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Reproduction of Nails

Many diseases, with which patients come to the subpathologist, require the reconstruction of the nails.The causes of nails can be diverse.You can always use special preparations.This is the best response to a severe fungus or supplementing the nuts after removing the growing nails.We recommend specialists with proven measures to restore the shape of the cornea mass.Choose to your office a reconstruction mass that is suitable in every subological case.

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Arkada - Liquid Unscented 100 Ml

ARKADA Liquid 100ml Liquid, specially developed for the purposes of nail reconstruction, allows continuous work with acrylic without unpleasant odors, commonly found in activators. Together with the acrylic powder, they are used for the reconstruction of nails, both during the Arcade Method, as...

Gehwol nail replacement mass

We have powerful and effective nail reconstruction products. The original The Nagelmasse Other or a silver ion powder developed by Arkada will effectively help rebuild the plate. The delicate and easy-to-use specimens help to save the destroyed by the fungus toenails. I 'm going . These are professional products that replenish and permanently repair the damaged nail layer. By the way, with the right additives, they recover the rest of the healthy horn mass.

A professional product for the regeneration of nails - Nagelmasse

Specialised mass for aligning and filling gaps in nails is ready for use after liquid has been added. A special odourless additive will also allow the product to be used by people sensitive to odours. Delicate consistency of products Other and Arcada in 15 ml packs to facilitate dosing. All you have to do is prepare the tile properly with appropriate milling machines. I 'm going . After removing the damaged fragments, clean the areas occupied by the fungus. Special additives, such as silver nanoparticles, facilitate healing and help address the causes of disease.

Means of foot and cosmetic reconstruction

This is one of the most important features of the podiatric office. Reconstruction of the nail by powder The arcade or It 's Nagelmasse Gehwol most commonly performed:

  • with the advanced fungus,
  • in post-traumatic states,
  • in the plastic of the tiles after removal of growing and twisting nails.

It can also be used for aesthetic purposes. It permanently smooths the surface of the tile and fills the unevenness. After curing, it forms a uniform structure with the toenails. It can also be used for professional pedicures. Using an efficient 15 ml pack, you'll apply a dozen layers and fillings. Once applied, the nails look healthy and solid.

Order Gehwol and Arcade products from Leopard!

In our the physical and online stores can be replenished nail reconstruction mass the best manufacture. I 'm going . We work with professional practices other and beauticians. Our products are designed for specialized applications. Powdered and acrylic footplate replenishment Other they work in the most difficult cases. The same applies to the specifications of Arkadia. According to our partners, they help to achieve excellent cosmetic effects. Manufacturers guarantee to pediatricians the durability of each layer after professional application. We invite you to cooperate regularly - for friendly offices we have interesting promotions and news.