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Heater in the pocket

Heat depilation is still a pleasantly used method of ovulation regulation.For the preparation of the procedure, a heater to the wax in the pot will be used.The liquid material requires a little more time than the modern wheels in plastics.However, it guarantees a certain maintenance of the Italians, getting to the smallest of them.The accuracy of processing and safety of the Customer requires heating and utrining the substance at the right temperature.Take care of a functional device to solve the content of the bottle.

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Functional wax heater

The method of hot waxing is very simple. It's about getting the wax to the right temperature and covering the hair with it. Once the substance is frozen and removed, even the tiniest hairs should disappear from the skin surface. Professional cosmetic wax comes in several forms. A semi-liquid can is often chosen for convenience. Before use, you must dilute it by heating. A tin can is the best and safest way to get rid of excess hair. The round shape of the portable heater can matches the cosmetic products of specific companies. Therefore, if you decide to buy the equipment, you should aim to supplement the same brand of cosmetics. For example. ActiveShop Pro Wax for 400 ml and 500 ml cans of the same brand is a kind of kit. Similarly, Starpil hair removal wax heaters are best supplemented with Titanium or Gold Oro packaging. They are available in 400, 500 or 800 ml.

How does a can heater work?

The professional products in Leopard's catalogue were created in the workshops of leading cosmetics companies. They combine reliability with ease of use. Therefore, they can be used both in the beauty parlour and at home. Regardless of their size and capacity, they have a short heating time. Wax heater it has a semi-liquid consistency and can take different shapes. Most models have a fixed base and a movable heating can. The round inner container fits the mold canned. I 'm going . All you have to do is start the equipment and wait for the temperature to reach 40-50 degrees. C. After removal of the moving part, the wax is ready for use. Our specialist hair wax heaters are made of solid materials. They come with a manufacturer's warranty and usually come with a free shipping option.

Starpil or ActiveShop ProWax — can or universal

The round shape of the wax cans makes the heating equipment also round. A container of cosmetics looks aesthetically pleasing and professional. You can choose your type from many color options. You'll find it in one of the colors that go with beauty salon decorations, like lily or moose. If you'd prefer the classics, bet on a silver case with black accessories. Regardless of convention, the heater will easily blend in with the decor. An important part of the device is the thermostat knob. It allows you to select the ideal temperature for your sensitivity and skin type. The compact design and ease of use make it quick and easy to prepare. It will raise the level of professionalism in the beauty parlour and enrich the catalog of services.

Is heater wax safe to use?

Automatic temperature control is also a great way to incorporate waxing into your home beauty routines. ActiveShop Pro Wax with a can is machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material perfect for beginners. It allows you to focus on properly removing the mask from the body. Use of Starpil and Pro Wax it's 100% safe. The function of maintaining the proper temperature allows the application without fear of burning. The correct temperature is also an indication that the contents of the can have reached the correct consistency. It reaches a semi-liquid state where it does not leak out of the scalp. It's also not too stiff to reach the smallest hair. Heating the can for the eye significantly prolongs the procedure. Buy special of a kind used in motor vehicles and get rid of the excess hair. This also applies to the problem areas of the chin, mustache, and bikini area, although you can shave all parts of your body.

Ask for the can waxes from the iLeopard catalogue

Ask about waxing machines at a major online wholesaler with articles of apparel and clothing accessories. I 'm going . We only offer products designed for professional use. You'll find both heaters and a special can of wax ready to heat. Manufacturers of hair removal devices make them reliable and easy to use. We guarantee their reliability ActiveShop and Starpil ensure smooth operation for a long time. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact our experts — we will be happy to answer them and advise you on how heater i can choose. For the beauty salon professionals who do a lot of procedures, we have 800ml can equipment. For home use, smaller 400 ml and 500 ml melt containers are preferable.

Contracts with bonus options

Well-known cosmetic companies that offer hair removal treatments are always welcome. If you order regular supplies of waxing materials and other accessories, we offer free delivery of the goods. We also have bonus offers and promotional information. For the purchase of cosmetic devices, installment schemes are payable. You can also choose the form of home delivery or pick-up point: InPost, Frobka or Poczta Polska. Professional cosmetics from our online catalogue are not available in online pharmacies and supermarkets. Thanks to the excellent offer, you will also get hair removal products and equipment at the manufacturer's favourable prices. Plus, you'll order them with delivery to your destination. Take advantage of Leopard's offer and learn about the benefits of functional hair removal devices.