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Arkady Customs - Method of Treatment of Increasing Nails

The problem of growing nails affects more and more people.The treatment by the Arkady method brings immediate relief and allows you to return to the normal position of the growing nails.Take advantage of our offer and learn about the modern method of working with growing nails.

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Arkady ankle treatment - safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Wouldn't finding an effective and completely safe solution for ingrown toenails be a great way to get rid of a problem that affects more and more people? In the work of a podiatrist, the fight against ingrown nails is one of the most common treatments. Using the solution of the Arkady cube , you can effectively and completely safely help patients in this painful disease. The Arkady cube available in our offer is a medical tool used to correct ingrown nails. The cube is sold with a set of manipulators, a set of balls, odorless liquid, acrylic resin and collagen serum. In addition, the manufacturer decided to provide the tool with multimedia training, showing how to carry out the procedure. The Arkady Method available in our store is an innovative way to effectively cure the problem of ingrown nails.

Arkady Set

The set, which is available in our store, includes:

  • Tool body Arcade method - an innovative way to effectively treat the problem of ingrown nails.
  • Base
  • A set of manipulators
  • Set of balls
  • DVD with multimedia training
  • Odourless liquid Arcade
  • Acrylic powder Arkada
  • Arkada collagen serum

What does the treatment using the Arkady method look like?

Arkady Cube treatment is an innovative method of treating the painful problem of ingrown nails. The use of the Arcade Cube allows you to correct the growth path of the nail plate and restore the appropriate shape and natural appearance of the nail plate. The pain that usually accompanies ingrown nails can be effectively alleviated already during the first treatment of the ingrown nail plate. The Arkady method is characterized by complete safety. The procedure and the entire treatment of ingrown toenails can be performed even in people with fragile and brittle nail plate and in the case of patients with neuropathy, where. Not all treatments and not all treatments could be performed.

This method of treatment allows you to effectively align the nail plate and regulate the path of its growth. Usually, the entire treatment requires that the treatments are performed regularly, at certain intervals, but after the first treatment there is a clear improvement and reduction of pain, which affects the patient's daily comfort.

Arkady cubes are a patented device that enables precise and safe work on the nail plate. The Arkady method is widely known and valued not only in Poland, but also abroad. The finger with the problem of an ingrown nail is placed and immobilized in the body of the ankle. The device has numerous holes through which moving tools are inserted. The podiatrist, operating with tools, is able to very precisely set the nail in the correct position. The edges of the ingrown nail are raised and secured so that they do not irritate the soft tissues.

The optimally shaped nail is fixed in the right position with acrylic resin. Acrylic resin is also a scaffolding for the superstructure of a weakened or chipped nail plate. Silver contained in acrylic resin has antibacterial and antifungal properties. During the Arkady Cube treatment , nail shafts are also formed – thanks to this, a lasting effect of correction of the ingrown nail is obtained.

Arkady cube – comfort of the treatment

All tools used for nail correction (shoulder blades, hooks, manipulators) are subjected to thorough sterilization. At the same time , the Arkady Cube does not involve a violation of skin continuity – it is a non-invasive and completely safe method.

The Arkady method is used in the treatment of ingrown nails with inflammation of soft tissues. During the procedure, the finger is stably placed in the device so that it is accompanied only by a slight feeling associated with the manipulation of tools. An experienced podiatrist will ensure that in each case, regardless of the severity of the disease, the procedure remains fully comfortable and painless for the patient.