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Stainless powder absorber - the ideal way to deal with the problem with dust after sliding your nails

At the manicure position, more than 100 nails are scratched daily.In order not to drown into the cloud of dust, it is worth buying in the cosmetic office a dust absorber.This saving solution completely eliminates the problem.It does not require any repairs or general repairs.The models available in our offer absorb at least 99% of pollution.Check which of them will best fit your desk.

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What's the easiest way to solve the problem of the dust in the manicure stand?

Efficient other, not further worked than hot-rolled it's a necessary device in the office, just like lamps. I 'm going . Many people choose special manicure tables for this purpose. They have a built-in dust collector. It's an excellent option for someone who's just setting up an office. What if the problem comes from an existing site? You can use it for a manicure and pedicure. other, not further worked than hot-rolled dust For Shemax or Promed It's Nailfan. Contrary to the name, it can also be placed near the sole of the foot when styling the toenails. However, the name of the equipment means, among other things, that it is portable. You can take it with you wherever there's someone waiting for beautiful nails. Mobile device it takes up little space, is lightweight and very effective.

Just the thing for a mobile manicurist!

In our offer you will find equipment for a bag with accessories or a device for a small desk. The key properties are dimensions and weight. For example, inflatable other, of circular cross-section Shemax The Style V-Pro XS is two inches tall. It weighs 800 g and is no larger than the proportion of an average UV LED lamp. It's a little heavier ActiveShop PIK W-2 (1,2 kg) - white device with foam casing. Its profile is similar to the shape of a lamp. As a result, only two large fans can distinguish the two devices at a glance.

A device you can just set up on the counter!

What cosmetic equipment should be in a manicurist's workplace? I 'm sure uV lamp ICE for the curing of a hybrid manicure. Most of us can't imagine working without a milling machine with interchangeable ends. There are also small accessories, such as a pair of pliers, a pair of scissors, and a pair of scissors. It's the machining that creates the problem with the spinning bits. Modeling the nail plate and the epidermis results in a large amount of dust particles with epidermal residue. Floating clouds are undesirable because:

  • creates significant discomfort for both the beautician and the clients,
  • may contain allergens and microbes dangerous to the body,
  • sitting on the furniture and the floor, ruining the professional aura of the living room,
  • it sticks to the newly laid hybrid paint and makes styling difficult.

The solution is very simple! Install appropriate equipment in addition to the lamp and grinder. Method of operation other, not further worked than hot-rolled it's not much different than a fan. Add a stationary dust collector to the basket and say goodbye to the white sediment on the countertop. We're offering a proven Promed Nailfan, Shemax Pro, the economical ActiveShop Wind 585 and many other models. Any one of these will instantly solve the dust problem in your living room.

A bulbous dust collector in your beauty parlour

In our range you will find both fans and bagless air filters. Both solutions are different and equally effective ways to deal with dust in the salon. The difference lies in the handling — in the first case the filled bags must be replaced, in the second — the used filters. Note that the use of a surface absorber it's no different than working with a vacuum cleaner or a kitchen filter. In our range, you will find nail cleaners of various shapes. You can also choose the appropriate color — white or metallic to match the new element to your living room decor. For the more demanding, we have very low-noise models. Quiet work is a prerequisite for comfort on the job. It is also worth considering how to get the best results with two- or three-winders. Regardless of preference and choice of equipment manufacture from materials of any heading and pedicure from the Leopard you'll get good results.

The dust collector shall be placed next to the UV LED lamp

The best nail polishers work quietly and efficiently. The filtered version is a little bit better in that respect. Are you planning on switching to a good milling machine with interchangeable ends? Make sure you add cosmetics to your must-have list - other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . Of the absolutely necessary manicure and pedicure devices, these two should go hand in hand. Do you use UV LEDs for a hybrid in the comfort of your own home? Then, too, strive for clean styling — beautiful nails free of all-purpose dust. Besides, you'll get furniture without white settling, eyes without pinching, breath without biting scratches. Eventually, you'll be able to approach manicures and pedicures the way you like with a great deal of pleasure.

Clean salon with manicure equipment from iLeopard

The entire iLeopard catalogue is full of inspiration for manicurists. You'll find the right ones living room furniture, suitable for expert equipment. How can you keep your facility clean and clean? The key is to maintain order and hygiene every day. Cleaning should be the norm in the workplace. Before the next customer sits at the counter, the place should be hygienically clean. Cosmetic procedures should be performed with disinfected or sterilized tools. Other, of circular cross-section to the nail For Shemax it's a reliable piece of equipment that will complete this list. You can also choose the version Promed Nailfan, Azzurro or ActiveShop Wind. It's easy to order any model from us and you get free shipping on most devices. We also offer cosmetic accessories and equipment at good prices. You can also choose alternative payment methods:

  • a transfer from an account,
  • payment by card,
  • payment on collection,
  • i'm going to get married.

Pay as you see fit. Remember to get regular supplies from a specialist. Shipping charges are waived for purchases over $250. You can expect delivery within 48 hours, absolutely free.