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Darsonval - support for your pear

In the Health & Beauty industry, the use of darsonval devices has spread.How does this equipment work and is it completely safe for people undergoing the operation?In our offer we have a wide range of professional products to perform darsonvalization.With the use of the Darsonval Derma Wand pen or other versions, you will use the Darsonval currents on your own and you will feel the positive effects of using high frequencies on your own.

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What is Darsonval?

The darsonval method is named after the discoverer of the applications of high-frequency current in contact with living cells. Its tradition goes back to quite ancient times, associated with the beginnings of modern beauty technology. At the end of the 19th century, Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval found that very high-frequency current (more than 300 kHz) does not harm cells. Today, Darsonval devices use currents with these characteristics to stimulate tissue. The treatment is accompanied by the transfer of heat and the generation of ozone, which results in many beneficial phenomena within the skin and epidermis. Therefore, the Darsonval device is used to achieve various cosmetic effects.

What does darsonvalization consist of?

When we touch the tip (pelota) of the body, a pulse in the form of an electrical discharge comes out of the device. Necessarily, it must be a high-frequency current, which is completely safe for the skin, which is important especially in the delicate facial area. The device converts electrical energy into heat in the form of lightning-fast strokes of thermal waves. During the treatment, the equipment produces ozone, which itself exhibits disinfecting effects. Its known bactericidal properties cleanse the skin of microorganisms. By the way, in the microskins under the influence of heat, blood circulation improves, whose increased circulation stimulates the tissue to derive further processes involving the lymphatic system, as well as to increase the production of natural collagen or distribution of lipids supplied in the form of dermocosmetics. In our wholesale store, in addition to the latest models of darsonvalization accessories, you will find a large selection of specifics that can efficiently support the stimulation with microcurrents.

Darsonval currents

How exactly do high kHz currents work? The device takes advantage of their instantaneous ability to transform into heat energy. High temperature means the expansion of cells, ca as a result, whole vessels and pores. This creates super effective conditions for stimulating a variety of physiological processes. These include:

  1. natural blood and lymph circulation revitalizing the complexion,
  2. secretion of collagen and lipids responsible for skin firmness and smoothing wrinkles,
  3. widening of pores and reduced sebum secretion,
  4. inhibition of acne lesions, also through deep skin disinfection with ozone.

So many benefits for the face in one treatment - it's hard to find another such versatile device that stimulates the skin to increased activity. Darsonvale available in our offer is distinguished by its easy application and super efficiency when it comes to treatments carried out also at home. With us you will find your equipment, with the help of which you will strengthen your complexion, scalp and, consequently, hair. Darsonval proves itself in practice, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of our contractors, who perform several treatments each day using the Darsonval Derma Wand and other professional equipment. Darsonval currents have never been so close to average users - today you can use them safely with professional products from innovative studios around the world.

Effects of Darsonvalization

It takes a lot of space to list all the effects of using a Darsonval device. It's an impressive list, but it's worth mentioning some of the most important effects. Darsonvals act directly on cells in the deepest layers of the epidermis. Their use increases the absorption of ingredients in cosmetics, the most important of which are those with regenerative and health-promoting effects. During exposure to Darsonval currents, cells warm up and expand, stimulating readiness for increased metabolism. This is also great news for those with hair loss. Massage with Darsonval currents strengthens hair follicles and counteracts their excessive weakening. Among other cosmetic effects, it is worth mentioning the regulation of sebum secreted from facial pores. After several treatments, acne fades until it eventually disappears, and the new look is enough as a comment better than a thousand reviews on social media. The other effects that the Darsonval device brings? Here they are:

  • rejuvenates the skin,
  • has analgesic, bactericidal and disinfectant effects,
  • accelerates hair growth,
  • smooths wrinkles,
  • closes and smooths pores,
  • shows anti-aging effects,
  • has a stimulating effect on the whole body,
  • increases tactile stimuli,
  • eliminates under-eye bruises and facial puffiness,
  • promotes healing of herpetic lesions.

Cosmetic darsonval - how to use it?

