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Dental irrigator – strong support for oral hygiene

The proper tooth care requires effective tools - one of the most indicated is a dental irrigator.It is not used as often as a sonic.Unjustly !This innovative equipment, called the water cluster, is a patent for the accurate cleaning of the teeth and interspaces.The use of the tooth irrigator is simple and completely safe.Try one of the devices from our catalog and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Try a tooth irrigator in your own bathroom

A good oral irrigator perfectly cleans teeth and gums and removes plaque and microorganisms even from hard-to-reach places – interdental spaces, gum line and gingival pockets. Constant use of pressurized cleaning tips reduces soft tissue and improves oral hygiene. The effect of using a stream of water directly from the irrigator can be noticed even after a dozen or so days. It is also an irreplaceable option for maintaining orthodontic appliances in proper condition.

How does a dental irrigator work?

Regularly used for cleaning the oral cavity, a wireless or stationary irrigator increases the possibilities of cleaning interdental spaces and the teeth themselves. It gives an effect exceeding the effects of using dental floss. The operation of the high pressure water jet guarantees reaching hard-to-reach places that cannot be reached with a brush, even with a movable head. Food residues are a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to remove them as thoroughly as possible. With the help of fluid and pressure, you can not only clean your teeth or braces.

Not just enamel. The tooth irrigator will also take care of your... gingiva.

Each type of dental irrigator massages the gums, strengthens them and improves their blood supply. Adjustable water pressure and a set of interchangeable tips allows you to adjust the stream to specific activities - gums require a gentler treatment than enamel or most of the space between the teeth. Different types of jet and convenience of operation - this is what you need to pay attention to when choosing effective equipment for oral hygiene. For people who care about their teeth, we have prepared a selection of branded dental devices that can also be used for self-care of the oral cavity. Our products are without exception tried and tested devices that will repay you with excellent dental condition.

Oral hygiene with dental irrigator

Irrigation of the oral cavity began to be used in the 60s of the twentieth century. It was then that the first irrigators for teeth for the needs of dental surgeries were created. To this day , a stationary irrigator with the option of pressure regulation is an elementary equipment of dental laboratories. It is used to clean periodontium and dental pockets during specialized treatments. Wireless irrigators are used for individual applications. Equipped with different operating modes and several degrees of pressure regulation, they are a real handy multifunctional tool, enabling effective cleaning of teeth and gums.

Advanced care and health-promoting effects

A wireless irrigator for teeth is an indispensable equipment for every person using orthodontic appliances or having implants. Replaceable tips allow you to choose different methods and techniques to take cleaning to the next level. In the case of hypersensitive gums and teeth, irrigators allow you to use the pressure of water for massaging, so you can significantly reduce bleeding. Adjustment every few degrees and extensive irrigator work programs make branded products used with a different power for specific periodontal states. Wireless equipment categories, equipped with a battery and a fluid tank integrated into the housing, ensure ergonomic operation. The use of water irrigators has the same advantages:

  1. Complements the work of the toothbrush.
  2. Improves the condition of sensitive parts of the mouth.
  3. It allows you to take care of a healthy appearance of teeth.

Already have sonic toothbrushes at home? Irrigators for teeth will perfectly complement them during cleaning

In our varied catalog you will find devices created by well-known manufacturers for multifunctional use in everyday dental care. Pressure control options, interchangeable tips, wireless or stationary versions - with us you will find your dental irrigator for professional use. If you have questions or would like to check what functions exactly a particular model has, please contact our specialists. We have for you equipment that uses pressurized water to clean teeth from well-known manufacturers whose mission is effective oral care:

  • Oral B,
  • Waterpik WP,
  • Seysso Oxygen,
  • Seysso Oxygen Travel (wireless version),
  • Panasonic,
  • iFanze.

When it comes to cleaning the entire oral cavity, and especially the teeth, the latest generation irrigator is distinguished by its gentle action and multiple modes of pressure regulation. Therefore, you should bet on a multifunctional set, equipped with interchangeable tips, dedicated to various applications, including massaging the gums, cleaning the inner parts of the cheeks and tongue, or interfering with interdental spaces. Pockets that are particularly vulnerable to microbes and sediment are most effectively cleaned by using the water jet and irrigator pressure for daily hygiene of hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

Waterpik WP 100 and other interesting versions of the irrigator

Good portable irrigators for teeth are distinguished by ergonomics and multifunctionality. If you properly store and clean the irrigator, a reliable manufacturer (e.g. WaterPik, Panasonic, Oral B) ensures that regardless of the category, it will retain its usability at a high level for a long time. In our offer you will also find interchangeable tips for working in soft and ultra mode (they should be replaced from time to time, especially when using hard water. Thanks to the interchangeability, the irrigator can also be used by other household members. Its use is a child's play, just like in the case of an electric toothbrush. Cleaning the irrigator is not complicated, so it is an excellent, long-term investment. Try the benefits of high-pressure water with Seysso, iFanze or WaterPik WP in your bathroom - it's a natural way to get an advanced mouth cleaning.

Reliable tooth irrigator. Find the best model for you.

In our online warehouse with equipment and equipment for professionals, only proven equipment is waiting for you. Adjustment of work, replaceable tips, several degrees of water pressure - these categories will provide you with a higher level of care for your teeth and those closest to you. We have the leading brands in the industry for you. Panasonic, Waterpik or iFanze irrigators offer ultra-advanced technology, in which it is possible, for example, to smoothly adjust the power on varied nozzles. Check the details of our offer and ask for the right model of a dental irrigator for your preferences.