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Depilation in the cosmetic office

One of the most commonly used products in the cosmetic office are depilation bars.They are used both to remove unwanted ovulation with wax and sugar paste.When choosing stripes, it is best to focus on their strength and making it from a safe material for the skin.It is important that the depilation stripes do not cause additional irritation and skin problems.Choose certified products from our offer for professional beauty salons.

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Non-woven depilatory strips 100 pcs. hair removal with wax and sugar paste

Efficient Physelin Depilation Bands Soft and comfortable bands to depilation flizelin 100.they have standard dimensions.The grammar, rigidity and product invoice are adapted to universal applications.The material is durable and strong, it doesn’t stretch or crack.With optimal resilience, there is...

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Depilatory Strips Roll 100 meters - non-woven strips for depilation

Depilation Bands 100 meters - Physelin Bands for Depilation Role Depilation Bands for use at depilation of wax.Thanks to the high quality, it does not run.Buy today! How to use depilation stripes?The contribution of woskom to the heater.When we obtain a smooth consistency, we remove the...

Price 36.00 zł

How do you effectively shave your body?

Many new methods of hair removal have emerged in recent years, but traditional hair removal is still done in the traditional way. Wax and a slightly younger sugar paste are still simple and effective methods for smooth, silky skin on the legs and other areas of the body. For effective hair removal, a product that is completely safe and effective should be available. Manufacturers supplying specialist cabinets ensure that the preparations are of adequate density and viscosity to ensure that the depilatory effectively absorbs even the smallest hairs. The paste and wax, when applied to the waxed area, are supplemented with disposable strips which, when applied and pressed, form a kind of patch. At the end of the prescribed time, it is enough to skillfully remove the belt. Applying and tearing properly is a difficult task that requires skill and delicacy. The use of too much force will irritate the skin and cause discomfort to the client, while the use of too much tenderness will result in inadequate cleaning of the body from the hair.

Strips for removing hair with sugar paste

Depilation with sugar paste can be done hot or cold. The straps will only be needed for the second version, which is much more efficient. Sugar paste, even when heated in a water bath, is slightly stiffer than wax. Many people find it to be a better material for self-depilation. Why is that? When we apply the paste to the skin, we don't have to worry about it sticking to the surface. It adheres only to the hair, so the strips are less painful. This type of hair removal requires strong, flexible straps. You will find it in our offer - accompanied by a favorable price and high quality of services. Your shipment will be ready in no time. You can also take advantage of the permanent free delivery option.

Waxing - Pros and Cons

In case you want the effect of a precise waxing, choose the wax option. This method has been used for many years, and it has greatly improved hair removal. Although it is associated with skin irritation and requires some strength, a good product in this category can make a difference. When using wax, heat it in a special can and apply it to the skin. Then, gently press the strap against the skin and pull it out in the opposite direction of the hair. The wax adheres perfectly to the surface. This may cause irritation, but it also guarantees the removal of the tiniest hairs. Waxing needs to be done skillfully, so it is best done in a specialized office.

Facts and Myths About Hair Removal

Hair removal doesn't always have to be painful. It takes determination and intuition. Too much tearing can cause too much redness. Too slow - prolongs the pain. The pulling must be done with a firm movement, necessarily in the direction opposite to the hair growth line, but must be done smoothly, without pinching. It is preferable to apply the paste to areas with a lot of hair, such as the groin and groin area. However, in the case of both waxes and pastes, good quality fibre strips play a key role. With a good product, you can be sure that the patch won't tear when you remove it and your skin won't suffer from removing its residue. Our website and online store are a guarantee of a high-quality product. We work with manufacturers who ensure the durability of hair removal products, while at the same time offering a product that is safe for the skin and does not irritate or irritate the areas where the hair is removed.

Safe hair removal products with sugar paste and wax

In our universal offer woven fabrics of cotton, containing predominantly, but < 85% cotton by weight, mixed principally or solely with man-made fibres and weighing > 200 g/m2, dyed are available in the most commonly used sizes. If necessary, they can be freely reduced and priced. It's a completely safe, hygienic product to use when removing unwanted hair from various areas of the body. They work well in sensitive areas where the skin is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation. Wax strips and sugar shavings absorb a lot of hair, including soft and short hairs, so that shaving has an excellent aesthetic effect. We only offer products that are practical to use and recommended for professional beauty salons. Durable other, of circular cross-section the wax or sugar paste does not break or dust. They also do not cause allergies and minimize any irritation. It is a disposable hygienic material, so it should be disposed of after application to the skin and disposal.

Waxing or sugar paste?

It's one of those questions you can't find an easy answer to. Both methods are safe and skin-friendly. It may depend on the surface of the hair. Wax must be heated in a special can before use. It is best used for the methodical removal of large areas, e.g. thighs, arms, calves or torso. A slightly different approach should be taken for sensitive areas in hard-to-reach areas, such as the groin or groin area. For the bikini area, corners of the mouth, etc., consider using specialized solutions. Sugar paste doesn't stick to the skin, it sticks directly to the hair. It's always best to use proven, brand-name cosmetics from a line of professionals.

Order hair removal strips from our catalog

With our online wholesaler, you can order a full range of products for effective hair removal. We don't just offer wax and wax treatments - we also have wax heaters and strips for effective hot waxing. At any time, you have the option of ordering a second shipment of specialized products in packs of several dozen or several hundred. Any number of hair removal strips are waiting for you in our warehouse - place your order today.