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Cosmetic Receptions.Excellent reception for the cosmetic salon

The elegant cosmetic reception is most often the first place a beauty salon customer sees.The main place in the position should be practical furniture, which will at the same time perform representative function.We offer a selection of fantastic reception furniture.They can be adapted to the design and design of the interior of the salon.Discover the suggestions and find a leaflet that will become a visit card for your office or hair salon.

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How should the reception area in a beauty salon be decorated?

A good beauty salon or hairdresser's are places dedicated to beauty. Therefore, they should present themselves impeccably in terms of decor. Clients pay attention to the details of the interior. It is worth consulting its design with a stylist. You can also develop a convincing design on your own, such as glamour or mini. The hairdressing or cosmetic reception area plays an essential role. It must not lack equipment to keep records for treatments. Documentation, advertising gadgets and accessories given to clients should be stored here. On the one hand, it is best that the furniture does not take up too much space. On the other - it must be roomy and adjustable. Salon furnishing products from our offer come from the collections of recognized brands. Vento Pro or Gabbiano - these brands speak for themselves. Each of our salon reception desks combines functionality with eye-catching design. Choose one in your favorite color for your salon!

Beauty and hairdressing reception desk with matching top

The basic element of a good reception desk is a functional top, placed at the right height. The standard height is 110 cm, but you can adjust any other height. Our offer includes a diverse selection of models in matching color! In everyday work in a beauty salon or hairdresser's, the extension, placed above the countertop, works well. On it you can place a notebook with records and booking schedule. A functional reception desk must also have roomy niches. Including at least one cabinet or drawer should be lockable. Pay attention to whether the countertop is thick and solid enough. It is best if it is made of high laminated board.

Cosmetic reception desk - small size, important place

This place in a beauty salon or hairdressing salon is used for contact with the customer. The reception desk must be kept in the color of other furniture. However, it can also stand out as a place of unique character. We offer varied color tones and solidity, which characterizes only furniture for professional use. It is known that the daily operation of the salon involves increased traffic. Products Gabbiano not only charm in glamour style, but also provide resistance to mechanical damage. You will purchase furniture from our store with manufacturer's warranty. Countertops and fronts of reception counters from our offer are protected against too fast wear. We help our customers as much as we can. That's why you can count on free delivery when you purchase a hairdressing and cosmetic reception counter. Reception counter in the color of your choice after purchase will go straight to the door of your office!

White or in natural wood tones?

Among the best-selling beauty reception desks on our list , classic colors dominate. Both models in white and versions in wood tones will work well in modern designs. An elegant glamour or minimalist style reception desk can stand out or harmonize with the rest of the decor. Check out the unique designs of the simple and charming Vento Pro reception des ks. Among them are two-color versions, which allows you to offer a colorful counterpoint with the leading color. Our offer is complemented by Gabbiano hairdressing receptions, directly created to create more decorative rooms. Check out the set of given furniture to find the unique ones, tailored to your tastes.

Reception desk for a beauty salon - choose practically and elegantly!

Furniture from our offer complement each other - they are maintained in the same style and color. That's why Gabbiano and Vento Pro reception desks are matched with other representatives of the series - desks, tables or bookcases. Practical versions with extensions and space for 3D logos will complete the equipment of your salon. In addition to class, hairdressing and cosmetic reception desks should demonstrate practicality. See to it that there are shelves for documentation and a strip with electrical outlets. Properly equipped furniture from our offer will hide cables from chargers, payment terminals laptops or cash registers. Inside, you will find solutions to make it easier to run the wiring harness. Our reception counters will help you to maintain proper organization of work and order in documentation.

What style do you choose? Match it with a reception counter

A beauty salon or hair salon are places that inspire original decor. You can opt for minimalist white, enticing red accessories or pastel toning. In a richer version, in addition to colors, you can also use design inspiration. A glitzy glamour style, a minimalist style full of simplicity and grace, or maybe a luxurious New York style? This is also something suitable for the Wellness&Beauty industry. It is important to match every piece of equipment and furniture to the concept. That's why you should use a series of products in the "furnishings" category. Customers pay attention to details - it will be no different with harmonious interior design. It should provide peace and relaxation, introduce a note of cheerfulness or dynamism. Get inspired by browsing through reception desks, the designs of which can inspire you to fill the rest of the office with form. We have prepared for you a rich offer, maintained in a varied style. Bet on your favorite style - authenticity is at a premium! Favorite colors and shapes will make you feel good in your own establishment.

