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Quick Microfiber towels

In the general consciousness, micro-fiber handbags function as an ideal tourist or sports solution.Comfortable, light, with a short drying time - it's hard to imagine a more friendly way to dry.However, it is also an excellent patent to apply elsewhere.Our counterparts confirm - microfibra is a good material for use in cosmetics.Check what offer we have prepared for you in our catalogue.

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Microfiber - a highly absorbent material

Microfiber is a unique material, made with the latest technology. Its properties are due to the diameter of polyester and polyamide fibres. They're several dozen times thinner than a single cotton thread and approx. 100 times the size of a human hair. Its properties depend on the specific fibres used and the proportion of different semi-finished products. Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product this is one of the first practical applications of this remarkable invention. In addition to being extremely effective and popular, microfiber personal care products are now a standalone item on the textile shelf.

How to Choose a Good Microfiber Towel

As mentioned, the properties other, of polymers of vinyl chloride depend on the specific materials used in their manufacture. A really fast-drying model must contain the highest quality ingredients. In addition to the brand name, towel manufacturers try to maintain a balance between absorption and rapid drying. All the towels in our range have been selected according to the quality key - their manufacturers specialize in the production of utensils for specialized applications. The perfect solution is available here single-use towel of synthetic fibres, which absorbs moisture instantly and does not generate washing and drying.

Towels for cosmetic and podiatric use

The type of services provided in your office affects the choice of solutions. If customer service requires a home visit or involves the use of large amounts of water, the answers come naturally. In the opinion of many of our partners, this is exactly what disposable towels made of microfibre they're much more comfortable. A new towel is always on hand and you have no problem disposing of it.

A fast-drying absorbent towel - the main advantages

This is a quick-drying microfiber towel, regardless of its size, it dries several times faster than frotte or cotton, or even a similarly practical bamboo fibre. Other, of circular cross-section it keeps drying even when it's extremely soaked. Microfiber also outperforms other categories in terms of absorption.

What size? It's best to have several formats

Is it worth choosing a size based on criteria such as price? Of course, different dimensions are necessary to perform other tasks. However, large format is towel it's more absorbent. Let's just say the microfiber makes it even bigger if you squash your mic before you use it other, of circular cross-section in your hands.

Practical or eye-catching?

It's worth choosing too other, of circular cross-section neutral colour or suitable for interior decoration. There is no need to worry about dirt - microfiber is relatively easy to protect against stains, which disappear when washed even in the 20's. C. For disposable products, we offer blue and black.

The better side of drying. The microfiber towel is just functional

However a super microfiber towel, made of the right material, is equally absorbent, stain-resistant, easy to wash and dries quickly. It is best to decide based on your own needs and expectations. To do this, you can order trial deliveries of a single product and check the most popular solution.

See the best products on iLeopard and choose the right kit for you

In our online shop you will find a large selection in this category. Our offer is not just the best brand and merchandise available. Many of our products are distinguished by their excellent price and a super bonus - free delivery if you have a permanent cooperation. The microfibres available in the iLeopard catalogue are both disposable and towels and other toilet articles repeated use. It's a new way to serve your customers - choose a towel that suits your needs and needs, the size, color and type that suits your business.