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Pedicure Pillers, Pedicure Pillers

A professional pedicure pill was created to effectively remove health problems with the nails of the feet.This is an extremely powerful tool of surgical steel.They are used to burn irregularly growing or affected fungi plates.The set of accessories should be on the equipment of each underground office.They differ in the shape and system of ends, so a single device is not enough.Check what kinds of products are available in our shop with supplies for subjects.

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Footwear for growing nails

A milling machine is not always enough to correct the tile. Toenail clippers for podiatrists are fully professional equipment that is used to perform procedures. Growing and deformed toenails require strong stainless steel tools. Their greatest strength is their endurance. The underground accessories in our range retain their properties for a very long time. Complete the professional toothpicks for growing nails at the Leopard store.

Angle gauge - a special purpose product

The procedure to remove the nail deformity requires precision. For pre-treatment, a suitable mill mounted in an electric furnace is suitable. But to develop a nail in the immediate vicinity of living tissue, you need hand tools. Our range includes accessories with different tip shapes and abrasive surface thicknesses. You'll also find other, of circular cross-section, facilitating access to the edges of growing nails.

How do you use a pedicure?

Two-sided other, not further worked than hot-rolled it is a product which enables the necessary foot surgery. It is versatile - it can be used both to level the side edge and to level the surface of the tile. Different shapes and angles of incline make it easier to reach the most problematic places. Professional products of good brands are distinguished by ergonomic handles. The rounded shape and the grooves provide some support in the hand.

Description of the rules for disinfection and sterilisation

A nail polisher requires disinfection and sterilization every time. It's used in procedures, so you need to make sure it's completely exfoliated. For this purpose, it should be sterilised in a steam autoclave and at least disinfected for a long time. Tools of other bars and rods they can be sterilized without fear of losing their properties. Once removed from the autoclave, they should wait for the next treatment in a special label.

Choose manual nail tools for professionals!

Supplement your tool kit with equipment from our range. We only have professional brands and reliable products. In addition to milling machines, we offer tools with specialized tips for grinding nails in hard-to-reach places. Handheld set of filters in good condition price this will allow you to work out problematic toenails more efficiently and accurately. Expand the equipment of the O.R. with special hand tools of a good brand.

An angle sensor for the podiatry office at the Leopard store

You can combine your order with other foot products. For larger purchases, we offer reduced or free delivery. It's also an offer for regular customers. With regular replenishment of materials and tools, we offer free shipping. You will also be able to see promotions of the biggest brands and news. Choose only products for professionals - our offer includes only such items.