Biomak Beauty Pro Bp100 Combine 5 in 1

Biomak Beauty Pro Bp100 Combine 5 in 1

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Therapy with Microwave

Combined 5w1 Beauty Pro BP100 – thanks to the microwave electricity, it allows you to lift your face, neck and decolt.A wide range of microwave action is used to improve the overall aesthetics of the skin, among others.: wrinkles, coloring or reduction of shadows and bags under the eyes.

Microwave is a type of electric stimulation that stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibers, elastins, smoothes the skin, increases muscle fibers fever and improves the secretion of toxins along with excess water.The regeneration of the skin with microprocesses occurs more than 3 times faster than with other methods and the effects are long-lasting.

The Face Therapy:
The effect of the application is reduced wrinkles, skin inequalities, improved skin colour, restored tissue flexibility, also fights scratches, acne, accelerates the treatment of wounds, improves microcirculation.

Therapy of the eye area:
removes the shadows, bags under the eyes, the dirty lips and the falling spots.

Therapy for the body:
it improves the drainage and excretion of toxins from the body, removes vomiting and scratches.

Microwave therapy uses a low-intensity pulse current.Microwaves have a very high ability to penetrate cells.

Instructions for Use:

  • falling faces
  • wrinkles
  • bags and shadows under the eyes
  • uneven skin color
  • the skin looked
  • cellulite and cellulite
  • lack of elasticity and rigidity
  • keeping water in the body

Effects of Microwave:

  • reduction of wrinkles
  • adequate skin hydration
  • balance of skin color
  • compression of poros
  • regeneration
  • removing bags and shadows under the eyes,
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • lifting
  • expiration

Contraindications :

  • pregnancy
  • metal objects in the body
  • epilepsy
  • cancer
  • postoperative period
  • heat states
  • inflammatory skin

Treatments can be combined with the use of properly selected cosmetics for the face and body.Microwave, in collaboration with cosmetic preparations, penetrates the cells, providing them with water and nutrients.The skin recovers flexibility and brightness, becomes smooth and soft.

Interferential Stimulation Therapy

It consists in the formation of electrical interference impulses (composition) of two sinusoidal electric signals of average frequency, which vary slightly by the frequency of turns and applied to the surface of the skin in a cross way.Both signals mix at a certain point and as a result of their interference, a new electric signal with a low frequency equal to the frequency difference of the composite signals is formed.

Physiological Effects of Interference Streams

In interference procedures, medium frequency signals easily penetrate deeper layers of tissues (skin, fat, bones) and on the way only in a small degree stimulate sensory nerves and movement nerves (initiating muscle crises).

Indications :

Interferential current therapy is used in the treatment of circulation disorders, disturbances in the range of movement, vomiting and muscle spasms.Interferential current therapy is widely used in states after surgical procedures, acute peripheral pain, vomiting and the limitation of inflammatory processes.

The stimulator is portable and easy to use.Just apply the electrodes on the skin in the right place, connect them to the camera and enable the chosen program.

There are programs available in the device:
Pain Control (100 Hz)
Toner (80 Hz )
Circular (30 Hz)
Transition (60 Hz)
Average (10Hz)
Manual (10 to 100 Hz)

Contraindications :

People with infected heart rate or patients who are pregnant should not use the device.You need to consult a doctor or a rehabilitator.

Therapy with constant current

Indications: Therapy of infertility, treatment of refroidism and coloring, reduction of wrinkles, smoothness of the edges, rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin with the help of constant current and electroporation - non-invasive methods of rejuvenating the skin, therapy of infertility, treatment of refroidism and coloring.Using a constant current, the device serves for the therapy with ionoforesis and galvanization.With his help, you can do a lot of procedures to improve the condition of the skin and effectively fight its problems.Physical phenomena occurring during the procedure in the cornea layer of the skin, open the intercellular space, allowing the penetration of the active cosmetic ions into the deep parts of the skin.The light design of the camera works both in the stationary office and in the mobile.

With an active electrode, any Bio Direct Serum for Ionoforesis it can be connected to the device and performs the process conveniently.



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999.01 zł

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