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Hartmann armor for critical wounds

The materials used to treat Hartmann's wounds have enjoyed excellent reviews over the years. This applies both to the practitioner and to the patient. On the one hand, the company supplies highly specialised products (Hydrotac, Hydrocoll, Cosmopor) to help heal the most difficult wounds. On the other hand, — supplies the market with high-quality patches, adhesives, compresses. I want you to meet the offer brands and order her bandages from Leopard!

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HARTMANN PEHA HAFT 4 cm x 4 cm - For all types of compresses and supplies

Indications :   To fix all kinds of compresses and supplies, especially on the joints or head.To quickly protect small injuries and scratch.   Characteristics :   Economic - it is already enough for a few stairs to safely and permanently strengthen the supply; Comfortable - single wheels don't...

Price 8.50 zł

HARTMANN OMNIFIX E 10 x 10 cm - Clamps for fixing


Application To fix and cover the entire surface of the coating; ideal for fixingcells on the joints, round and cozy body frequencies;to attach measurement instruments, sonds, indicators, etc. Character Economic version of Omnifix elastic;It retains the excellent properties of the Omnifix elastic...

Price 22.00 zł

HARTMANN PEHA HAFT 6 cm x 4 cm - For all types of compresses and supplies

PEHA-HAFT 6cm x 4m To maintain all kinds of supplies, especially on the joints, curved and round parts of the body; to maintain exhausting materials, canils, etc. Characteristics of the product: A flexible, 85% stretch and cohesive properties;Thanks to the creeped peha-haft fabric, it has a...

Price 9.80 zł

HARTMANN GRASSOLIND Neutral 10cmx10cm - Grassolind, Yellow 1 st.

GRASSOLIND Neutral - Grassolind Neutral  A carpet for the care of wounds.The tiulous network with large eyelids enables easy flow of the secretion to the absorbing part of the cover.Butter provides the elasticity of the wound shores, preventing the attachment of the cover to the wound....

Price 4.99 zł

STULPA FIX size 1 - Flexible mesh sleeve for fixing finger dressings

HARTMANN STULPA FIX size 1 – the most convenient fixing of supplies. The flexible Hartmann Stulpa Fix grid gloves are used to maintain supplies of all kinds and sizes, especially on the joints, coronated and round parts of the body; to maintain the material that is exposed to pressure.Thanks to...

Price 46.00 zł

HARTMANN OMNIPLAST 2.5cm x 5m - clamp on the wheel

OMNIPLAST 2.5cm x 5m  Clamp on the wheel   Size 5 m x 12.5cm   Hypoallergenic traditional stick of viscosal fabric in body color. Covered with a coat of synthetic rubber applied with stripes; It transplants the air and the water pair, is friendly even to the sensitive skin. It is well attached,...

Price 9.99 zł

HARTMANN Hydrofilm 6cm x 7cm - specialized self-covered op.10 st

Hydrofilm Self-Cleaning Specialist Footwear - Package 10 PiecesAs a protection against secondary mechanical infection by dry, primarily heating wounds in the postcoring phase; to safeguard and attach the canils and cords; ideal for covering the Sorbagon supply on large, strongly heating wounds.It...

Price 37.90 zł

HARTMANN Soft-Zellin-C Compressed with Alcohol.

Compressed 70% with isopropyl alcohol; a plate made of delicate fiber (viscos and polyester). Note: The product is intended only for external use, not to be applied to the eyes and the mucus, under supplies and in children under 1 year old.

Price 26.00 zł

HARTMANN Hydrofilm 10cm x 15cm - specialized self-covered op.10 st

Hydrofilm Self-Cleaning Specialist Footwear - Package 10 Pieces As a protection against secondary mechanical infection by dry, primarily heating wounds in the postcoring phase; to safeguard and attach the canils and cords; ideal for covering the Sorbagon supply on large, strongly heating...

Price 79.99 zł

Leader among coatings manufacturers

Today the Hartmann brand is associated with innovative solutions for treatment of wounds. I 'm going . This applies even to the most difficult conditions. The company's unique expertise, accumulated over decades, helps create exceptional manufacture from materials of any heading. I 'm going . The aim of this entity is to achieve ever-better effects in wound treatment and stress therapy. Company policy focuses on developing new ways to heal wounds in children and adults. Each of the brand's wound dressings is designed to address a specific problem. The product catalogue includes dressings for wounds that are infected, scarred or have difficulty healing.

Hartmann armor akty active wound healing support

We offer a wide range of branded wound care products Hartmann. Other, of circular cross-section this company doesn't just offer patches and pads for general use. Specialised dressings are an important part of the range. It's used in surgeries and operating rooms. Experts say that they are an effective aid in the treatment of chronic, hard-to-heal wounds. These include:. The following:

  • hydroactive dressings (Hydrotac foam, Hydrocoll hydrocolloid dressings),
  • impregnated contact layers,
  • high absorption compresses,
  • cosmopor post-operative dressings (water resistant/transparent, absorbent and highly absorbent),
  • gas products (compresses, personal care products),
  • protective coatings (waterproof) plates and sheets in rolls, sports patches,
  • — retention nets and restraints, restraint bandages.

Paul Hartmann opened this chapter

The company, based in Heidenheim, Germany, was founded in the 19th century. Paul Hartmann, influenced by his son Arthur, who was a doctor, set out to produce completely new bandage materials. The breakthrough was the invention of bandage cotton and antiseptic gas. The company thus opened a new chapter in the history of medicine. Subsequent discoveries and innovations open up new possibilities for wound treatment and surgery. Today, products like. I have an excellent reputation among professionals.

Classics and news from the Hartmann lab in the podiatry office

A manufacturer of medical and hygiene products with a rich history that continues to supply the finest bandages. They are also useful in podiatric practice. We offer highly regarded Band-Aids, Band-Aids 10 x 10 in cm. All the products needed after the procedure are available in different pack sizes, with a guaranteed affordable price. We offer tried and tested stickers on rolls of various thicknesses and sizes. We offer classic rolls of 2.5 cm x 5 m. We also have thin, strong, spliced patches of size 4 x 4 and 6 x 4 in cm. In turn, a sticker to attach the Omnifix 10 x 10 cm can be easily adjusted to the required size. The offer is complemented by a transparent Hydrofilm self-adhesive bandage 6 x 7 10 cm each. Made of a semi-permeable polyurethane film, it protects even the most difficult wounds from reinfection.

Compressed Hartmann 10 x 10 and Cosmopor dressings

In podiatric practice, ready-made bandages on sterile gauze are particularly useful. Often only during the procedure, it is shown what kind of protection will be necessary. The self-adhesive version is offered by specialists at Hartmann. Take advantage of the good price and order specialized bandages with ointments and healing agents. You can order from us at a good price. The following:

  • a width of not more than 50 mm,
  • a width of not more than 30 mm,
  • cleaning flakes soaked in alcohol 100 pieces. ,
  • a tamponade made of soft fibres.

An essential material for foot treatments, such as removing ingrown toenails, is a sleeve-like bandage. In our offer, you'll get Stulpa Fix, an extremely stretchy and strong product to keep gas in your foot. We guarantee good prices, fantastic reviews and any number of pieces in a single order.

Check out all the products available at Leopard!

At the foot supply store, you'll find the materials you need before and after the procedure. The customers are very appreciative in immediate packings of a net content not exceeding 1 kg. I 'm going . For our regular partners, we have attractive prices and preferential delivery terms. That's how we get good reviews. With us, you'll be more comfortable and always up to date. We'll complete your set of bandages in time. Order the classic, tried-and-tested remedies you need after your podiatry procedures.