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Gummie Fresh - Glaming the nail plate at a high level

Every dry process requires moisture - in the case of a nail freezer, a rubber freezer is responsible for this.The most delicate end glows, polers and blows the shaped nails.It is used both for the transmission of the final natural plates, as well as acrylic charging.In the case of curved and curved plots, the type and plastic purification are counted - the soft freezers for freezers are not completely smooth.Try the set corresponding to the final manicure flash in your performance.

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Rubber mills are responsible for the final effect

Manufacture from materials of any heading it's the most delicate of the milling machines. The individual tools do not have a smooth surface and differ in conciseness and grain. They're usually made of silicones with different properties, so each one guarantees slightly different effects. As for rubber milling, the use of the tip of this type applies to:
  • smoothing
  • polishing
  • glossary
the nails. The effect obtained depends on the granularity of the rounded cone or cylinder. Most products can be used both to smooth the surface of natural nail plate and acrylic liners and extensions. Slightly different, the manufacturer's job description should have a mill for smoothing and polishing leather, but in practice it often turns out that the versatility of professional products allows one rubber finish to be used for all these treatments.

See our range of rubber mills

We invite you to explore our offer of professional rubber mills and milling machines. I 'm going . They will be used both in specialist offices and in home nail care and styling kits. We only offer tested replacement parts whose manufacturers provide comprehensive product characteristics. This allows us to advise and help our customers in choosing the right kit. If you are using a particular product, remember or write down its catalogue mark - with this information, we can attach the appropriate equipment to your order.

Rubber pedicure mill with guaranteed best results

High-quality rubber tips are used for both manicure and pedicure. They are also used in podiatric clinics to repair deformed, disfigured or damaged nails. After deeply penetrating the nail plate and its surroundings, it's time to give the nail a healthy, aesthetic appearance rubber milling machines to gradually achieve a smooth surface. It is preferable to use grading, using a thicker mill to smooth the unevenness and to polish the soft end with less porosity. In the case of a pedicure or a manicure, the polish effect can take the place of styling if you want your nails to look natural. The skillful use of professional products results in effects that radically change the appearance of the nails, so that customer satisfaction translates into better well-being and a higher opinion of one's own appearance.

Rubber mill for leather or nail - precision finishing effect

Professional rubber milling requires skillful use. Products with different parameters should be used with great sensitivity, and the stylist must pay close attention to the pressure and processing time. Importantly, the following principles should be observed:
  1. Always choose a finish that matches the desired effect: leveling, smoothing or polishing.
  2. Use moderate pressure.
  3. After several grinds, put the rubber mill away and check the effect.
  4. Make sure the high-granular rubber mill does not thin the nail plate.
Attention to detail and the right dose of precision plus rubber milling high quality ensure an excellent final treatment of the nail plate and skin. Sign up for regular deliveries to your office - we offer regular customers products at promotional prices. If your basket is empty, do not hesitate to add the necessary products. Free delivery of products applies when ordering products for PLN 250.