PB nails gel - perfectly built nails

PB’s offer is not just hybrid lakes.The manufacturer offers manicure products in the gel method.The construction type specifications with the gel consistency are used to build from the foundation of the nail plate.You can apply other layers of hybrid styling on it or leave it in a natural shade.The PB Nails building gel is easily applied and works perfectly with other cosmetics.Try Construction Gel Perfect Pink PB and enjoy the perfectly drawn nails!

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In search of the perfect PB product

Which building gel from the PB catalog will be the best? In the gel method, the selection of layers is important for the final effect and cosmetic skills. It is also important whether the extended nail will have an additional decoration. You can choose cosmetics with a gel coating. Another option is to cover the nail with a transparent PB gel and paint it with a hybrid varnish.

PB Nails - jelly from a rich collection

The brand offers several types of gel cosmetics. The base gel PB, available in 10g bottles and 15g jars, will be used as a styling base. A simpler, more transparent cosmetic will make it easier to apply more layers. It's characterized by remarkable adhesion to the ground. Other types in our catalogue include:. The following:

  • self-leveling PB Building Gel Perfect Pink or thicker Construction Gel
  • a PB camouflage gel - Perfect Cover,
  • poly (ethylene terephthalate), containing by weight:,
  • pB French Exclusive White gel,
  • this is PB Painting decorative gel.

How PB Nails Gel works in combination with other branded cosmetics

A gel construction layer with PB specifications should be applied to the Base Gel PB. It's the best way to fix a built-in nail. The transparent PB-building gels are decorated with a hybrid lacquer and top. All the brand's cosmetics perfectly overlap and hide during styling. And then there's the decorative gels PB Nails Paint Gel we offer a wide range of colours. Once applied, they only need to be secured with a top. French styling requires a two-stage application of a PB building gel (e.g. Pink Cover or Sculpture Cover) and a finish (e.g. Exclusive White).

Choose PB Nails Paint Gel from Leopard cosmetics

In our store you'll find manufacture from materials of any heading, an excellent decorative gel and PB building gels to create inspiring stylings. If you're a manicurist, your best bet is PB Easy Way super gel with shape memory. All kinds of cosmetics are available in 10g bottles and 15g jars. We also have large packages of 50g PB Nails Paint Gel and other products. By adding PB decorative gels to your basket, you can be sure that they will be reliable and durable compared to typical PB products. Choose any collection and type of PB gel for effective hand styling. With these cosmetics, you can create completely different nail decorations every time.