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Gehwol Med ointment for cracked heels and other cosmetics

Among Gehwol's unique foot cosmetics, the Med series stands out.Preparations bearing this mark are the result of tests carried out in a laboratory of one of the oldest brands in the industry. Ointment for cracks heels or moisturizers are some of the products Other to footI 'm going .Each one solves a specific health problem.It's hard to imagine a modern podiatric office without them.Try a high-quality foot cream and provide patients with effective foot regeneration.

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Cream for fertile skinIt regenerates the skin, provides its protection and restores smoothness and flexibility after a few days of use.After 28 days of use, the creme disappears.The skin is hydrated and regenerated.Antibacterial ingredients also protect against the fungi of the legs.The cream...

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GEHWOL NAGELWEICHER Smoothing Skin Flask 15ml

Fluid that Softs Nails and SkinThe preparation prevents nails.It relieves the pain caused by the pressure and swelling of the nails into the skin.Fluid contains potassium hydroxide and ricin oil – these substances have a milder effect on the nails and skin.With the systematic use of the liquid,...

Price 33.00 zł

GEHWOL SCHRUNDEN-SALBE Foot Butter with Roasted and Wiped Skin 20ml


Butter for fertile, swollen, dry and thick skinIt is ideal for fighting thick, swallowing legs, dry hands, locks, knees.Brings immediate relief to the skin with fractures and redness. It also accelerates the healing. Regular use improves skin elasticity and natural immunity. Indicated for...

Price 10.99 zł

GEHWOL SENSITIVE Skin Care Cream with Microsrebr 75ml

Special preparation for the care of sensitive skin.It contains a complex of active substances with MicroSrebre BG, which regenerates the natural microwave of the skin, relieves swelling and burning, and also reduces redness. Care using this preparation prevents the excess spread of infections and...

Price 42.00 zł

GEHWOL Antiperspirant Lotion Tube 125ml

Antiperspirant of GehwolThe foot lotion with an antiperspiratory effect effectively normalizes the sweating secretion and prevents the formation of a crazy odor of the feet.With regular, daily use, it prevents skin swelling and protects from the fungi of the legs.Unlike other antiperspirants, it...

Price 40.00 zł

GEHWOL SENSITIVE cream for sensitive skin with micro silver 125 ml

A special preparation for sensitive skin. It contains a complex of active substances with MikroSilver BG, which regenerates the skin' s natural micro-urine, relieves itching and burning and reduces redness. Care with this preparation prevents the overgrowth of germs and thus protects against...

Price 59.00 zł


Care Cream for Nails and Scores 15ml The preparation contains the highest-quality care ingredients and antibacterial substances, which prevent nail fungus and nail valve inflammation (clotrimazol).Indicated for fragile and broken nails and as a prevention of fungus.With systematic use, they...

Price 35.48 zł

GEHWOL Express Pflege-Schaum Skin Care Pen 125ml

GEHWOL Express Pflege-Schaum Skin Care Pen 125ml  The pen intended for the daily care of normal and dry skin, contains a hydro complex consisting of four moisturizing ingredients: Oil from the grass it strengthens the natural balance of the skin and improves its protective functions. Extract from...

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Gehwol Med Schrunden plus whole series — professional effect, healthy feet

The Gehwol brand sets the standard in podiatry. The company's laboratory develops recipes based on its own research projects. The result of the work of scientists is professional subsoil products highly effective. The series Honey ensure the health benefits of the substances selected to address specific alloy problems. It consists of:. The following:

  • Express — moisturising foam for leather,
  • This Decision shall enter into force on the date of its adoption ointment to wrinkled, cracked, rough skin,
  • Sensitive — cream a thickness of not more than 10 mm,
  • In the case of the following products: medical care nails and skin,
  • Hornhaut-Creme — whipped cream leather,
  • The Nagelweicher the softening fluid nails and skin,
  • Fussdeo-Creme intens intensely refreshing foot cream,
  • Med Lipidro Creme — strong moisturiser for dry and sensitive feet,
  • Antiperspirant — antiperspirant lotion for the feet.

Gehwol Med Schrunden ointment for broken feet

Ointment Gehwol Med Schrunden' is the name it's the perfect solution for dealing with dry hands, elbows, knees. In podiatry, it's used for rough, breaking heels. Brings instant relief to the cracked leather with redness. It also speeds up wound healing, and regular use improves the elasticity and natural resistance of the skin. It is recommended as a first-line treatment for skin problems. This specification is also widely used in medical care hands and hands in beauty parlours.

Honey Lipidro

Try combining the two formulas Gehwol — Honey and Lipidro. I 'm going . The unique composition of the preparation provides intensive care for dry skin and protection against moulds. You can also use it for sensitive skin! The modern formula combines various properties that allow the product to be used in the most problematic cases. Lipidro' s health benefits include:. The following:

  • 10% of urea solution,
  • extract from algae,
  • alanthine,
  • rocket oil and avocado.

This formula improves the skin's ability to retain moisture foot it's good for circulation. It also balances the protective functions of the skin, softening hard epidermis and reducing excessive other. I 'm going . It's the perfect product for diabetics and allergies. Bet on multi-level care with Honey Lipidro a new generation of foot cream.

Med Express Basic protection for normal and dry skin of the feet

Innovative cosmetics they can move really fast! Honey Express is a rapidly absorbing foam the original formula. All you have to do is spray it on your skin and wait for it to kick in. We guarantee you'll feel it almost immediately. It consists of:.

  • hydro-complex of rainbow oil,
  • an extract from a wart,
  • urine
  • this is avocado oil.

It penetrates deeply leather and he's not fat. It provides with feet the beneficial moisture at an express rate. It's really light and odorless. One of its important assets is price beneficial for quality. I 'm going . It's a great addition to basic products like the ointment Med Schrunden or the preparation Med Lipidro Gehwol. I 'm going . You can always have it with you and use it in unusual situations.

Find your foot cosmetics in the Med series on the Leopard website!

Perfect the price, quick delivery and great products You can order a set at Leopard cosmetics The honey. Ointment for broken feet or cream to the round leather? What ? In the medical range, Gehwol offers a wide range of properties and uses. We have treatments for sensitive skin and specials to help smooth rough heels. As part of our office services, we provide you with ointments, creams, foams, gels and lotions of exceptional effectiveness. And all with a manufacturer's price guarantee. One of the most important brands in podiatry offers the best results in the industry. The Leopard shop is exclusively engaged in the distribution of materials and tools for professionals. Check out our offer and take advantage of the best cosmetics foot care.