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Epilation and coagulation.What do you do to remove the hair and remove the hair?

What products and devices are most commonly used in the cosmetic office?The main procedures include the removal of the hair and the closure of the spots.For the sensitive skin of the face and neck areas, epilators and coagulating electrodes are ideal.Specialized equipment guarantees excellent effect and no side effects.Check out the offer from our site and choose professional cosmetic products.

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Biomak Epilator - coagulator EP 300

A cosmetic device for removing excess hair and closing blood vessels, as well as coagulation using high-frequency current. The procedure is aseptic and painless, and no bleeding occurs when the vessels are closed.  Technical data:a voltage of not more than 300 V15W of epilation poweran operating...

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Biomak Epilator - Coagulator

A camera to remove unnecessary oval and closure of the blood vessels, as well as coagulation using high frequency current.The method used causes the procedure to be aseptic and slightly painful, and during the closure of the vessels there is no bleeding.Technical Data :power of 230V,...

Price 1,499.37 zł

Not just peeling. Products for epilation and coagulation treatment

On the website of the Leopard online store you will find devices designed for skin care. Among them are also specialized braces - the basis for a separate treatment. It should be performed in the office under the supervision of a professional. The treatment requires skin protection against overheating. In the procedures of closing capillaries (coagulation) and hair removal (epilation), high temperature phenomena are used. Reviews about specialized products and the results of treatments are enthusiastic. However, you should take into account the heating of the skin in delicate places, e.g. in the armpits or on the face. People with a low pain threshold may experience this as some discomfort.

How to permanently remove hair roots? Discover the effects of epilation

What is the difference between epilation and epilation? In addition to one letter - the effectiveness and durability of hair removal. Depilation goes deep, but leaves a nest of bulbs, from which more hairs grow. Permanent hair removal on the face and neck, armpits and bikini area requires a lot of sensitivity. During the procedure, you should be very gentle, because these are very sensitive areas of the body. Classic epilation is usually too painful, shaving does not solve the problem. With the help comes an epilator, i.e. devices for laser removal of bulbs. Does epilation permanently eliminate the problem of hair regrowth? In the opinion of many satisfied users - yes. The average effect of the treatment lasts for about 6 weeks. The final result of the change depends on the quality of the device and the skills of the beautician.

How does the epilator work?

Laser devices for permanent hair removal from our offer are among the best in the Wellness & Beauty industry. They are designed for professional use, which is why they emit rays at a skin-friendly temperature. Before epilation, special cosmetics are used - a cooling gel that reduces discomfort during the procedure. The turned on epilator moves to remove hair from a few to a dozen times over a fragment of the body. According to the opinions of beauticians and clients, this is a relatively minimally invasive confluence. On the pages of the Leopard store you will find a description of the operation, prices and reviews of the available equipment.

Coagulation - an excellent method for dilated capillaries

Bringing couperose skin to order is the basis for other cosmetic procedures. The effect of closing capillaries is achieved due to the impact on the vessels with high temperature. Thanks to this, empty veins disappear and the skin becomes smoother and healthier. The treatment is not relaxing and completely painless. The touch of a special needle-electrode can be felt and in the opinion of some customers it causes discomfort. However, special products soften the sensation of heat, and the excellent result compensates for the delicate inconvenience.

Closing capillaries with a coagulation device

With coagulation devices on our part, you can be sure that the treatment will be successful. Closing capillaries is completely safe. Customer reviews show that there is nothing to fear. The condition of the skin in key places improves significantly. Equipment at a good price from our offer guarantees high efficiency. All skin rejuvenation products and accessories from the Leopard store are designed for professional use.

Epilation and coagulation devices in the Leopard store's offer

Branded hair epilator and coagulator are indispensable products in a good beauty salon. We have for you equipment for hair removal and capillary closure at a good price. Devices for face and delicate areas from our offer reduce discomfort during the treatment to a minimum. We offer reliable delivery and free shipping for orders above the agreed amount. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions about products. They will carefully accept customer opinions about the store, service or purchase. Check what you can gain by ordering equipment and needles for closing capillaries and epilators from our catalog.