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Artificial eyelashes — cones with a natural eye patch effect

Applying artificial eyelashes is a simple and effective way to make your makeup look attractive. By skillfully attaching the knobs or eyelash on the waist you can create styling with a unique eye frame. It's a task worth entrusting to a professional stylist. However, it is not complicated to make eyelashes thicken in this way. At the Leopard cosmetics wholesale, you'll find a wide selection of artificial eyelashes. The eyelashes are available in different sizes. We recommend the products of the best companies in the Wellness & Beauty industry.

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What kind of eyelashes are best for a unique make-up?

Among the eyebrow accessories, there are various types of eyelashes. The most commonly usedoily eyelashes — pimples they lengthen and thicken natural hair. They are easy to mount and are fitted with a special it's eyelash glue. It's also used to tighten the lashes on the waist. It's a complete eye patch that you can put on and take off many times. Other products include magnetic artificial lashes. You wear it like a one-night stand. They're attached without glue. After using elegant makeup, you can immediately remove the artificial eyelashes and return them to their natural state.

Artificial eyelashes — natural plastic eyelashes. Choose what?

We recommend eyebrow glue-bound products from the best in the business. We guarantee perfect fastening and a beautiful effect! These products are used to lengthen and thicken, and their use contributes to impressive makeup. Eyelashes may be made of natural or artificial hair. In our catalogue you will find, among others:. artificial eyelashes — lumps of the series MAVI The lashes. These premium accessories are made from the most delicate mink fur. You may also want to try the industry classics, such as Ardell (Ispie Wonderland Lash) and Ibra. In our store, you'll only order artificial eyelashes designed for a professional eyebrow.

Artificial eyelashes MAVI The lashes. Eyelashes fitted to the eyelid edges

In the category of artificial eyelashes, we offer ready-made kits in hand-held cases. It's a perfect proposition for beauty salons. Ready-to-wear eyelashes of varying lengths, attached to glue, create a unique make-up. With a simple application, it's a proposition for any of you ladies who care about your own visa. Beautiful false eyelashes made of mink and synthetic hair will make the effect "wow!"

Artificial lashes — buckles or strap restraints MAVI Lashes and other

Ocular prostheses with artificial lashes on the strap or in bunches MAVI Lashes, Ibra or Ardell? It's an excellent alternative to mascara! The eyelashes thicken and lengthen the eyelid edges, helping to create a dazzling make-up. Belt lashes provide support for people with rare and weak natural lashes. Eyelash curlers work like cosmetics to thicken and optically lengthen eyelashes. Choose one of the products and bet on the dazzling eyelashes from the Professional series.

Eyebrow glue? Is that safe?

In addition to buttons and belts, we also recommend other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . The most important product is a specialized adhesive, which must be both strong and delicate. Donegal products, Ardell or MAVI are designed for professional use. Good eyelash glue must be durable, dry quickly and safe for hair and skin. All products in the "False Lashes" category guarantee an excellent effect. For those with sensitive skin , we recommend magnetic lashes on the belt . They give you a stunning effect without the need for glue.

Get to Know Unique Products MAVI

MAVI Lashes offers the highest quality eyelashes for uncompromising stylists. The moisture-resistant artificial eyelashes — eyelashes and lashes on the strap are a great way to enhance the unique eye frame. Customer reviews indicate that the eyelash is comfortable to wear after applying the eyelash curler. They do not involve the feeling of having "an alien body" or the fear of losing their own hair. Another advantage of the product is its natural matching to natural lashes. The whole is accompanied by the effect of a flexible, smooth eyelid decoration. Artificial eyelashes combined with natural framing create dense, intense fans. It's easy to attach to your eyelids, so you can model anything make-up. I 'm going . We also recommend excellent products for laminated eyelashes .

Try the false eyelashes from Leopard

We recommend wearing fake lashes on your waist and in your eyebrows. Our offer is distinguished by the highest quality of wool, a large selection and a reasonable price. Eyelashes and band ornaments MAVI Lashes, Ardell or Ibra were designed for professional use. It's the best guarantee of the end result. You'll be able to create a successful eyelash binding using products from our catalog. Please place your order for ribbons and lashes!