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Diagnostic microscope — with camera or optical

The optimal tool for assessing the proper development of attitudes is diagnostic scope. I 'm going . It 's an indispensable piece of equipment in the podiatric office, for precise observation of the soles of the feet. The results of the study provide insight into the deformities needed to diagnose and treat leg disorders. In modern podiatry, there are various versions of a device that resembles a transparent pedestal. See what models of this product we offer at Leopard.

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Why is accurate foot diagnostics so important?

The basic diagnostic tool in podiatry is to identify problems that cannot be seen otherwise. This equipment is used to test the foot in young children during puberty. It can detect deformities attitude, which result in incorrect contact feet with a floor. In this way, the effect of irregular movements and posture on foot condition is investigated. Using a computer podoscope, an image of the sole with correct or incorrect clearance can be obtained. In this way, an orthopedist or podiatrist can detect flat feet, or so-called flat feet. the foot is hollowed out. In the practice of podiatry, the apparatus is used to locate a thickening of the skin. The reflected image is used to accurately locate the location and extent of the prints. The advantage of the study is its simplicity. To take advantage of the foot image:

  • check that the camera is placed on a flat, even surface,
  • turn on the power,
  • to ask the patient of a kind used in motor vehicles,
  • observe or record an image of the lower part of the foot.

After the test, it must be remembered to clean and disinfect the surface of the device. Each product is accompanied by a list of appropriate means, the use of which does not affect the optics.

Which device should I choose — classic with mirror reflection or RGB with camera?

The products available at the Leopard store are of two basic product versions. Classic models work on the principle of reflection. Using the distance between the base and the post, the outline of the sole is shown in the mirror under the feet. Subway evaluate during studies or archive it when using the device as a full HD camera. When you play back a video or a photo, you can see more detail. We also offer a computer version of the tool. This one product it allows you to do all kinds of image processing. Allows access to many automatic functions when measuring the parameters of the whole carcasses. I 'm going . All cameras are available in different versions and price ranges. It is useful to choose a version that allows access to the extent necessary for subject

Classical diagnostic scope

Lighting diagnostic podoscope it enables the image to be differentiated in many shades, thus achieving precise information. Coordination of reflection with bottom foot provides a clear image in a wide range of colours, such as green or purple. A simple version of the tool allows for early detection of behavioural defects in children and youth. The static examination provides the necessary images for diagnosis subcutaneous. I 'm going . You can see immediately that the contour matches the correct anatomical structure. It is particularly important for a foot specialist to identify changes in consistency carcasses, e. g. when manufacture from materials of any heading. I 'm going . You can see them clearly in the camera as darker spots and dots.

Computerized microscopes

Or you can use the many registration options and features measurements? What ? More precise testing is provided by specialised software in computerised version of the equipment. It allows for a more detailed diagnosis of the feet, heels, and toes. This includes accurate distance and angle measurements that can be performed manually or automatically. Types of diagnostic activities subject it determines them in advance, but it can also determine them during the study. Another advantage of more modern models is that they record research videos on the move. For example, a person standing on a pedestal may do squats. This will allow us to determine anomalies in the kinetics feet and find the cause of the disease.

Archival scope or scanner — main advantages

Each optical model is equipped with a change option colours with pilot. I 'm going . The archival version can record up to 30 frames per second. A variation of a classical podoscope is a foot scanner. This device works entirely digitally, providing an even more accurate image of the sole. It records all measurements and parameters: angles, axes, trigger points. The result is a complete model footwear on a scale of 1:1. This makes it possible to design and create corrective inserts from the scanner diagrams. Scanners are integrated with standard CAD spatial design software. They are capable of precisely matching the cartridge surface to the sole of a particular the patient.

What about a traditional diagnostic podoscope?

The advantage of the optical version is the ease of operation while maintaining the precision of the image. That's enough to make an accurate diagnosis of the abnormalities in the shape of the subluxation. It is worth making sure that other he had a thick enough and strong enough acrylic glass plate. The high maximum load indicated by the manufacturer will also allow the testing of people at different stages of obesity. You can also look at the lighting design. The use of fiber optics prevents glare and reflexes from occurring when the reflection is obtained. Coordination painting at a high level, provide an adequate view of the podiatrist's practice. All versions available on the market are in great demand. Their choice depends on how the practitioner wants to use monitoring in practice feet.

Ask about the product at the Leopard store!

Sub-scopes and scanners the foot is a popular tool in podiatry. Their use has many advantages in terms of advanced diagnostics. They assist in the design and application of insoles and loads on feet made to measure. Many of the data are coordinated by advanced models from the Leopard catalogue. We have prepared a rich set for you equipment different types. You can find something that fits the needs and specifics of a podiatric office. We are happy to cooperate with podiatric offices on a regular basis. We provide the necessary resources, new equipment and materials necessary for the work of specialists. We guarantee the highest level of supply, with products intended for professional use. We'll get you the diagnostic equipment you need for your podiatric practice.