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Apis face cream for the most demanding pear - know Apis Natural Cosmetics

The care of the face is the first and fundamental step on the way to a beautiful and young bird.To take care of the skin of the face, therefore, you should choose only proven products, the effect of which has been confirmed by studies and user reviews.By choosing Apis Natural Cosmetics, you can be sure of their effectiveness.

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Natural composition from a proven brand

Before deciding to buy a face cream, we should first take a close look at our skin, know its needs and be aware of skin problems, if we face any. Specialists distinguish different categories of skin: dry, oily, combination, vascular, etc. Inappropriately selected cosmetics not only will not have the desired effect, but may even have the opposite effect.

It is very important to know the composition of the product you decide on. Of course - not every consumer has such an extensive knowledge of chemistry and the action of individual components. However, there are a few key elements that should become a determinant when deciding what product we will be tempted to buy. The most important thing is to decide on such cosmetic companies as Apis, which in their portfolio have categories dedicated to natural cosmetics. Choosing a product from such a brand as Apis , we can be sure that it will do its job. And, moreover, both the consistency and the capacity that the product has (usually max. 100 ml) are properly selected by Apis specialists.

Whenever possible, let's opt for products from proven brands. It is often worth choosing professional creams, those recommended by specialists - dermatologists or beauticians. Such creams are usually rich in active ingredients that actually affect the condition of the skin. Depending on its needs, a properly selected product provides optimal hydration of the skin, strengthens it, regenerates it or has a soothing effect and makes the pores unclogged. Only the highest level of care, which only an experienced brand can offer, will ensure that the skin remains well-groomed, radiant and full of life despite the passing of time.

Apis face cream - a product for comfort of use

The comfort of the cream is influenced by many factors. The Apis brand is aware of this and tries to meet the expectations of its customers. It cares not only about the best possible composition, but also pays attention to other aspects of the product. That is why Apis creams are distinguished by their exceptionally light consistency, as for such a rich composition. The creams are perfectly absorbed and do not leave an unpleasant feeling on the skin. Even a product intended for use at night, which often has a slightly heavier consistency, does not clog pores. In the wide range of products offered by Apis, you can find products whose consistency will meet your needs, whether you prefer the cream you use to be as light as a moisturizing gel or a nourishing mousse, or to have a strongly lubricating or nourishing effect.

In addition, the capacity of the cosmetics was very consciously chosen, which is usually 50 or 100 ml. This is because such a capacity allows the cosmetic to be used at a time when its active ingredients are most effective. This is because each type of cream that contains natural components has a specific expiration date, which tells when it is best to use the product so that the active ingredients contained in it can work in full spectrum. According to specialists, it is in the highly concentrated active ingredients that the real effect of cosmetic products lies.

Regardless of what type of skin care product you decide on, it is worth remembering these few basic features to ensure comfort of use:

  • the consistency of the product corresponding to our needs (mousse, gel, cream)
  • a cream with a volume of no more than 100 ml
  • in the case of online order, fast and safe delivery
  • composition matching the suggested time of application (day cream or night cream)

Each skin type has different needs, which is why the Apis brand in its portfolio has different categories of products that respond to different skin needs. Whether it is a day cream, night cream, regenerating, moisturizing or brightening product.

The miracle ingredient - hyaluronic acid

Cosmetics have long appreciated the unique power of acids. Conscious use of them effectively helps maintain optimal skin condition. Properly selected hyaluronic acid, such as the brand Apis uses in its products, is a guarantee of maintaining a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Regardless of whether our skin is oily or dry, it will lose firmness with age, and the collagen in it will slowly disappear. That's why during daily skin care it is worth taking care of the appropriate level of hydration and choose cosmetics, the action of which will make the complexion full of life. Skin care cosmetics should take care of the skin both during the day and at night, so their action should be varied.

In the offer of Apis, we can find a moisturizing face cream with hyaluronic acid. This is a product that guarantees that the aging process will be significantly slowed down. Its wide use in cosmetics is due to its proven moisturizing and firming effect.

Dead Sea minerals - natural wealth

When deciding on a facial care product that is to have moisturizing properties, it is worth paying special attention to those that contain natural minerals. They not only allow natural regeneration, but also visibly cleanse the skin of toxins and help effectively close pores. In addition, by choosing a product with minerals from Apis, you can be sure that you are opting for a highly moisturizing cream that, when used properly (day or night), will allow you to smooth and firm almost any type of skin.

Minerals found in Apis cream protect even the deep layers of the skin from over-drying. This is why they are so often included in the compositions of facial skin products that show moisturizing effects. Apis moisturizing cream with Dead Sea minerals is a guarantee that the skin will receive the best.

The natural origin of the ingredients is a guarantee that the product works in harmony with nature, because the Apis brand in creating this product has made every effort and by combining the latest technological knowledge with the wisdom of nature has composed a cream that for the skin is an active, natural enhancement of all regenerative processes.

