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Gerlach Freezer - Professional Pedicure Device

The freezer is one of the basic devices in any office where manicure or pedicure is performed.No professional can imagine a manicure or pedicure without a dust absorber freezer, the possibility of quick freezing and a comfortable hand.How do you find a product that meets all your expectations?Reply to Gerlach!Know our proposals.

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Gerlach cosmetic milling machines - the choice of professionals

Gerlach, as one of the best-rated brands, has permanently entered not only the offices, but also the hearts of professionals. And few companies can afford such a term. This is influenced by many factors.

The main one is the fact that Gerlach products, such as the pedicure milling machine, have a reputation for reliability. And this is an important issue for every person who, when choosing a professional product, checks primarily its parameters. Devices designed to perform pedicure or manicure are designed not only to remove keratinized epidermis, but also to take care of the plate and the nail area.

Products used by manicure and pedicure professionals must have a set of interchangeable cutters, enable precise processing of nails and their surroundings, and must also be light and ergonomic enough to make working with this type of products pleasant for both the specialist and the client. This is also influenced by the appropriate profiling of the handle, which minimizes the vibration sensations of the milling machine during nail or heel processing.

A product that meets all expectations

When looking for the best products in this category, it is worth paying special attention to Gerlach devices, the quality of which is appreciated annually in the rankings. This company, creating categories of equipment that are intended for professional use, put special emphasis on the quality of the product.

If you want to receive positive feedback, enjoy many customers who regularly come back to you, you must bet on the highest quality products. Good quality milling machines that will be hosted in the office will not only allow for precise work, but also significantly speed up the procedure, thanks to which you will be able to receive more customers every day.

A pedicure milling machine is a multifunctional product with which you can perform even complex procedures involving the development of those parts of the skin that have been pathologically altered. This is a product that serves for years, so when choosing a milling machine, it is worth paying attention to all its parameters.

Gerlach milling machine with absorber, Gerlach Luna AT MIcro milling machine - guarantee of the highest quality

The GERLACH Luna AT Micro milling machine with a dust absorber is a professional device for performing specialized foot care (pedicure) in beauty salons. Thanks to fast-rotating cutters, it enables accurate, fast and comfortable removal of keratinized epidermis. The possibility of smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation and the force of the sucked air guarantees easy work and adaptation to the individual needs of the customer.

The comfort of work and the feeling of the customer during the treatment is also affected by a very light level of vibration, even when working at the highest power, and an even distribution of the moment of rotation. The milling machine is designed for professional use.

Small product with the best parameters

The GERLACH Luna AT Micro milling machine with dust absorber is distinguished by a wide range of cutters, with which you can perform a comprehensive foot care treatment including precise removal of corns or nail care. Another advantage of this device is a very light and flexible suction hose with a high level of suction, as well as a built-in sound insulation system of the suction turbine. The small weight of the device (3.7 kg) and its small size combined with the very highest parameters enable its convenient transport, thanks to which it can also be successfully used in mobile beauty salons focusing on the highest quality of services offered.

Decide on a reliable source

When deciding to buy such an important device for your business, choose a store that will give you confidence that the device will be original and will reach you intact. We are well aware of the importance of safety and the pace of your services, but also those you use yourself. Therefore, to meet your needs in our store, we focus on express shipping and safe free delivery when buying from PLN 250.