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Pedicure Brush - an Innocent Element for the Cosmetic Office

Are you planning to open or open a cosmetic salon?Fantastic that we can help you in this.In a time of such a great variety of equipment and cosmetics, choosing the right, professional and customer-friendly is a great challenge.Our wholesale has been accompanying cosmetic salons for years and helps them choose the equipment that will serve for many years.We look at the current trends and listen to the suggestions of demanding customers.Know our offer.

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What kind of services? Hand and foot care, waxing or facials?

Before you begin to furnish your salon, consider what services it will provide. The right plan is the key to choosing the right equipment. The choice of devices should be suggested by dividing them into categories: body care and face, foot and hand care. This will ensure that the equipment is effectively adapted to the actual needs of the salon and the services offered. Professional spa, beauty or cosmetic practices place great emphasis on complying with all health and safety rules, especially those concerning sterility. Disinfection and sterilization are essential elements that should be kept in every living room. To make this process work properly, it is a good idea to have a cosmetic autoclave in which to disinfect all cosmetic equipment, tools, and accessories used in the workplace during treatments or hair removal.

Cosmetic furniture, such as cosmetic armchairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, or stools, will also be necessary. However, the most important and actually essential part of any beauty salon is the place where you can perform a comprehensive foot and hand massage. At this point, no doubt, attention should be paid to the need to provide the cabinet with a magnifying glass, UV lamps, hybrid manicure kits, depilatory products. Salons should also be equipped with other nail care items needed by nail stylists.

There's one more important piece of equipment that you can't run a professional beauty parlour without, and that's pedology, or just foot care! There is a very wide range of these products on the market, which differ not only in terms of manufacture, material but also in price. But we'll talk about that in a minute.

Footwear with outer soles of rubber or plastics

When decorating an office, you should focus on the most important elements that will make up the unit. They should look exclusive, be comfortable and serve their purpose. The sophisticated range of our pedicure products includes a wide range of foot care devices, including pedicure tubs and pedicure beads. These are a variety of models that can be easily adapted to the requirements of a particular beauty salon. They differ not only in size but also in function, so it is worth reading the description of each product before buying.

Pedicure chin - popular models offered in our store:

A blue pedicure with a massage and a wheelchair.

This model has the ability to maintain temperature. There is also a wooden, sturdy and perfectly finished wheelbase, which greatly facilitates mobility. The pedicure pedicure on wheels at our company is available as soon as you place your order, and the price is very competitive with the market.

A pedicure pedicure, white and plain

It's a neat model that you use to wet your feet before your pedicure. It's very convenient and functional for the client and the pedicure. The strong stable structure was made of steel. Additionally, wheels are fitted to make it easy to move the beam. It's a pretty versatile model - it fits most bowls and a pedicure bowl with hydromassage.

White pedicure brace with adjustable height

It's a model that's used to wet the legs before a pedicure. It's very convenient for a client and a pediatrician. What's more, it has a fluid adjustable height pedicure bowl. In addition, it can be adjusted to any seat height for comfort. In addition, a soft upholstery has been installed on the base of the beard on which the customer can rest her leg. The price of a pedicure bar with adjustable height is very attractive.

Camille has a pedicure beard

It's a bug that has a stable cabinet on wheels. It is made of high-quality, high-gloss MDF, which makes it look extremely elegant. It also has a shelf for towels or pedicure supplies. There's no bowl in the kit, but you can buy it separately. So is a foot massage. Pedicure chin with adjustable height is very practical. Taking care of your feet with them is a real treat.

Pedicure foot bath USA

It's the first pedicure device with a hidden cable. Misa was made of a lightweight but very durable material. The Footsie bath is the most efficient foot spa on the market with ultrasonic vibration and a built-in heater. It's got a multifunctional foot massager. The cosmetic mixture is made of a durable material and at the same time is very light, which makes it easy to move and empty. The device is not intended for use by children. It looks incredibly aesthetic.

Choose equipment that will last you many years, and these are definitely the ones presented above. A price is assigned to each product, along with a description to help you choose.

A bathtub for the chin, pedicure bowl, massage products, plus the necessary accessories

When equipping a pedicure stand, one must not forget the essential furniture, which is a cosmetic pedicure chair. We highly recommend this model, not only because it has a comfortable, up-and-down seat, a wooden pedicure pedestal, and a height-adjustable footrest, which is incredibly convenient. The seat and the footrest are made of high-quality eco-score. But it's also a model that's incredibly aesthetic. And impressing a client is a big success.

Remember, when you buy a pedicure pedicure, you'll also need to pay for it. Accessories are also available from our online shop. We try to make sure that every client can have their office fully equipped. We'll also be happy to advise you what components you'll need to set it up. These are, for example:

  1. a pedicure is a simple and hygienic procedure. They'll definitely make the job easier. And the price isn't much of a barrier.
  2. the disposable bag. This product eliminates the need to move the entire bowl from the sink to where it was previously treated. It fits easily under all standard taps.
  3. a footstool bowl is the least sophisticated but indispensable item in any foot salon. It's for wetting your feet before surgery. It's very convenient for a client and a pediatrician.
  4. pedicure bath with and without height adjustment

Pedicure bath trolley

In beauty salons that have a pedicure tub without wheels, a special bath trolley will be indispensable. The equipment and accessories that we present to you are characterized by high quality, durability, are recommended by renowned beauty salons that rely on them. The price is very attractive. They're well suited for professional use. every pedicure rod has a warranty.