Greet customers at an elegant furniture

Is a cosmetic reception desk a must? Of course! This is the central place of the salon, where the first contact with the customer takes place. A solid countertop base should not only make a good impression. It must allow you to make payments, transfer data or make an appointment in a comfortable environment. At it, the customer learns about your offer, evaluates the quality of service, and gets a first impression of the place. Do you want to make them the best possible? Take advantage of products designed specifically for places like yours! Gabbiano 's elegant cosmetic reception desk in black will perfectly complement black eco leather sofas. A noble-looking space will come alive with glamour-style decorations and details. Or maybe you prefer minimalism with simple furniture pieces from the Vento Pro collection in a lighter color? Take advantage of our offer and choose a two-color version with an overhead cabinet and space for a three-dimensional logo.

How much space do you need for a functional cosmetic reception desk?

Like any piece of furniture in an office, a barber or cosmetic reception desk should be finished with a solid veneer. This is important because it must be resistant to wear and tear from frequent disinfection. It should also not show signs of daily use. Reception furniture is quite tall. Therefore, the shelves placed in them provide sufficient capacity. An average piece of furniture of this type does not take up much space. We offer quite a lot of models in various color versions from recognized manufacturers Vento Pro and Gabbiano. Recognized brands guarantee reliability. At the same time, the furniture was prepared to beautify the office. Modern, hard-wearing hairdressing reception desks are maintained in a minimalist or glamorous style. As a result, they fit perfectly into the attractive but not overloaded style in beauty salons.

Convenient, useful equipment for a beauty salon or hair salon

Among the products from our store you will also find accessories that will complement the equipment of the reception area. Among the given equipment and gadgets are containers for small items, disposable cleaning products or cosmetic gadgets. We also have other furniture, including cosmetic desks with work surfaces and canisters. They look twinned in sets with the reception desk. Thus, they are not only kept in the same color, but are an inseparable set. You can order a whole set of furniture with a barber or beauty reception desk, or individual pieces. A good, economical solution will be to systematically replenish the whole with more pieces. Plan an impressive decor for your own salon and match it with stylish Gabbiano or Vento Pro pieces. Designers of both companies have taken care of a large selection of the most important furniture for beauty salons.

Gabbiano and Vento Pro furniture - equipment classics in our catalog

All the furniture in our offer comes from companies supplying exclusively professional establishments in the Wellness&Beauty industry. This means that after ordering you will find a supply of equipment with increased durability. Intensive use has been included in the tasks of the products in question. Only durable equipment for special tasks goes from our store to beauty salon owners. In addition to functionality, they are distinguished by impeccable appearance - these are truly designer designs. With them you can decorate your office in Scandinavian, Parisian or glamour style. Gabbiano and Vento Pro brands are well-known in beauty and spa establishments around the world. Compare our offer and decide on the reception furniture that has caught your eye.

Reception desk for beauty and hair salon in designer style

Have you already chosen the interior style of your salon? Make sure that the chairs, bookcases, stools or hookers match well with the reception counter. On our store's website you will see how many possibilities there are for buying the given furniture. Their appearance may inspire you to further search for your own charme. A well-conceived reception desk does not have to take up a lot of space at all, especially in intimate studios. Small square footage does not have to mean giving up a reception desk with a real touch. See to it that clients have somewhere to make an appointment or pay for the service performed. Decorate your salon with taste! Create an atmosphere in it that will suit your tastes, and at the same time provide comfort to your clients.

Get to know the details of the offer - cosmetic reception desks in the Leopard store

Note: You still haven't decided whether it should be a glamour reception desk with a lacquered top? Or something kept in a more subdued color? Call the Leopard store and take advantage of the offer of a free consultation. We will be happy to inform you about technical parameters and color version. We will also provide you with details of the financing of the offer and terms of free delivery. We offer the option of fixed deliveries, thanks to which you will gain access to manufacturers' promotions and news alerts. We supply equipment, accessories, materials and cosmetics to large salons and small beauty salons. See how you can complete a full furnishings and equipment for your establishment at the Leopard store.