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Foot signs — foot diseases

Posters and infographics are an interesting feature of the podiatric office. Where advanced pedicure, health and hygiene are provided foot, clear graphics perfectly complement the space. We propose posters presenting symptoms and pathologies of limbs. The basic version is printed on paper. However, it may be helpful to include thematic content such as canvas paintings, wallpapers, or framed posters. When visiting Leopard, add to your cart the poster o themes of foot it's a fantastic addition to the decor office the podiatrist.

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What should decorate the walls of the podiatry room? There's a lot of different opinions on that...

Are you a podiatrist or a pedicure hygienist? A good quality wall poster will give this place a professional look. A picture on canvas or paper measuring 707mm x 1000mm (B1) is also an educational element. This can help your patients to realize the importance of taking care of their feet. A conspicuous poster in a frame may show, for example, the construction of a foot. Others show typical problems that patients come to the podiatrist with. Leopard-branded products are well priced. In addition, they shall present the underground content in a clear and accessible manner.

A poster for the O.R. 707mm x 1000mm — what does it say?

Our posters were printed on high-quality paper. The sleek, matte finish keeps the light from reflecting off them. They can be placed in a frame or anti-frame in a waiting room or office. We offer carefully crafted graphics that present foot images and information in Polish. Posters with dimensions 707 mm by 1000 mm it's a visual representation of what the patient should know.

Anatomy and other topics related to feet

If you're doing a pedicure or a podiatric procedure, you need good infographics. Painting on canvas or subject wallpaper it will definitely revive your place. We propose simple posters that show, among other things. The following:

  • anatomical structure foot,
  • the cause and course of the fungus,
  • the cause of ingrown nails.

The price of our product encourages you to have a complete set of foot information on your walls. The text and easy-to-understand graphics will explain the foot care principles to each patient!

Learn about posters and other information products for podiatrists

Wallpaper, painting on canvas, or perhaps a poster in a dimensional frame 707 mm by 1000 mm? What ? There's something in our warehouse that might be suitable for your office or waiting room. Regardless of the choice product you can count on good price and quality for years. Our infographics for podiatrist shall not fade or fold under the influence of moisture. Order a foot and nails poster to hang on the wall. All you have to do is expand your order with a product in this category.