Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.
Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.
Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.
Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.
Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.

Arkada Collagen Serum 11 ml Tc16 - care and regenerating serum.

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Care and Therapeutic Properties of Arkada Collagen Serum

The Arkada Collagen Serum is a preparation that cares about the skin, the valleys around the nails, the nails plate, helps the processes of regeneration of the nails plate.In addition, it helps to regenerate the wrinkles and wounds after burns and helps in treating the fungi, acne, swelling and scattered nail plate, as well as swollen inflammatory conditions of the skin and the wave around the nail.It perfectly dilats the skin, regenerates it and helps treat even in more difficult cases.The Arkada serum was created on the basis of many years of practice and knowledge of the patient’s needs.It is designed for all kinds of skin and all kinds of damage to the nails.

Arkada Serum Collagen is a wealth of natural ingredients

  • Natural collagen - stimulating the skin to organic collagen synthesis
  • Tea Tree Oil - a known for hundreds of years and widely tested substance with antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungi effects
  • Collagen - responsible for the correct water level in the pancreas, regulates humidification, regenerates, moisturizes and moisturizes.
  • Tea tree oil - a product used in the fight against infections and bacterial skin problems.It easily penetrates through the skin.It shows a bacteriophilic effect on oxygen-free bacteria that are responsible for acne changes.In combination with collagen, it does not cause drying and irritation of the skin.Accelerates the healing of wounds.Because of its properties, it prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Glycerin is a moisturizing substance that, thanks to its properties, allows the penetration of the active ingredients of the serum through the cornea layer of the spine into the depths of the skin.This facilitates and strengthens the penetration and reach of collagen and tea tree oil into the deeper layers of the pancreas.


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