Safety of shopping

When buying a cosmetic product from an online store, one should pay special attention to several important issues.

The first of these is undoubtedly safe delivery. Only and only a cream that test transported in proper conditions will perform its functions. Sometimes the consistency or composition of the cream requires that the delivery takes place in special conditions and that not too much time has elapsed since the order.

Each product of Apis, regardless of whether it is a cream or other care product, is adapted for mail order to ensure maximum safety of its subsequent use. The capacity, which is usually a maximum of 100 ml, makes delivery hassle-free and customer reviews only confirm this.

Creams for special tasks - see what face creams Apis Natural Cosmetics offers

The Apis brand has in its portfolio creams that meet the needs of even the most demanding skin, skin with problems and people for whom choosing the right facial care product caused a lot of problems. Skin with problems requires a daily, regular supply of nutrients adapted to whether the product is used for day or night. Each product from Apis is a guarantee of effective action.

Apis Optima active moisturizing cream with Dead Sea minerals and hyaluronic acid for day and night (capacity 50 ml)

Apis Optima is a light, perfectly absorbing cream containing minerals from the Dead Sea. It contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid and marine algae extract, which, together with corn, collagen, elastin, shows intensive and long-lasting moisturizing properties of the deep layers of the epidermis. It effectively smooths wrinkles and improves skin quality. After using the cream, the skin is visibly smoothed, optimally moisturized and regenerated.

Apis Regeneration regenerating cream with argan oil and shea butter ( capacity 100ml)

This is a product designed for very dry skin. It is perfectly absorbed, and the secret of the composition of this product is a combination of prickly pear extract, mango, avocado, flax, Moroccan additionally used argan oil and shea butter. Thanks to such a rich composition, Apis regenerating cream instantly replenishes nutrient deficiencies in dry skin. It restores hydrolipidic balance, provides softness, elasticity, soothes skin tension. It is an intensively moisturizing product, and its delicate texture does not block oxygen access to the deep layers of the skin.

Apis protective cream SPF 30 (capacity 100ml)

The Apis brand has created a unique one with a pump with a capacity of 100 ml, which is designed for sensitive skin, with hyperpigmentation, after exfoliation and brightening treatments. It protects against UVA and UVB rays and premature skin aging. Enriched with seaweed extract, aloe vera, silk proteins, argan oil and shea butter, it intensively moisturizes the skin and restores its radiance.

Apis regenerating and soothing cream based on hemp oil (capacity 50 ml)

The aloe extract, hyaluronic acid and d-panthenol contained in Apis cream have moisturizing and soothing effects. In addition, hemp oil smooths wrinkles, heals inflammation and restores skin vitality. The formula is enriched with vitamin E, which has special antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Shea butter intensively nourishes the skin, providing it with velvety softness and additional natural protection from the sun.

Apis Couperose-Stop vitamin cream (capacity 100ml)

It is designed for sensitive skin with vascular problems. This type of skin needs special care, and a product to take care of it properly must be rich in active ingredients. Apis cream for face with vascular problems is a protective preparation rich in vitamin C, ginkgo biloba extract, silk proteins, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This cream strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the immune processes of the skin and optimally moisturizes it, making it smooth and relaxed.

Apis Exclusive terApis illuminating cream with pearl, golden algae and caviar (capacity 100ml)

This is a cream for mature skin requiring brightening and firming. This cream was inspired by the unique properties of sea pearl extract, golden algae and caviar. It effectively stimulates cell metabolism protecting the skin from harmful external factors. Suitable consistency of the product

Apis ApiDerm restorative and revitalizing day or night cream after chemotherapy and radiation therapy (50ml)

It is composed especially for very dry and particularly sensitive skin after chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Perfectly absorbed cream with an active restorative and nourishing effect. Contains a unique combination of sunflower, linseed, argan, coconut and shea butter oils with olive squalene rebuilding the protective hydrolipid film. Intensely moisturizing complex with Peruvian Tara plant and hyaluronic acid, regenerating oat extract, flax, aloe vera, vitamins A, E, and soothing D-panthenol, allantoin. It replenishes the deficiency of nutrients and moisturizers. The cream restores hydrolipidic balance, regenerates, soothes and calms irritated skin reducing tension caused by severe dryness. It contains protective sunscreens in modern capsule form and mineral titanium dioxide.

This is just a selection of the many products that the professional brand Apis has on offer. Specialists, working on the formulas of Apis cosmetics, believe that every skin type deserves a selection of preparations that will provide it with the best possible care. That's why Apis creams are a daily supply of nourishing and moisturizing products that provide the right level of care no matter what type of skin we have. So close the chapter of ill-chosen cosmetics and find out that the price of professional cosmetics does not have to be exorbitant.