of specialist cosmetics from this brand. Camillen Fudes Lotion is an anti-fungal lotion. They have strengthening and nourishing properties. On the other hand, Camillen Fudes Spray is particularly recommended for athletes and people who frequent swimming pools or saunas.

In addition to the fungus, there are a number of troublesome skin conditions that can be treated with specialized cosmetics. Camille Nagelweicher fluid helps to eliminate the problem of growing toenails. It is also anti-inflammatory and can be used in adults and children.

Other specialty cosmetics on offer

Many people also suffer from cold feet, which are difficult to keep warm, affecting our well-being and overall activity. In that case, it's worth reaching for Camille Thermo. The ginger wrapped in it has a heating effect. It improves circulation, giving an immediate and long-lasting feeling of warmth. We also offer Camillen Wasch Eau De Cologne. This is a disinfectant that effectively cleanses the skin of the feet, preparing them for treatment. It also provides a feeling of freshness. The store also sells specialty cosmetics from Ranisilver. They help treat minor skin damage. Their micronized silver content is responsible for tissue maintenance. Ointments and sprays of this brand are available. You're welcome to shop.