Oxygen infusion devices

Hyperbaric oxygen can bring active ingredients into the skin.For this purpose, oxygen infusion is used – a relatively new method in cosmetics.A special version of oxygen is applied to the face.It stimulates circulation and opens the tissue to dermokosmetics.The oxygen infusion device provides effects that can be compared to the procedure of mesotherapy or laser use.Try one of the innovative products available in our catalogue.

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Oxygen infusion: cosmetic treatments and complementary products

Natural rejuvenation of the skin? Try an oxygen infusion. A groundbreaking oxygen treatment in the lead role. A hyperbaric variation of the life element effectively cleanses the face. The effects of the procedure include smoothing the skin and tightening the tissue. Oxygenation products and equipment from innovative companies are also used to efficiently apply active ingredients. These include:

  • other, not further worked than cold-formed,
  • the vitamins,
  • the name and address of the manufacturer,
  • hyaluronic acid.

Our shop offers professional-edition cosmetic oxygen devices. We've got products for you from beauty salon suppliers. You will also choose the appropriate accessories for the procedure, if they are not included in the kit.

What are the effects of the oxygen?

Active skin regeneration, improved tissue firmness and fresh appearance are the result of a friendly and safe procedure. This is done using a special device. Oxygenation of the skin with hyperbaric oxygen produces effects in a relatively short time. Combined with its anti-aging properties, it lights up the skin and gives it a vital appearance. Oxygen infusion is offered by renowned cosmetic practices. The device can be used as part of a refresher or on its own. Remember two important rules. Ask a specialist for advice before starting your own application. In addition, use only appliances and other products of the approved brand.

Oxygen infusion: equipment and accessories

Apply oxygen to your face using a cosmetic device from a reputable company. At Leopard, we focus on professional cosmetic equipment. Mesotherapy, lasers or infusion oxygen systems require precision and safety. The equipment and accessories for these treatments must be of high quality.

Oxygen mask for infusion

This part equipment for treatment oxygen infusion it's kind of like the end of a ventilator. However, it differs from the device known in emergency medicine. The top of the mask does not adhere tightly to the oval, but covers the entire face. This ensures that the effects are evenly distributed on the skin. We offer oxygen masks as part of the product or sold separately as a supplement.


A necessary piece of equipment is application device dermo-cosmetics by means of an oxygen infusion. The stainless steel nozzle with built-in container is completely safe for faces. I 'm going . Like a laser or mesotherapy, it requires skill. In a professional beauty parlor, a procedure with this device produces a marked rejuvenation leather.

Hepa filter

As with many devices, a HEPA filter is required for clean air in the oxygen equipment. It must be replaced in accordance with the attached instructions. Wild to the skin of his face does not penetrate pollution, and oxygen infusion it's 100% safe.

Check out the oxygen machines at Leopard!

Oxygen infusion to faces it's quickly become one of the most popular treatments in beauty salons. It's a perfect complement to what we've known for years: mesotherapy, coagulation, laser. Oxidation products are an essential complement to the basic equipment. I 'm going . To regenerate and revitalize your facial skin, use professional equipment from our catalog.

Safe oxygen infusion: devices from ActiveShop in our catalog

Cosmetic products for facial skin require effective application. We highly recommend the ActiveShop oxygen machine. The treatment of hardening and lightening of the skin with this equipment produces visible results. Put it on oxygen infusion in the professional version – order the selected device with free shipping.