The Darsonval device has an interchangeable tip (pelota). It can be replaced while the product is in use. Its shape will allow you to match the beneficial application of the equipment to the treatment area. The original shape depends on the manufacturer, but the pelota is always operated with four types of tips:

  • comb - for stimulation of hair follicles,
  • mushroom - to disinfect the skin,
  • spoon - for cleansing hard-to-reach areas (such as the edges of the nose),
  • pelota-tube - point massage.

With each of the pelotas we perform a gentle massage or point application of Darsonval currents. When choosing a device, it is worth paying attention to products equipped with a set of electrodes or take care to select the tip that you will use most often when working with the device.

Can Darsonval be applied to hair?

Darsonvale is not just for massaging and stimulating the face. The scalp also shows an excellent response to stimulation with +kHz currents. The Health&Beauty industry is eager to use available Darsonvale-type devices to help those struggling with excessive hair fall. The new method uses the effect of frequency on opening and closing hair follicles. Similar to facial pore closure, the visible results of strong hair are caused by closing the areas where the follicles reside. With the help of advanced cosmetic procedures using a super effective product, the dermocharacteristics of a particular person's hair can be dramatically changed. The use of a comb tip, antiseptic ozone and heat acting on micro-holes in the skin are the circumstances that make this treatment very effective. Explore the devices available in our offer and choose a universal set with interchangeable tips to stimulate your skin to smooth wrinkles, strengthen your hair or visibly reduce acne on your face. Our store has the complete equipment you need to carry out an effective treatment at home or under the guidance of a specialist in a beauty salon.

Darsonval Derma Wand - a simple derma treatment device

Derma Wand is a portable Darsonval device even created for use at home. Convenient handle connected directly to the network four classic pellets, used as needed (mushroom, comb, spoon, tube) - here is an indispensable cosmetic device useful for any person who cares about his appearance and wants to smooth out even the deepest wrinkles. In addition, you will find in the set a unique technology - glass electrodes, extremely friendly to your skin, which will make the treatment prove to be extremely effortless. Great results of using Derma Wand are confirmed not only by tests and interest of beauty salon specialists, but also by reviews of satisfied individual users. This is modern, ergonomic equipment, suitable for both professionals and people on their own who care about aesthetic appearance.

High-frequency currents in safe application

You don't have to worry about safety. Powerful current does not mean voltage or intensity, only wave frequency. Note that the great achievements brought by the darsonvalization treatment are noted in all cases, without specifying the scale of risks. You can safely use the skin treatment with the appropriate pellet both at home and in a beauty salon, depending on your preference. However, in the opinion of many people, Darsonvale is a super piece of equipment that raises self care of skin and hair to a new level. With conscious use and a bit of manual skill, you can easily perform microcurrent massages that will accelerate positive processes deep in the tissues.

Derma Wand, or Darsonval at home

Note the compact size that the device has. The entire mechanism fits into an ergonomic handle that is only slightly larger than a sonic toothbrush. All in an effort to make it easier to access the effects produced by darsonvalization. Treatment to help eliminate acne or smooth out wrinkles is a big draw of this super equipment. Pay attention to the reviews and find a new way for everyone to have a beautiful complexion. You will order any darsonvalization device on the pages of our online wholesaler - for regular customers there is a promotion: favorable price and free delivery. Check us out and ask about all options related to the purchase and use of Darsonvale .

Darsonvale in iLeopard's offer - good price and free delivery

We have prepared for you a rich set of stationary and mobile devices for carrying out current treatments with a frequency of more than 3000 kHz. Our darsonvale come exclusively from companies developing equipment for professionals. The models in our range are in operation in many cosmetic establishments and are responsible for the effective provision of services there. Therefore, we can recommend our products with the option of favorable prices and prompt delivery. We offer sets with a set of universal tips for solving specific cosmetic and dermatological problems. Electrodes of proven shape functionally support those performing the procedure with their intuitive fit to body parts and ergonomic shape. For larger orders or fixed delivery options, we present promotional pricing and zero delivery costs. Order your new Darsonvale equipment from a specialized online store with a guarantee of effective use.