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Progline Books - Progline Professional Books

In the cosmetic office, hand tools for scores and nails should not be missing.Take care of scores with excellent cutting effect that provide the exceptional smoothness of the nail valves.In the Leopard catalog you will find a dozen sizes of Progline bricks, including the popular CN105 and C104.The reviews leave no doubt - these are fully professional stripes to give your nails a perfect shape.Check out what models we have prepared in our offer.

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Professional quality leather straps

Of all the methods of processing leather, hand tools provide the most precise results. The CN104 or C105 medium blade length skin rods are particularly helpful in smoothing the bruised edges. Just like everyone else the product Progline they are distinguished by a precision mechanism and a strong pressure. You can get smooth edges with it. They're essential tools in a professional manicure and pedicure.

Progline products - reliable tanning beds

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product-CN115s differ in blade length. Independently, they all have a double spring, which facilitates work and increases cutting precision. In the work of a manicurist, an ergonomic handle is very useful. Using leather straps CN104, you must remember that the pressure should be gentle. 3mm-5mm skin blades can't be used for nails, let alone cutting wire. It's a delicate product with a special purpose. Take care of him the blade and mechanism, using gentle oil after sterilization.

The most versatile leather straps - CN105 from Progline

5mm is the most common blade used in beauty parlours. This universal size includes Progline products with the symbol OTHER. I 'm going . With a length and width of 5 millimeters, this tool is the primary method of finishing leather. They should be in your toolbox, too. You can choose smaller ones if you want, 3 mm CN104. I 'm going . Each product Other it can be sterilised in an autoclave.

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In our catalogue you will find a full range of Progline leather straps. Professional nail products we offer handmade, fast delivery. At Leopard's, you'll find a full supply of cosmetics. It's worth trying the regular delivery option! We supply tools, materials and cosmetics, sterilization equipment and professional furniture. Add our site to your list of favorites and see what you get from regular subscriptions.