Sterilization of cosmetic tools

Nowadays, no one is questioning the hygiene standards that should be covered by facilities engaged in beauty improvement.Desinfection and sterilization in the cosmetic office is not only the necessary procedure for utrining the reputation of the plant and good opinion among customers, but also a requirement sanctioned by changes in the law.The new rules for the provision of cosmetic services impose on the salong workers who perform the sterilization of cosmetic tools the obligation to obtain special authorisations.

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Sporal "A" Chemical Test 1 pc.

Biological indicator of control of the steam-formaldehyde sterilization process DS-100   STOCK AND PROPERTY:   The indicator is shaped in the form of a bubble tape saturated with a bacillus stearothemophilus ATCC 7953 (for Form) and Bacillus Atrophaeus ATCC 9372 in one special paper packaging...

Price 8.50 zł

SteriMed One Bowie-Dick Test 134°C/3.5min 1 pc/box

Type 2 simulation test for daily checking of the correct operation of steam sterilizers. - Disposable, ready-to-use test pack - Controls steam penetration, removal of air, non-condensable gases, excessive humidity, steam overheating - Chemical indicator placed between the barrier (sheets of...

Price 16.90 zł