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Comfort – not only for the patient

Of all the equipment used in the podological office, the podological foot is distinguished by functionality.Its use during the procedure on the legs significantly facilitates field exposure and increases comfort.This applies to both the patient and the person correctioning distortion and injury of the leg.A good podological leg distinguishes a solid foot base and a stable base.Choose a professional office equipment that will provide you with the best access to your feet.

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A podiatric must have

Experts say it 's a special one footrests it's an indispensable accessory during surgery. If you don't have a more advanced armchair in your office with the option to lift your legs, a footrest in the form of a padded, profiled cushion on a tripod creates an optimal system for operating tools at the fingertips and heels. It's worth getting at least one footrests, although it is also worth considering a version with a wider profile, which can be used to provide additional support in the thigh. This increases the patient's comfort and ensures that the affected limb is immobilized. This can help podiatrists succeed. Pick it up footrests adapted to the specifics of your work, with the possibility to choose the appropriate height and adjust the angle of inclination of the leg. The corresponding model can be found in the catalog of our online wholesaler, which supplies professional equipment for beauty and podiatry offices.

What footstool for the podiatry room?

You'll find plenty of options when it comes to footwear categories. Among other things, we have profiled footrests for use in a chair with adjustable lower limb support. They help you to immobilize your leg in the right position. Typical footrests it's a little bit like a chair -- it's distinguished by its base with its legs spread wide apart. It should be noted whether they are completed with special rubber covers to ensure a stable position of the support during treatment. We offer a variety of spacing to ensure stability - each order can be adapted to the cabinet device. Our offer also includes various color options. You'll complete all the necessary furniture for the podiatry lab.

The podiatry room - the most important details

What can't a podiatrist miss? The basic economic set should consist of a seat with adjustable footrests or a comfortable seat to which it can be delivered footrests. I 'm going . The whole shall be completed by a stool on wheels of the hooker or saddle type, preferably with support for the lumbar spine. The pedologist's seat should be moved on wheels, as should a portable cabinet or container, with at least one open tray for hand tools.

What should I look for when ordering a pedicure?

Foot surgery requires focus and precision, so it pays to work on improving with the right equipment. efficiency. People who seek help from a podiatrist hope for quick and painless treatment. In addition to dedicated equipment, special furniture and equipment, including comfortable, profiled footrests, which shall provide regulation in at least two directions:

  • in vertical - with height adjustment,
  • horizontal - with the ground inclined at the expected angle.

Your footrests should align slightly in the expected position. We offer products from renowned companies in the industry. ActiveShop, the Biomak and the Azurro. Visit our site, turn on search and see what parameters your footrests , which you'll find in our range.

Footstool - in our basket you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and price

Our offer includes all the equipment the podiatric office should have. Make sure that your order includes all the necessary elements to provide the services that patients value. In our catalogue we have the necessary categories of equipment - it is enough to specify the basic parameters and choose a color and finish that matches the design of the cabinet. The advantage of our range is not only the specialized design and the highest quality, but also the good price, which we can offer thanks to close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of equipment for podiatrists. Furniture, accessories, equipment, materials and specifications are available at our special offer, which also includes free delivery for regular customers or large orders.

Footwear for pedologists - practical application

Therefore, pedologists may overlook the sole, which will quickly become an indispensable accessory. The adjustable height and angle of inclination of the device allows the foot to be placed in a position suitable for the procedure. In practice, it is required for the most complex operations, such as:

  • removal of a growing nail,
  • correction of the plate,
  • removal of fungal outbreaks,
  • the development of cracking heels.

The immobilized foot allows for precise operation while minimizing patient discomfort. Similar freedom of action is provided by the nursing activities that visitors to podiatric offices choose to perform. Take care of the quality and functionality of the product - using our offer you can be sure that you are buying reliable and useful equipment. Take a look at the designs and finishes we have in our catalog.

All the soles in our catalog!

Take advantage of the online wholesale offer for professionals! Footrests, the pedologist stool, armchair and equipment cabinet are the basic set you will complete on our website. Please contact us - we will be happy to respond to your e-mails asking for details of our range. Your basket may also contain a set of tools and utensils, bandages and disinfectants, as well as necessary foot equipment, such as braces to correct the direction of plaque growth. We also offer news alerts and search in categories that interest you. You can also take care of the furnishing of the office - you will find footrests matched to the rest of your equipment. Remember that many benefits include bonuses such as free delivery and discounts on larger orders. See what else your podiatric office can gain from supplying iLeopard!