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Useful destillery - portable water destillery with temperature regulation

In the cosmetic and subological office, a water distillator is used.It is an indispensable equipment when you want to put on self-sufficiency.Distilled water is needed.for sterilization in autoclave and for many other applications.You can prepare it yourself with generally available water, without having to invest in the finished product.With an intense work in the salon it is just comfortable!Check out how to choose the equipment that fits your needs.

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Water distiller essential in the beauty parlour

What's the use distilled water in a beauty parlor? Water distillersthey're devices you'll be using surprisingly often! The demineralized version of H2O is not only useful for car batteries and iron. I 'm going . It'll work anywhere where a regular faucet could damage the deposited rock. You're gonna need it all the time. to:

  • other,
  • humidifiers and air ionizers,
  • dilution of alcohols and concentrates, e.g. for disinfection,
  • the operation of pressure coffee machines.

Of course, you can't refill these devices with water without the mineral compounds and other ingredients of the Mendeleev tablet. However decaying the internal hydraulics of the ionizer or the coffee machine can be inconvenient. If that doesn't convince you to buy some practical equipment LifeEnergy or Yeson, it will increase sterility. Water distillers our products are energy efficient and sustainable. As a major online cosmetics wholesaler with a professional offering, we guarantee the efficient and long-term operation of this equipment. Many people equip their homes with glass jar 4l 750 W for distillation of water. The neutral composition of the distillery water and its full compatibility with nature are thus appreciated.

Convenient capacity of 4 litres and easy operation

That's enough for the living room 4 litres water distiller with temperature control. In development engineers from LifeEnergy or Yeson will provide convenience and ease of use. Professional equipment can't fail, so we guarantee you'll be satisfied with it. Not to mention 100% demineralised water, which can then be safely used in salon equipment. It's worth finding a version with a plastic or glass jar. LifeEnergy or Yeson Steel+ may have an internal tank or an integrated condensing water container. Check the iLeopard catalogue and choose the one that best suits your office.

Temperature control — instantaneous water distiller

The standard water distiller for cosmetic purposes, is user-friendly. The device has a forced-air cooler. Unlike chemical methods, this is a natural method based on cooling and condensation. The individual components of the device are:

  • a container,
  • the inside of the warhead,
  • the viper,
  • the filter housing.

The resistance steel parts create a delicate, crystalline clean water, that leaves no sediment or stone. That's why it's best to make sure it's a temperature-controlled water still. Other lifeEnergy I distilleryyes, a 750W unit with a capacity of 4 litres consumes relatively little energy.

Find out what temperature-controlled distillers are available at the Leopard online store!

Each demineralization device LifeEnergy and the Yeson we offer is made of high-quality stainless steel. A practical solution will be a thickness of not more than 10 mm. I 'm going . When choosing a device for places such as your home or office, consider the thickness of the walls. It's a factor that determines longevity distillers. I 'm going . Temperature regulation increases efficiency and saves power. Plastic or glass jar provide convenient access to water at all times. We guarantee a safe and prompt delivery of the equipment you order.

Good price and quick delivery at our online store

4 litre 750 W water distiller we offer special prices from the manufacturer. The purchase of a water purifier includes free delivery. This will allow you to fill a glass jar distilled water in a very short time. Modern distillers it will supply your home and beauty parlour with clean water. Put your money on proven iLeopard equipment with a lifetime warranty. We also have very good terms of purchase and delivery for you. We also propose payment in installments. Choose delivery by courier, InPost ATM or pick-up at your nearest Frog. Check the availability of specialist products and ask our consultant for any questions.