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Cosmetics - Visit to the Salon

Previously, the cosmetic farms only played the role of a smooth protective cover.It was enough to be white, mostly scratched and smell straight like a bedroom.Often, this role has been played by the available medical supplies on the market.Today, cosmetics is a product with many faces.A large selection of cosmetic clothes can be found in our catalogue.Compare crane, colors, and then choose the best options for your own office.

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Cosmetic aprons and women's medical aprons in a huge selection

We offer a huge selection of ready-to-work medical and cosmetic aprons. Products of specialized companies (e.g. Vena Uniforms) make a big impression, bringing to mind a world closer to fashion. And yet in our online store with supplies for professional cosmetic, podological or hairdressing salons you will find comfortable working uniforms that do not restrict movement and are made of materials with high durability. Many people may confuse the aesthetic styles of products representing the categories "Medical clothing" and "Cosmetic aprons" with the assortment of a fashionable boutique. Just like in a women's fashion store, you will find both classic and avant-garde set, which usually has something to offer our customers.

How to choose a good medical or cosmetic women's apron?

Good - that is, what? In our catalog there are no products that would fulfill only aesthetic or practical functions. Vena protective clothing is style and comfort of use in one, and at the same time also longevity and flawless appearance of reinforced materials. Therefore, your staff can alternate between different versions of clothing. See what products we have prepared in our collection - do not worry about their durability, charm or comfort of use. Each apron from our wardrobe is a real cosmetic hit that will co-create a unique aura of the room.

Stylish women's medical aprons. No reason not to change typefaces and colors

Cosmetic apron is put on in a place dedicated to beauty and beauty. Why should it be devoid of aesthetic value? You should wear a comfortable outfit to work, but the appearance of the service also affects the well-being of the customer. If you want your facility to be associated with a great look, choose a cut and color appropriate to the character of the place. What is important, deciding on colorful aprons from the Vena Uniforms collection you will not give up excellent quality.

Why is it worth replacing cosmetic aprons with new ones?

The answer is simple - the novelty, which is a cosmetic apron with a dress cut or a double-breasted sweatshirt, attracts glances and co-creates a unique, joyful atmosphere of the place. Your salon can emanate good energy and co-create a customer-friendly atmosphere also thanks to neat textiles that also serve as workwear. Popular cuts and vivid colors will add a unique aura to the beauty treatments performed.

Original medical aprons and cosmetic clothing

We offer original covers for work in a beauty salon or hairdressing salon, in which the customer's attention is drawn to the unique cut. It is a high-quality protective clothing, made of solid material, resistant to tears and stains. The Vena Uniforms brand has created a rich collection of clothes for work on cosmetic procedures - a cosmetic apron with a dress cut. Each apron has been designed in such a way as to emphasize the advantages of the figure (e.g. accentuating the waist), but at the same time create a comfortable, non-restricting cover.

Cosmetic aprons – color and fabrics

The traditional medical apron has come a long way before it reached this place. Our products retain the functional features that classic models have, but at the same time emphasize the importance of the appearance of a person working in a beauty salon. Yesterday's novelty is now a standard, which is why colorful aprons from our offer, introduced to the design of the living room in a thoughtful way, will become an additional advantage of this place. In our offer you will find an interesting cut and any size, so you can personalize your order. You will certainly not worry about whether a new medical or cosmetic apron will maintain a high level of protection - it is still a product made of a special polyester-based fabric, providing full protection during operation.

Cosmetic apron white? It is also an interesting option

What about the color scheme? The white apron still works well in this work, but it is a completely different type of product due to the modern cut. White is associated with hygiene and order, so an impeccably cut, shiny apron dress or apron-blouse will still make a positive impression. In the form of a waisted sweatshirt with a stand-up collar or a mini dress, the sleeve of which is slightly widened, they will certainly sufficiently emphasize the special character of your office.

Full color palette in a set of cosmetic aprons

A modern product belonging to modern protective clothing must be resistant to many external factors. It should also provide freedom and easy fastening. In the cosmetics industry, it is equally important what a protective apron looks like. Therefore, what counts is its appearance - cut, color and even trim details. A classic apron is associated with white, but it's high time for a novelty: our offer includes models in almost every color tone. It's up to you to choose! What can an apron look like with the option of a perfect look? You will receive our products in the following colors:

  • mint
  • grenade
  • Amaranth
  • bottle green,
  • pink (powder),
  • pink (lilac)
  • Emerald Blue
  • sea blue,
  • olive

These are just a few proposals that can inspire many people preparing for changes in beauty salons, podology or hairdressing pans. Match the apron to the colors and climate of your own plant - put on quality, fashionable cut and a guarantee of a perfect appearance.

Cut lab coats - time for big changes

A cosmetic apron in a modern version looks completely different than it used to. Chic cut, unusual sleeve, eye-catching clasp - when going shopping, you can pay attention to something more than size or functionality. Thanks to the use of excellent fabrics, clothing for the cosmetic stand still meets strict protective criteria. It is also a smart solution - before starting work, you can put on an apron like ordinary clothes. It remains to look around among the proposals for the coming season. In our offer you will find both classic white and varied colors. What style can your latest cosmetic apron have?

Sweatshirt or cosmetic apron? Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them

First of all, the apron is no longer a cover imposed on ordinary clothing. The short version resembles a blouse (with a marked waist or with a straight cut) and needs to be supplemented with trousers. Pay attention to the variety of finishes under the neck and the cut of the sleeves.

Cuts of dresses as an inspiration for the cut of the apron

Or maybe an apron that looks like a zippered dress? We have a huge selection of such models for you - their favorable price can surprise you a lot. Staff looking like from a fashion magazine is a great idea for the company's image. Choose an apron-dress with a light cut, fitted to the figure, and by the way very comfortable for the whole day of duties.

Remark! Tied aprons available

A novelty that we have known for a long time - a medical tied apron is a product with a very long experience. The modern apron also often uses a tie at the waist, but today it is primarily an opportunity for designers to show creativity. It is also a good option for people with a fuller figure. Thanks to the rich offer, you can choose any option of fastening - we also have double-breasted sweatshirts, with Velcro or snap fasteners.

Find your medical or beauty apron on iLeopard

Smart apron, perfectly designed and sewn, low price and free delivery for a larger order - this is a good proposition from iLeopard. We are an online wholesaler supplying professionals in beauty salons. Our medical and cosmetic aprons are reliable and look great. We guarantee that each product from the catalog will meet your expectations. Take advantage of the offer and order a fashionable apron for yourself and all the staff.

Apron and other types of clothing - excellent price, fast shipping, free delivery

We work directly with the manufacturer of protective clothing - thanks to this our price is one of the most advantageous on the market. It will be even lower if you opt for the option of permanent cooperation or a larger order. In addition, there is free delivery, so it is worth trying both the medical apron or Vena cosmetic apron , as well as other products available in our offer. If you want to know the details of orders and deliveries, please contact us by phone or e-mail.