Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel
Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel
Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel

Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel

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Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel

Arkada Serum in gel Arkada's 15ml - regenerating collagen serum for skin and nails in gel

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Arkada Collagen Serum in Gel 15ml

How to take care of the care of the legs and the regeneration of scores and nails after serious podological treatments?The answer is the collagen serum in the Arcada TC16 gel.It is a universal remedy for recovery of skin and nails even in the most difficult cases.The natural, proven product from the Polish manufacturer is pleased to be used in the native pudding offices.It deserved the recognition of reliability and mild protection of unbeated nails.Check TC16 and help patients with a variety of diseases.

Arkada - Serum in Gel

The Arkada Laboratory collagen serum TC16 - preparation to support and regenerate the skin and nail plates.They can be used as a heating and improving the regeneration process after any subological procedure.The application of the product is simple, and the effects come regularly and reliably. Serum gel facilitates the patient’s investigation after the removal of the fungal or tumor nail.Correction of the growth direction of the plate is most often quite painful.In addition to anesthesia during the procedure and during rehabilitation, it is worth putting on proven support.The products and preparations of Arkada have excellent opinion among specialists.This applies especially to the remedy for healing the skin around the nails.How to check if the specific will help heal and kill pain?Order Arkada collagen serum in gel to your office.Try the action of this product and see the effects of the action of the natural composition.

Arkada Cosmetics - Collagen Serum in Gel for Nails and Skin

This unique regenerating agent was created as a result of many years of experience and practices in the Podology.Original composition serum for nails the Arkada legs make this preparation a universal support for the legs.He is the unbeatable ally of every sublime.It protects against infection and stimulates natural processes in the ocular and nasal valleys.The product’s secret is the activation of substances that stimulate natural skin ingredients to enhanced activity.The collagen serum consists of.z :

  • natural collagen, which supports collagen synthesis in the body,
  • tea tree oil - antibacterial and antioxidant substances.

Antiseptic effect of the oil, the constructive role of collagen - so in short, you can determine the action of the serum TC16.Supporting skin and nails regeneration occurs 100% naturally, without the intervention of artificial ingredients. Oil tea also has an anti-phungal properties, which is crucial in the course of leg diseases.The effective composition of the serum ingredients positively affects the healing process after the process.In other words, the product has an anti- pain effect.In the case of podological procedures, the shortening of the time needed to get rid also means getting rid of the pain faster.Therefore the inclusion collagen serum TC16 to change supplies will increase the patient’s comfort level.It will also affect the positive end of treatment.Do you know the products of Arkada?Try gel serum with collagen in the package with a doser, which makes it easy to apply the appropriate portion of the preparation.

The Arkada Podological Specifications - Good Brand

Arkada serum in gel is real bestseller the mark.Unattentive packaging contains natural support for the regeneration of the saved nail and skin in its surroundings.The sensitive place is difficult to go and causes pain.The properties of the specialized preparations of Arkada are based on excellent knowledge of the biological expertise.Like most recognised companies in the industry, the brand leads its story from the sublog office.Deep, practical knowledge of the topic translates into the creation and improvement of a series of cosmetics and medications.They are all checked at the foot. Serum in Gel it is the most universal of the products of the company, which provides the funds to specialists from the foot.If you don’t know it yet, try this unique preparation after any procedure.

Serum in Arkada Gel to the Office of the Substance

The Arkada TC16 nail and leg skin serum is a true specific for special tasks.It can be used even in the hardest cases!Even the complete removal of the nail occupied by the fungus requires caution of collagen serum .The gel preparation cares and strengthens not only the plate, but also the eyelid valve and the nail placebo.It is also used to soften and moisturize scores before the procedure.On the other hand, it is a common standard in removing acne, wrinkles and wounds after burns.It is also applied in cases of swelling and distribution of the nail plate. Arkada Serum in Gel this is a completely safe product, widely used in the podological practice.W our the stores are generally ordered by well- prosperous offices from all over the country.Try it in action!Sign up for further shipping to the Leopard store with supplies for professional podological and cosmetic offices.

Check out the Arkada cosmetic offer in the Leopard store!

Gel serum the TC16 is one of the most popular products the Arkada.But not the only one - the renowned manufacturer proposes a whole series of preparations with a supporting effect during the processing.We also have a lot of specifications to apply after foot nail correction.Tea tree oil and collagen are excellent examples of ingredients of natural origin.The Arkada company uses them to produce end-to-end podological preparations.Order in our shop serum in gel or a whole series of Arkada products.Each of them will be an excellent support in the daily practice of the sublime.With greater orders, we offer free delivery.For our permanent customers, we have numerous discounts and prime news information.Find out all the benefits that are waiting for the Leopard shop partners and join their branch.


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