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Farmona - concentrates tested in action

The effect of cosmetic procedures is not only accurate products and appliances.It is also needed a proven, active concentrate with a special composition of nutrient microelements.In professional beauty offices, concentrates containing the active ingredients of the Farmona brand cannot be missed.In our wholesale you will find an extended selection of DermaAcne cosmetics of this innovative Polish manufacturer.Check out what we have prepared for you in this category.

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Farmona Active dermo-lifting concentrate 10 x 5 ml

Farmona Active Dermo-Lifting Concentrate 10 x 5 ml Concentrated , active lifting preparation designed for any type of mature skin with clearly marked symptoms of decline in density, loss of solidity and elasticity. Concentration can be used as a supplement and maintenance of the effects of the...

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Farmona Hydra Quest moisturizing concentrate 10 x 5ml

Farmona HYDRA QUEST Active Humidifier The concentrated HYDRA QUEST is an intensely moisturizing line designed for any type of pear, in particular dehydrated, sun-sweetened or sun-sweetened in the solarium and dehydrated by dry air (klimatization, heating in the autumn and winter period).The...

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Farmona ACID TECH Mandelic acid 40% 30ml

REMOVAL - REGENERATING ACID TECH - MINERAL QUAS 40%40% amygdala acid from the Acid Tech line is recommended for any skin type, recommended for dry, mixed, acne, fat, aging, with coloring, also sensitive skin. It cleans the skin, regulates the work of the lion glands and the seed, smoothes small...

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Farmona ACID TECH Neutralizer 280ml

Acid Tech Neutralizer 280ml  A preparation for neutralization, that is, the interruption of all exfoliating preparations.It neutralizes the action of acids, shows a mild, koi effect, prevents irritations, eliminates excessive burning, brushing, swelling and redness of the skin. The preparation...

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Farmona Active whitening set with vitamin C 10 x 12ml

FARMONA REVOLU C WHITE Active Whitening Set A professional line designed to care for skin with coloring, based on a comprehensive approach to brightness.Its action focuses on regulating the work of melanocytes and controlling disorders associated with the irregular distribution of colorant in the...

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Farmon concentrates for beauty professionals

Concentrates for the most common facial treatments are at the heart of a successful cosmetic procedureit's like a cosmetic cube. That's why it depends most on their composition. Active concentrate of Ferments it is a specialized product for use in micro-needle mesotherapy, hydromassage, sonophoresis and many other items offered by a professional office. They are distinguished by excellent quality combined with innovative solutions directly from a modern laboratory. As a result, the use of any product of this brand guarantees a very high level of efficacy. Since 1997, Farmona has been supplying beauty salons with personal care products that combine the power of natural extracts with the achievements of modern cosmetology. Organic blueberries, willow bark extract, magic water are examples of success in the search for original recipes. Supported by state-of-the-art equipment for specialized treatments, they bring excellent results, which are appreciated by both staff and satisfied customers.

Active concentrate from Farmona - guarantee of excellent effect

Farmona's catalogue contains several hundred innovative cosmetics and concentrates of the Professional class, which are responsible for the excellent effects of beauty treatments. Among them are:. concentrates containing active ingredients such as azeloglycine, zinc, PCA, willow extract, witch hazel, hydromanyl:

  • anti-aging for microneedle mesotherapy treatments,
  • a thickness of not more than 10 μm,
  • an active normalising concentrate,
  • active moisturising concentrate,
  • oxidative-detoxifying compound
  • active concentrate to strengthen the vessel.

Active Dermaacne normalising concentrate offered by iLeopard

Each active normalising concentrate, lifting or strengthening sensitive areas of the skin is easy to use - it can be inserted into the deeper layers of the epidermis using specialised devices. Comfortable packaging 5x5ml or 10x5ml were designed for serial use. The delicate formula also provides quick relief from irritation. The excellent results of the use of Farmona products are increasing the interest and the need to use them. You can order any amount of concentrates you need for active skin care. All products for professional customers include fast shipping, free delivery and other bonuses resulting from continuous cooperation.

See how the active hormone normalizing concentrate DermaAcne+ helps with beauty treatments

How are advanced dermoactive concentrates used? Here's an example of one of our products- active concentrate normalising the DermaAcne+ hormone to the fat and mixed skin. Capacity 5x5ml is sufficient for a single treatment. As the name and description suggest, it regulates the function of the skin's sebaceous glands. These include:. : willow bark extract, sage, azeloglycine, zinc, PCA, blueberry extract and many other ingredients that make this recipe one of the most effective on the market. Simply distribute the contents of the ampoule over the treated area. After application of the concentrate, it is sufficient to use sonophoresis. Be sure to apply an ultrasound gel to the skin to maintain patient comfort. This is also to relieve skin irritation.

Farmon cosmetics and concentrates 5x5ml for iLeopard - guarantee of successful cooperation

Willow bark extract, witch hazel water, hydromanyl, PCA, blueberry extract are the active ingredients that guarantee the product's natural effects on the skin. Active normalising concentrate DermaAcne+ A wide range of innovative branded products Farmon we've prepared our catalogue of the best beauty salons. We offer permanent cooperation - instant shipping and free delivery for beauty salons that choose to buy from our online store. Ileopard is a large, well-stocked cosmetics wholesaler with Professional products from the specialist line, which has been operating on the market for several years and enjoys a high level of customer confidence. Check in with us - just call or e-mail to find out more about our attractive offer. With a steady supply of the effective cosmetic product Farmon, the treatments in your office will remain at a very high level and will excite the interest of customers.