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GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT BEIN-VITAL BALSAM.foot and leg container 500 ml.

Welcome to the daily care of legs and legs. It is easily absorbed, making the skin of the legs and legs smooth and smooth (algae and vitamin E extract).Restore the vitality of the legs.It helps blood and humidify the skin, brings relief to tired legs and legs. Indicated for Diabetics The...

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GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT SOFT FEET Lotion with water lilium tube 500 ml with dose.

Foot and leg lotion with hyaluronic acid and lily waterLotion refreshed and cares for the skin of the legs and legs thanks to the content of selected active substances.Water lily acts coyously, edema extract smoothes the skin, and intensely active hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers...

Price 135.00 zł

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT HORNHAUT-ERWEICHER epidermis softening foam container 500 ml

Foam that softens the epidermis Gehwol Fusskraft Hornhauterweicher foot softening foam is ideal for softening calloused epidermis. Gehwol Fusskraft Hornhauterweicher foot softening foam quickly prepares the skin of the feet for a pedicure treatment. In our opinion, this product is a must-have in...

Price 90.39 zł

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT KRÄUTERBAD Vegetable Salt for Bath Foot container 10 kg

The vegetable salt for the bath of the legs works disinfectant. It softly produced scores, patches, and pimples, making the skin smooth and soft in touch.Its regular use normalizes the excretion of sweat, strengthens the skin and prevents its breakdown.It leaves a feeling of freshness for a long...

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Sweaters to Sweaters The Gehwol Fusskraft Hornhauterweicher foot-sweating pen is perfectly suitable for the smoothing skin.Gehwol Fusskraft Hornhauterweicher foot-sweating pen quickly prepares the skin for pedicure.The product is essential to us in every cosmetic salon that specializes in foot...

Price 68.00 zł

GEHWOL Refrigerant LOTION 500 ml bottle

It contains alcohol, mentol, lavender oil.Desinfect the skin of the legs before,during and after pedicure.Protectskin against bacteria and fungi. Capacity: 150ml  

Price 78.00 zł