Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1
Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1
Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1
Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1
Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1

Biomak Bioderm Bd300 Combine 3x1

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Therapy of infertility, treatment of refroids and colours, reduction of wrinkles, smoothening of scars, rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin.

The BIO DERM is a combination for ionoforesis, galvanization and electroporation – non-invasive methods of skin rejuvenation, therapy of hypoticism, treatment of refreshing and coloring.Using a constant current, it serves for the therapy with ionoforesis and galvanization.With his help, you can do a lot of procedures to improve the condition of the skin and effectively fight its problems.Physical phenomena occurring during the procedure in the cornea layer of the skin, open the intercellular space, allowing the penetration of active cosmetic ions into the deep parts of the skin.We use BIO DERM on the face and the whole body.The light design of the camera works both in the stationary office and in the mobile.

ELECTROPORATION - a method that helps the penetration of macro particles from the intercellular space to the interior of cells.This significantly increases the absorption of the active substances.It increases the permeability of the cell membrane during the current impact.

ZABIEG JONOFOREZ – Introduction of active ions in preparations

Instructions for the procedure:
• extended containers
• pink acne
• excessive looting
• extended periods
• coloring
• over-sensitivity and irritation
• dry skin
• reduction of wrinkles

(WEB It is recommended to use professional products of Biomak containing a specific polarization – information on the packaging).It is recommended to use electroporation before each ionoforesis treatment to ensure better absorption of the preparation.
It uses the action of a constant current that flows through the tissues between two electrodes.
It leads to increased membranely permeability in tissues, which leads to increased metabolism and better tissue nutrition.

Instructions for the procedure:

anodic galvanization:
• roses
• extension of blood vessels
• telecommunications
• nerves of the skin
• extended times
• after cleaning
• fresh and frozen

catodic galvanization:
skin, poorly bleeding, poorly acidified
old cold and cold

• excessivity

Power of 230 V, 50 Hz
Power 10W
- Galvanic current regulation range 0 - 6mA
Electric power regulation range from 50% to 100%
Dimensions 260x150x65mm
- Gross Weight ~ 2,0 kg



Biomak Bioderm Bd300...

720.01 zł

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